Maya Angelou Sample Essay

IntroductionLeadership is indispensable for the success of a given group. society. or organisation. Through leading. a peculiar group of people is directed. mobilized.

motivated. and encouraged to execute a given undertaking. Leadership is among the functions of a director. The director in this instance is a individual charged with given duties for the success of a given venture. At an single degree.

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one is supposed to pull off his or her ain life in an effectual manner to accomplish a life-time aim. Given that leading is among the functions of a director. it means that everyone should cultivate leading qualities in all facets of life. This can be done through several ways. One of them is by larning from reputable leaders of both the yesteryear and the present coevals. The universe has witnessed myriads of reputable leaders with profound influence on the community.

Their vocalizations. Way of life. and expressions of managing state of affairss is worthy emulating. As a consequence.

one ought to measure the same and emulate their manner of leading. One country where leading is indispensable is in the cordial reception industry. Hospitality by and large involves suiting people at a given topographic point. Adjustment in this instance involves supplying.

soothing. guiding. and teaching people on the type of nutrient. amusement. and diversion installations available for them. This paper investigates a reputable leader. The leader in consideration is Maya Angelou. The consideration involves an analysis of her life and application of her leading manner to the cordial reception industry.

The analysis draws informations from assorted literatures available for the same. Reasons for Choosing Maya AngelouMaya Angelou is a celebrated author and an militant of her clip. She has been involved in several businesss and professions. Her Hagiographas and public sharing of her life earned her the repute of being the first Black adult female to expose her life to the populace in the United States of America. She has written several.

autobiographies on herself on top of writng several poetic fictions. She has travelled to assorted topographic points on Earth to distribute her influence. which has been successful in most instances. Her values. traits. and leading manner suffices the acceptable traits for leaders in the cordial reception industry.

As a consequence. she is the best illustration to be emulated. Early LifeAngelou was born on 4th April. 1928 in St. Louis. Missouri. Her existent name is Marguerite Johnson. The name ‘Maya’ was accorded to her by her brother Bailey.

It was taken in the context to intend ‘my’ or ‘maya sister’ . Angelou was the 2nd Born to Bailey Johnson. her male parent.

and Vivian Johnson. Angelou’s male parent was dietician to the Navy and besides worked as a door adult male. Her female parent worked as a card trader and subsequently as a nurse. When Angelou was three old ages. her parents separated.

and direct her to Stamps in Arkansas. to remain with her paternal grandma. She stayed with her grandma for four old ages before being taken back to St Louis to remain with her female parent. It was during her 2nd period at St Louis that her life changed wholly.At the age of eight. Angelou was raped by Freeman.

her mother’s fellow. Freeman subsequently confessed his offense to her friend who disclosed the same to the household members. Freeman was arraigned in tribunal and was put in gaol for a twenty-four hours. However. Freeman was murdered by unknown people on his 4th twenty-four hours of freedom. At the same clip. Angelou became tongueless whereby she could non talk for five old ages. Harmonizing to the BBC News ( 2005 ) .

Angelou understood grounds behind her five old ages of silence. In her presentations of “I know why a Caged bird sing’ at the BBC universe service book nine. Angelou claimed that her voice killed Freeman. She claimed that minute she pronounced Freeman’s name in tribunal. her voice disappeared. Therefore.

when Freeman died. Angelou claimed that her voice had killed him. Educational LifeDuring the five-year period of mutism.

Angelou developed a strong disposition to poesy. Harmonizing to Long ( 2003 ) . Angelou cultivated a deep sense of listening to the universe around her to intensify her sense of poesy. After the decease of Freeman. Angelou was taken back to her paternal grandma where she started schooling. Her instructor introduced her to some celebrated authors of her clip. Some of them include William Shakespeare.

Charles Dickens. Douglas Johnson. and Kames Weldon among many. Besides.

she was introduced to Black female creative person such as Ann Spencer and Frances Harper who inspired her into poesy. At the age of 14. Angelou entered George Washington high school in Oakland California. She besides studied play and dance in California labour school. After graduating.

Angelou worked as a music director in a tram whereby she was the first Black female to work in the same place. When she was 17. Angelou gave birth to son called Clyde. who subsequently became a poet ( Gillespie. Rosa. & A ; Ri. 2008 ) .

Angelou’s Influence in her Early CareerAngelou married a Grecian lineman called Enistasious Angelos in the twelvemonth 1951. She did this against her mother’s want that was anti- interracial relationships. Angelou took modern dance categories whereby she interacted with assorted people. One of them was Alvin Ailey who together with Angelou formed a dance squad called “Al and Rita” .

They performed modern dances at fraternal Black organisations throughout San Francisco though they were non really successful. This failure caused her move to New York where she studied African dance and returned to San Francisco a twelvemonth subsequently. Angelou’s matrimony ended in 1954 and this facilitated her professional dance in nines. including nightclub. “The Purple Onion” . where she sang and danced fairy-slippers music ( Glover. 2009 ) . From 1954 to 1955.

