MBA Co-op Work Term Report Template Sample Essay

Purpose: As one of the compulsory demands of the MBA Co-op plan. this study allows you to reflect on your past work term and supply information to other co-op pupils who are interested in working with your employer. Deadline: End of your work term / during the first hebdomad of category when you are back to campus

Required: Must be reviewed and approved by your director

CBCD will accept any of the undermentioned as ‘approval’ :

• Manager signed Work Term Report subdivision on the public presentation rating signifier

• Manager e-mails the completed study to [ electronic mail protected ]

• You e-mail the study to [ electronic mail protected ]and copy your director on the e-mail sent

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After entry: We publish the study on Avenue2Learn ( excepting your name & A ; pupil figure )

Briefly depict your function within the organisation.

My function as an Associate during my co-op term was to finish audit field work and prove the fiscal statements for the client’s I was assigned. Based on consequences of the testing performed. I was required to exert professional judgement and discourse possible accounting related issues with client. I was besides required to maintain my accounting knowledge up to day of the month by go toing steadfast preparation and finishing e-learns to guarantee that my audits maintain high quality.

Describe your three chief duties or undertakings.

– Inquire with my clients about obtaining necessary audit support to prove assorted fiscal statement line points – Report consequences of proving to senior associates/managers to see if any follow up is required – Coach junior associates on their assigned undertakings and attend internal preparation to guarantee audit cognition is up to day of the month.

Briefly describe the undermentioned work environment features:

Culture ( formal vs. informal )

The civilization was formal at both the client site and at the office as I was required to describe to the CFO and besides senior members of my audit squad ( managers/partners )

Hierarchy ( exceed down vs. bottom up / multi-layered vs. level organisational chart )

The house follows a top down organisational attack. From an audit position. the partner/manager will make up one’s mind upon the audit attack utilizing the assorted hazards that are associated with the industry that the client is situated in. From at that place. the audit is tailored to turn to this hazard and to guarantee the squad spends most of their clip proving points that are more hazardous in nature.

Collaborative vs. single work

The house relies to a great extent on coaction. This is because audit squads can be instead big and in order to bring forth an audit sentiment the spouse relies on the findings of each single member of the squad. Besides. squad member rely on the work of others to guarantee that proving is complete and captures the their full balance of the assorted fiscal statement line points that are tested. Supply 5 cardinal lessons or accomplishments that you developed or farther enhanced during your work term. and briefly describe.

1. I learned how to use information from Factiva to understand the challenges confronting my client’s industry and how to orient audit processs consequently

2. I learned how to use Bloomberg to monetary value assorted securities. Specifically. I learned how to utilize the historical monetary value tabular array to monetary value securities at assorted day of the months and utilize this information as support for my audits.

3. I learned the importance of prioritising my assorted undertakings to guarantee my audits would be done on clip. This chiefly involved puting an accent on proving more hazardous subdivisions early in the event that there would be more follow up with the client subsequently as these countries are more complicated.

4. I learned the importance of certification and being detailed as possible when proving fiscal statements. This would let the referee to understand the testing attack and besides assist future squads with their testing leting for more efficient and effectual audits.

5. I learned how to use the CICA enchiridion to understand how and why certain trials are performed. In relation to # 4 I besides learned the importance of mentioning the enchiridion where relevant so that my directors understood my proving attack.

What skills do you experience are of import to win in this function?

I strongly believe that being able to prioritise your work and being willing to larn are the two most of import accomplishments. As our clients be given to be really big. there is normally a batch of work involved so it was of import to understand which countries would necessitate the most work/follow up and which are more hazardous from an audit position. Bing willing to larn is besides of import as I was required to work on clients in assorted industries. This meant that I would hold to understand their concern in order to put to death the audit processs efficaciously.

Now holding worked in the function. how would you fix for the interview?

It would be good to cognize the different lines of service at the house as I would typically trust on them when seeking to finish my work. It besides helps to stipulate which industries are of involvement to you as the house can suit your wants and aid you get those clients early. I besides feel that holding an apprehension of the firm’s employee demographic is good since the house puts a really large accent on “fit” when looking to engage prospective appliers.

Choose one:

OPTION A: Create a one page “A Day in the Life Of…” papers for your function. bespeaking times of twenty-four hours.

Option B: Write a one page study further depicting your function. specific undertakings. duties. undertakings and any preparation that you might hold acquired.

***Please note that as per house policy I was require to roll up an one-year public presentation reappraisal by noticing on assorted ends I had set out in the beginning of my term and how they were accomplished. These ends and remarks were approved by my manager and have been inserted below for your convenience

Annual Performance Goals
1. Quality
During my battles. I will guarantee that I tend to the demands of the client to heighten their overall experience during the audit. This will be accomplished by inquiring the client if they have any peculiar petitions from the hearers to guarantee there is 2-way duologue. I will besides seek interacting with the client on a more personal degree by taking them out to coffee or eating tiffin with them. This will be a good manner to heighten the client relationship and make a more friendly ambiance at the client site.

