Master Theft Essay

I am a thief.

It started with small things, a cookie from a cookie jar, a teddy from the kid at nursery, a couple of crayons from my best mate in Year 1 and even a couple of notes from my old Mother’s purse. And the funny thing is – I never get caught.

My schoolwork was poor; I was pathetic at sports; I could hardly write properly let alone draw and the only music I could make was to jingle the stolen coins in my pocket. But I was good at one thing; you probably guessed it by now: I was the master of Theft.

I am 15 years old now, and am already at the top of my game. Another day; another shop to lift. I walk in; look at the guard standing at the door. He was huge, his head loomed too close to the ceiling, I gave him a little smile; me second worst enemy. He sneered back; he knew what I had come to do, but he also knew he couldn’t catch me. This was too easy.

As I walked through the aisles, which were covered with various types of stationary, I looked for any security cameras. My first worst enemy. By now I already had a plan of exactly where each and every one of the 20 cameras in the shop was places, but I always double checked. I couldn’t get caught. I had a reputation to keep.

I found a place; it was not fully a blind spot as there was a camera at the side – perfect! With my back facing the camera I started looking at the aisle. I searched the shelves pretending to look for something, picking up a pen or two and then putting them down. Then I saw it just a couple of inches away from me was the shiny new fountain pen. �30. My maths wasn’t good – but I knew I was going to make profit. My mate agreed to pay twenty-five quid, enough for me.

My hands began to move with grace as they become to perform their art. One picked up a packet of pencils, which I looked at. I turned it around searching for the price. The other hand touch the fountain pen, it was tightly packed in a box. My fingers itched the lid of, urging it to open.

I put down the packet of pencils and picked up the rubber. My clumsy hand dropped it on the floor. I let out a sigh of annoyance and bent down to pick it up.

It was a good rubber, it was only 20p. And the packet of pencils looked good to; I picked it up and examined it one more time. I suddenly heard a giggle behind me; I turned around my heart beating.

It was only a kid.

I smiled; how could I ever doubt my own supreme ability.

I walked to the counter, with the pencil and the rubber in my hand. Paid for them and walked towards the door.

Blocking my way out stood the guard. And on his ace was the last thing i wanted to see. As i approached, the slithering smile grew more and more poisonous. Something was wrong.


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