Angelou toured Europe with a production of the opera “porgy and Bess” . Touring different states triggered her to larning different linguistic communications in few old ages.Riding on the popularity of fairy-slipper.

Angelou recorded her first album dabbed “Miss Calypso” in 1957 which was reissued as a Cadmium in 1996. In an off-Broadway reappraisal. her visual aspect inspired the movie “Calypso Heat Wave” . where she sang and performed her ain composings ( McWhorter.

2002 ) . In 1959. Angelou met a novelist called James Killens who urged her to concentrate on her composing calling and she hence moved to New York for the same. She joined the “Harlem writers’ guild” where she met African–American writers. including John Henrik Clarke. Paule Marshall. Julian Mayfield and Rosa Guywho helped her publish her work for the first clip. She met and heard Dr.

Martin Luther King. junior in 1960 and thenceforth together with Killens. they organized “the legendary” Cabaret for Freedom. This was to profit the Southern Christian Leadership Conference ( SCLC ) and she was named the SCLC’s Northern Coordinator. Harmonizing to Pierce ( 2005 ) . Angelou excelled in her run with SCLC.

which farther involved anti-apartheid run. Angelou’s Influence in AfricaIn 1961. Angelou. who had etched herself as an outstanding performing artist.

took portion in the drama called ‘The Blacks’ together with other outstanding histrions. After the drama. Angelou met a South African adult male called Vusumzi Make with whom they moved together to Egypt in Africa. Angelou’s influence got her a occupation as an associate editor with The Arab Observer. a hebdomadal English linguistic communication newspaper. She subsequently moved to Accra in Ghana where she was deployed as an decision maker in the University of Ghana for three old ages. At the same clip. she became militants for the rights of Afro-american exiles.

She besides engaged in editorial activities in Ghana whereby she became a characteristic editor for the African Review Newspaper. Angelou returned to USA subsequently. whereby she became an militant for civil rights.

Together with Malcolm. Angelou built the Organization of Afro-American Unity. which championed for the rights of common people. Angelou’s Career PeakIn 1968. assorted lucks occurred for Angelou.

Her fellow militant. Martin Luther male monarch. who had requested her to form presentations on the streets. died as a consequence of an blackwash. Devastated by the intelligence. Angelou embarked on aggressive runs in column plants. During this clip. Angelou’s mastermind and creativeness was revealed.

During this twelvemonth. she wrote and produced a series of docudramas on African heritage. She farther featured on a National Educational Television with her docudrama called ‘African Still Current in the US’ among many.

During the same twelvemonth. Angelou was inspired at a dinner party and take to compose her first autobiography. She therefore wrote. ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ that made her really celebrated. Later CareerIn 1972. Angelou’s screenplay dabbed “Georgia” was produced by a Swedish movie company and filmed in Sweden as the first screen dramas written by a Black adult female. She besides wrote the movie soundtrack. though she had really small extra input in the cinematography of the film.

Angelou continued working as a composer of vocals and films. and in ten old ages that followed. she had achieved more than many creative persons hope to accomplish in a life clip. Subsequently on in 1970s. Angelou and Oprah Winfrey became good friends.

She mentored Winfrey who subsequently grew to go a pop star through mentorship. She continued composing and was subsequently involved in political runs for Obama and Clinton ( Poetry Foundation. 2012 ) . Qualities That Make Angelou A Great LeaderFrom the life narrated above. it is apparent that Angelou is a great leader. This is because of the leading qualities that she possesses.

In the first topographic point. she is displayed her vision everyplace she went. During her early old ages.

Angelou saw her voice as a slayer. She visualized this during the five twelvemonth period she was deaf-and-dumb person. Thereafter. her voice so became a slayer voice. She became the greatest poet of her clip and used her voice to recommend for civil rights thereby killing impunity. At the same clip.

she ever saw what is expected but non ‘what was possible’ ( Donna. 2008 ) . As a consequence. she inspired her followings to contend for their social rights.Angelou was besides full of unity. This is portrayed in her Hagiographas. She was the first Black American adult female to portion her private life to the populace.

This demonstrates her inward nature of being true to her rule ; this is unity. Angelou was a good communicator. She expressed this quality on public telecastings. in her Hagiographas. and during public mass meetings. Angelou was besides inspirational leader. When she came to Africa.

she inspired the Afro-american exiles to contend for their rights. Besides. together with Malcolm. Mara built the Organization of Afro-American Unity. which inspired its members to contend for their rights.At the same clip. her Hagiographas are inspirational.

Her autobiography on her trails as a adult female defending for her rightful place in the society is inspirational. She was besides originative leader. Her creativeness was largely displayed on dance floors and in her docudramas.

