Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility (MS – Semester 1) Dear Students, Following are the details of the projects/assignments that will form part of your internal assessment of 40 marks. Project 1: Students in groups of 3 have to be formed for this particular assignment. The group has to study the CARS practices of the allotted company by visiting the company’s website and prepare a project report broadly covering the following areas: 1. Presence of the CARS tab in the main menu. .

Does the mission/vision statement talk about CARS/ sustainability? 3. Whether the company prepares a CARS report or not? . What are the thematic areas of CARS? 5. How is the CARS function managed by the Company? 6. Does the Company have partnerships with Nags? 7. Which are the stakeholder CARS activities undertaken by the company? 8. Does the Company have a sustainability reporting? 9.

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Has the Company addressed any problems of the local communities?Students have to make presentations and also prepare a 5 page project report on the above. Student presentations will begin from the month of October , 2013 (10 marks) Project 2: Students in groups of 5 have to take up one activity such as social wariness campaigns, visiting orphanages and old age homes, survey of Seems on their CARS activity, organizing social responsibility activities such as blood donation camps etc.A project report has to be submitted along with the evidence such as an acknowledgment letter from the target audience, photographs etc. Students will have to present their experiences to the whole class. Presentations will begin in the month of November 2013.

Attendance in class Mid semester tests/ Class tests Dry. Nailing Krishna Faculty – CARS ( 15 marks) ( 5 marks) (10 marks)


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