2. We Invest in Relationships
I will fix more self-reviews before taging EGA’s complete. Such things include spelling. data format. and utilizing the correct dates prior to taging a measure complete. Whenever I complete my assigned undertakings I will bespeak more work from my Seniors/Managers or assist them with any proving they are presently working on. I will pass on with the client more expeditiously by fixing a list of inquiries in progress instead than on a regular basis upseting them for support.

Measurement: I will treble look into all EGA’s I have completed for any spelling and grammar errors. I will besides guarantee that I update any relevant day of the months on trials that we rolled frontward from old old ages. I will allow my Senior know one time I complete a undertaking so that they can supply me with more work. I will besides utilize any downtime to inquire other associates if they need help with their testing. I will roll up a list of inquiries on behalf of my squad and myself prior to meetings with the client sing any support required for proving.

3. We Share and Collaborate
I will take more thorough notes when prosecuting with the client and when having instructions from my Seniors/Managers to better audit efficiency. I will besides take more clip to compose down a list of inquiries for Seniors/Managers before nearing them to avoid interrupting their work. This non merely helps form ideas but besides allows me to reflect and see if I can find a solution on my ain. I will besides portion any support I have gathered from the client with my squad and making control transcripts for the squad more on a regular basis.

Measurement: Prior to run intoing with Seniors/Managers. I will compose down a list of inquiries in my notebook and enter their response during meetings. I will besides be taking thorough notes during meetings with the Partners/Managers to guarantee a higher degree apprehension of the audit. I will make 2 photocopies of any support received from the client and puting the control copies in the designated booklet for the squad to entree. If no booklet is present. I will make one.

4. We put Ourselves in Each Others Shoes
I will proactively seek elucidation on any testing instructions received from the squad to avoid “spinning my wheels” and cachexia clip. I will portion any relevant testing experiences with the squad in progress to minimise the outlook spread. I will use EWP more frequently with the squad by shadowing Seniors and documenting my work performed to let thorough parts during Rounds. I will bespeak real-time feedback from Seniors/Managers to accomplish balance between audit work flow and PC & A ; D activity.

Measurement: I will enter any instructions given to me in my notebook. I will document inside informations of any proving I have performed and sharing it with the squad during Rounds meetings or when assisting other associates new to the client. I will take the autonomy to document any informal feedback received on my occupations aside from having formal feedback.

5. We Enhance Value Through Quality
I will dispute audit processs and happen ways to execute proving better where it is applicable. I will derive a better appreciation of the PwC audit methodological analysis to happen solutions on my ain. I will use resources like Factiva to maintain checks on any recent developments affecting my clients and the markets. I will mention to the CICA enchiridion throughout my battles to derive a better apprehension of my client’s accounting policy.

Measurement: I will make intelligence qui vives related to my client in Factiva and read them prior to each working day. Upon any proving that I perform. I will read the appropriate subdivision within the PwC Audit Guide and the CICA Handbook to derive elucidation on the nature of proving. I will read market intelligence prior to the start of each working day.


As I was on a 12 month co-op term. I was placed in the alone state of affairs in take parting in a full rhythm in the AAG line of service. Based on the assorted experiences I had during my term. I feel that I did an first-class occupation at carry throughing my ends and developing both personally and professionally. I will show the assorted ways I had developed by utilizing my ends and the 4 PwC experience behavior as a usher below:

Remarks on Quality:
My quality end chiefly dealt with guaranting the the client has a enjoyable experience during the audit. This would be accomplished by guaranting the client is accommodated every bit much as possible and that there is a 2-way duologue between the client and the squad. I recall two illustrations where this end was met. The first was during my clip on Macquarie Capital Markets. My chief map on the squad was to manage the verification procedure which involved directing out and obtaining 170 verifications. In the yesteryear. the client had drafted the verifications for the squad to direct but the squad had noticed that there were errors and mistakes. We took it upon ourselves to outline all the verifications. guaranting that all the inside informations were right and that the squad was aware of which clients had balances and which 1s didn’t. This was great intelligence to the client and making this enabled the squad to bespeak more audit related points by liberating up the client’s clip.

The 2nd illustration was during my clip on State Street Funds where I would frequently part-take in calls with the client where would inquire and rectify any issues the client had with our petitions. I besides participated in audit team-client events to guarantee that we got to cognize our client contacts on a more personal degree and to demo them that we care. Based on the above. I feel that I did a good occupation in carry throughing my quality end during my co-op term. Not merely was this good to the client. but I besides learned how to be more effectual in constructing relationships with people in the house and in my ain personal life every bit good.