She was at the same clip brave in her feats. She bravely handled the male-dominate responsibilities of a music director during her short clip in public conveyance industry. The same bravery enabled her to make make bolding activities as an militant of civil rights. Angelou was besides confident and adaptable to different states she travelled to. Her chief failing was her inability to lodge to a individual relationship. Analysis of Angelou’s Leadership StyleLeadership manner is a expression employed by a leader to derive influence of his or her Subjects. Angelou displayed assorted leading manners.

In the first topographic point. she was a democratic leader. She ever had the involvements of the bulk at the bosom and hence sought to assist them out. She championed for civil rights in her public runs. Angelou was besides a gait puting leader. She pioneered many things that are in pattern today. For case. she was the first Black-American adult female to move as a coach music director.

Besides. she was the first Black adult female to portion her life to the populace. Angelou was besides an affiliate leader. She bonded good physically and emotionally with people. As a consequence. she was invited to many maps and states. Angelou was besides training leader. He mentored many people and encouraged them to lift to their possible.

A good illustration is Oprah Winfrey. whom she mentored to go a pop star.Application of Angelou’s Leadership Style to Hospitality Industry A leader in the cordial reception industry should hold a manner of attack in his or her direction responsibilities. He or she can establish the leading manner on Angelou’s. In the first topographic point. he or she should be democratic. Democracy involves listening to other people’s sentiments ( Woods.

2010 ) . Given that the cordial reception industry caters for clients with diverse demands. the leader should be democratic in order to construct the squad to maneuver his or her ends. A Cordial reception industry farther demands an affiliate leader.

Angelou was able to blend with people from assorted parts of the universe with easiness. To derive insight and broad client base. a leader in the cordial reception industry should be affiliate.A leader in the cordial reception industry should besides be a coaching leader.

He or she should develop workers and mentor them to accomplish the aims of the company. At the same clip. a leader should put a gait for his or her followings ( Martindale. 2011 ) . Just like Angelou. a leader in the cordial reception industry should take the manner. However.

this leading manner should be applied with attention to avoid slaking creativeness. Leadership Lesson on Angelou Essential for Hospitality Industry Leadership is frogmans. One uses several ways to derive influence on the followings. The cordial reception industry is a sensitive country that requires particular qualities from the leader involved.

Given the qualities of Angelou. one can pull inspiration from her values. There are three leading values essential for a leader in the cordial reception industry as discussed holla. The value of versatilityVersatility is the ability to concentrate in different waies with needful attending. Angelou was versatile in her responsibilities and life. She managed to incorporate assorted aspects of her life into a alone position of human life. She was able to incorporate vocalizing.

dancing. authorship. personal life. redacting. taking civil motions. and making administrative responsibilities on top of other responsibilities. This means that a leader ought to hold a diverse head but non narrowly focused.

This value is indispensable in a cordial reception industry because there are diverse activities a leader in the same ought to anticipate to completion. At the same clip. clients in the cordial reception industry are frogmans. They need a various leader to pull off them. The Value of SpiritualitySpiritualty is a sense of connection with human existences and the universe at big. This is the instance of Angelou. She had a deep connexion with human existences and the universe.

Whenever she travelled. she was concerned with humanity in her finish. Her runs for civil rights attest to the same. At the same clip. she mingled with people of assorted qualities. The values of spiritualty are indispensable for a leader in the cordial reception industry. A leader in the same ought to recognize that concern minutess do non be in a vacuity. He or she should link with providers.

workers. client. concern premises.

and the environment. As a consequence. he or she should hold a bosom for the people and the environment to be considered a good leader. Introspection valueIntrospection is mental ability stemming from the belief of a individual. Angelou had a deep sense of the same. This is shown in her literatures about her life style. Angelou wrote several literatures about herself painting her true image to the populace.

This means that she had a sense of ego. She was able to measure and understand herself. Introspection value is indispensable for a director in the cordial reception industry. Through this value. one obtains cognition of ego. which boost his or her emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is indispensable for a leader as it equips him or her with the mental aged to cover with demanding environment full of clients and workers.

DecisionLeadership is indispensable for the success of a given group. society. or organisation. Through leading.

a peculiar group of people is directed. mobilized. motivated. and encouraged to execute a given undertaking.

Leadership is one of the functions of a director in the cordial reception industry. The traits displayed by the leader should be applicable to the organisation and worthy emulating. Outstanding leaders have displayed leading traits worthy being emulated.

Maya Angelou has set an illustration of leading traits for leaders to follow. During her reign as a public figure. she demonstrated valuable traits and values as a leader. At the same clip.

her leading manner rallied people behind her. This means that a leader in the cordial reception industry should emulate the traits exhibited by Angelou.MentionsBBC News. ( 2005 ) . I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Retrieved Oct 07. 2012.

from BBC News: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bbc. co. uk/worldservice/specials/133_wbc_archive_new/page2. shtml Donna.

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org/bio/maya-angelou Woods. P. ( 2010 ) . Democratic leading: drawing differentiations with distributed leading. International Journal of Leadership in Education.

7 ( 1 ) . 3–36.


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