Meaning of a Monologue from Hamlet Essay

The proverb means one should be true to oneself. One should try to have his own identity by being himself or herself. This line is a monologue by Polonium, one of the characters of William Shakespearean “Hamlet”. This line requests/ advices a person to be truthful in his life. By engaging oneself into self deception, one will only lead his way to menace. The only way to success is through an honest and straightforward life. If we are honest then automatically we will get the friendship of honest people.

We all have different thoughts and hopes. All the thoughts and hopes are very different and does not match with others. We also call all these thoughts and hopes as dreams.

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Our dream can be anything. The dream we see must be real and not some thin which Is Inappeasable on earth. A person can dream of being a dancer or a singer or a swimmer or a cyclist or a runner or a tennis champion or a artist or a cinema artist and these dreams are Just endless. Hen a child see a dream which moms very close and a attachment rises to our heart. We start our Journey of being of what we have dreamt. We try our best to be successful. These dreams are not as easy as It looks. The journey has a lot obstacles In Its path but Is our dream Is real then no one In the world can stop us for making a goal to our alms.

A very Important thing Is trust In yourself. Elf this trust Is there then we will never lose a competition. So as a fact we should never stop Instead continue walking Into our life.


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