We Invest in Relationships:
Goals: Request more work from senior squad members. do organized petitions with the client. execute more self reappraisal Performance:
– I often asked for more ambitious subdivisions when I had completed my assigned work. At times this would be hard as I would potentially be stealing work off from senior members of the squad ( ie: during my clip on Fairfax and KFF ) but I would ever inquire inquiries and understand what precisely the methods were for proving more complicated countries of the file and shadowing the senior when asking with the client in respects to proving. This was helpful during my passage for T2 to T3 where I had shadowed my Senior on Fairfax on obtaining expense samples/explanations and applied this on all my hereafter occupations through the twelvemonth.

-Whenever I engaged the client. I was ever organized and ever took elaborate notes to guarantee that my certification was up to standard. This was extremely applicable to my clip on Fairfax where I would frequently interact with the client to obtain support and papers why it was relevant for our testing. This accomplishment was besides demonstrated during my clip on KFF and StateStreet financess where my Senior’s noted that the certification of my work was was really good and I was efficient in obtaining PBC points which maintained the work flow for the remainder of the squad. leting us to complete in front of agenda much to the pleasance of the director ( Internet Explorer: StateStreet Fundss ) .

We Share and Collaborate:
Goals: Challenge Audit method ( where applicable ) . Learn from team’s CAKE. Performance:
-Despite being a hard end to carry through. I recall one clip on the StateStreet financess where I was able to make a bridging papers ( along with the counsel of my Senior ) to expeditiously prove involvement income. The client had provided us a really unwieldy agenda which would hold made a instead simple prove really clip consuming and hard to reperform. By utilizing the client’s cashflow sum-up ( a much easier papers to work with ) . I was able to bridge the sum to the original agenda which enabled the squad to utilize the cashflow sum-up and therefore test assorted histories more expeditiously.

-Often times I would avoid blindly turn overing frontward an EGA and take the clip to update certification by inquiring the squad or the client where applicable. I would besides mention to other occupations which were relevant to the 1s I was working on and use some of the certification criterions to my EGA’s. This was a large development point for me last term so I made sure to make this on all my occupations -I noticed many times on my occupations there were cases where the squad had performed a non-stat when a target-non stat would hold been more efficient which saved some clip in footings of obtaining and vouching support in the file.

We put Ourselves in Each Others Places:
Goals: Obtain elucidation on instructions to keep work flow. Share experiences from other occupations with squad. Obtain more informal feedback. happen more chances for shadowing
-I ever made it a precedence to obtain informal feedbacks from my seniors and besides from the client in footings of heightening the quality of the audit.
-I ever recorded adhoc instructions provided by the squad in my notebook for future mention or in the event that I was to bury. This would let me to hold a record of the things the squad has requested and prevent inquiring the client the same inquiry twice.

-I was more flexible in obtaining work that I was non usually used to proving. As an illustration. I was placed on a little NPO occupation for a twosome hebdomads where I was expected to scrutinize points that I was non at all familiar with ( Internet Explorer: Research grants ) . I was besides considered an Experienced Associated but I had non received my formal preparation at this point. With much interaction with the client and shadowing with my Senior. I was able to successfully larn much of these accomplishments on the occupation and raised the overall quality of the audit as the director was pleased with the team’s work. I besides was able to go forth my comfort zone and use my willingness to larn in a slightly unfamiliar environment.

We Enhance Value Through Quality
Goals: I will derive a better appreciation of PwC audit methodological analysis. I will use Factiva every bit much as possible. I will use the CICA enchiridion more frequently
– I felt that I made much usage of the enchiridion. particularly when it came to my trials of inside informations and finding an appropriate sample size. This accomplishment was developed throughout the full twelvemonth on all my occupations as I was chiefly choosing samples and vouching. -Factiva was really ready to hand in assisting me perform analytics for Fairfax and State Street as I was able to use industry informations and make an outlook. for case. insurance premium fluctuations due to the happening of natural phenomenon. -I did non acquire a opportunity to utilize the CICA enchiridion every bit frequently as I would wish and this will go on to be a underdeveloped point in future public presentation ends.

Decision: Overall. I feel that I did a really good occupation in run intoing my ends for the twelvemonth and besides happening ways to excel them. The illustrations above illustrate my dedication to ever acquiring better and larning from my and other people’s errors. It was sometimes hard to run into outlooks at first. but by mentioning the 4 behaviors above I felt that I was able to get the better of any obstruction that stood in my manner and produce positive consequences. One thing for the hereafter that I would see is acquiring involved with the PwC Canada Foundation by researching more chances to volunteer ( as I had done as a T1 Co-op ) I look frontward to deriving full-time employment with the house as my co-op experiences have shaped me into an overall better hearer and better individual! I besides feel that I built strong. long permanent relationships with all the persons I have had the pleasance to work with.


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