Master bedroom suite started from a one-car garage Essay

A one-car garage and a 10-foot-wide extension provided enough roomfor a laundry room and compact master bedroom suite at one end of thissmall house. The two-level bedroom has an open plan that revolvesaround a large bathtub. Measuring 12 by 23 feet, the old garage now contains a 12- by8-foot laundry and a 12- by 15-foot bedroom big enough for a queen-sizebed and a small reading area. One step up, the 10- by 17-foot additionhas a 70-gallon fiberglass tub, built-in vanity, 12 feet of closetspace, and a sliding glass door to a patio.

Building a wall between bedroom and bath would have made each roomseem cramped. Instead, the change of level and the base of the tubsuggest a partition. A 2-by-4 frame covered with gypsum board forms thetub surround. The tub rim rests in a neoprene window gasket; insulatingfoam fills the cavity below.

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So that the tub can double as a shower, plumbing runs to aceiling-mounted shower fixture. An aluminum hospital track suspendsextra-long shower curtains; an extension of the track allows them to bepushed out of the way along the wall. Architect Rann Haight of Clarksburg, California, designed theremodel.


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