Meet Your Meat! Essay

MEET YOUR MEAT! | Joanna Wieszczek| | DeVry University| | | Meet Your Meat! In American farms there are sad animals that are living only for produce, like chicken live to lay eggs or cows live to produce milk or get sliced for steaks. Those animals are held in closed building with very tight cages without option to even swing a wing or make a leg move. They live in very large groups and they are treated as object not living animals. Animals dye every day from overweight or disease; they are fed to grow fast, so they will get killed for produce.

Right now an average living age for a street is up to sixteen months, they are fed on 25 pounds of corn every day (Kirby, D. ,2010, March 2, Animal Factory), including antibiotics, so they will grow fast and get killed fast, so people will have something to eat. No one has an idea why steer’s diet contains antibiotics. I first thought that antibiotics are given to animals for growing purposes, but they are to reduce the swelling in the liver and in the stomach.

The corn diet makes such a bad effects on steer’s health, it makes them carry extra weight and makes them very ill, but no one cares about it, because the steer is just there to produce good looking steaks. Problems The biggest problem that occurs on those farms is that people are so cruel and without feelings, they don’t care how the animals suffer; all they care is the money for the produce. As better looking steer is raised than more good looking meat will be sold, and more money will be made.

That is why we have to deal with factors of swine flu, bird flu, unusual concentrations of cancer and other diseases. Massive fish kills from flesh-eating parasites. Also there are a lot of recalls of meats, vegetables, and fruits because of deadly E-coli bacterial contamination. Farmers don’t realize that all those factors are bringing diseases on themselves and that they are the biggest earth pollutants when it comes to chemical waste. Massive animals’ killing is the recipe to bacteria growth, which stays with the meat that we consume.

The message that has been send to humans over and over to stop animal abuse has not reached its designated point. There is more and more abuse that is allowed and basically required by government. The impact of unprecedented changes in the meatpacking industry over the last twenty-five years — particularly industry consolidation, increased line speeds, and deregulation — have had on workers, animals, and consumers. It is really hard to find farmer workers that spoke about what is taking place behind the closed doors of America’s slaughterhouses.

The ongoing efforts by the Humane Farming Association to improve conditions in the meatpacking industry, media exposes that have prompted reforms resulting in multimillion dollar appropriations by Congress to try to enforce federal inspection laws, and a favorable decision by the Supreme Court to block construction of factory farms in the country. This is another example of government ineffectiveness and ignorance of how absolutely everyone in the room refuses to see the “Pink Elephant” at the table, stuffing itself at the expense of others health and hard earned money.

Everyone thinks that every piece of meat purchased from local supermarket with the “USDA Inspected” safety stamp on it HAS NEVER BEEN INSPECTED AT ALL. USDA inspectors are no longer responsible for “Contamination Control” ((ASPCA) . Fighting Farm Animal Cruelty. ,2011, September 30), which amounts to debris coating the carcass such as feces, urine, mucus, pus, hair, dirt, grease, rat droppings, blood clots, etc.

Their only responsibility is to examine the organs and head for gross malformations, and the inspectors are severely reprimanded or even fired for stopping the line, so virtually every filthy and disease ridden corpse makes its way to your table anyway. How sad it is that we are to depend on the supermarkets for meat and poultry quality, when in reality they don’t really care what quality food we consume. The stickers USDA approved are basically to sell the product and make it look like is the best to eat. We do reach for these products because we are told that this product an be trusted and is inspected by best US industry and is the safest to eat. Meanwhile we are being lied to and we are being used as tools for experiments. The while industry is linked together the food industry is linked to health industry and they have to have some kind of guidelines. The government sets rules on food quality so they know what people eat, makes money off of it, and then health industry makes even more money on treating ill people. Because the food that we consume is based on chemicals, human body can only takes so much of it and then gets ill, like cancers, obesity, etc.

That is how the “wheel of fortune” rolls and is just one big experiment. Back to animal killing and taking the butchering of animals away from the smaller, pride-of-ownership slaughterhouses and moving virtually all of the animal product production to high-speed, high profit corporations is a deadly move and it is up to the working-class people to stop it. Also the US is the only industrialized country that cools their chicken carcasses in water instead of air cooling, creating a virtual disease pool filthier than a public toilet next to a crack house (Lappe, A. 2011, March 29: Diet for a Hot Planet). Why? Because water adds weight, so people get the privilege of actually paying increased poundage for the putrid and infected water the chicken soaked in. On the other hand, going against the National Academy of Science recommendations, the USDA relaxed standards and cut back on inspections while allowing production to increase over 40% (Eisnitz, G. A. ,2006, November 1, Slaughterhouse). The question is no longer “IF” there is fecal matter on your meat, but “HOW MUCH IS ACCEPTABLE”.

Feces have been reclassified from a “Dangerous Contaminant” to a “Cosmetic Blemish”((ASPCA) . Fighting Farm Animal Cruelty. ,2011, September 30). So has hair, mucus, dirt, droppings, etc. With greed and profit being the only driving force behind the industry now, they have tried to pass the buck to the consumer, by stating that the process of decontamination is up to YOU; always cook your meat before you eat it. When did the decontamination issue switch from containment BEFORE occurring to recovery AFTER they allowed the feces to literally pass under their noses? Eisnitz, G. A. ,2006, November 1, Slaughterhouse). Also working conditions in these Flesh Factories are deplorable, with chances of injury or illness six times greater than working in a coalmine. Workers cannot leave the floor to take a bathroom break, and often urinate into the blood trench or on them. If a worker removes a carcass as “condemned”, the Supervisors at the plant often put it back into production and reprimand the worker. Slaughterhouses take advantage of immigrant labor, knowing they are too poverty stricken or scared to protest their working conditions.

The USDA Veterinarians who oversee the Plant’s Inspection Line are mostly Foreigners, who fear for their jobs more than American workers. The current problem with slaughterhouses is that they are designed with 1 goal in mind, to process the good as efficiently as possible to produce a profit. Animal welfare is therefore overlooked to a degree which needs to be investigated. Some other issues are the methods involved to kill the animals (some countries beat the animals to death) as well as the poor training of abattoir workers who may incorrectly subdue an animal or incorrectly kill them causing much more distress than necessary.

Animals go through the Kill Line ALIVE all the time, it is so common that slaughterhouse workers do not even see it as an infraction any longer, they are more worried for their own safety from dropped carcasses, flying hooves, slashing knives, faulty equipment, and inhumanely high speed Lines. Solutions Living environment for farm animals should be adjusted and recovered, so the animals do not suffer and only live to die. They should be treated as living creatures not as objects that can be thrown around. Farmers should provide outside living environment for the animals, give them enough space to move and raise their children.

The farm species are raised on farms to feed the whole human population. They should have decent living environment and should be treated as a living organism not as objects, which are thrown around. Animals should have a healthy living environment so they can live as close to their nature as possible and the current living environment for animals living on the American farms should be abolished because it makes them suffer. One solution is that farmers have to readjust the barns and build them bigger so animals have enough space to move around. Also they hould reduce the amount of animals living in barns to make more living space. Additionally, farmers should start feeding animals with natural sources so they won’t get diseases that later are transfer to food, that people consume. And finally, farmers should not be so cruel when killing animals; they should make it quick and easy, instead of making them suffering for long time. American farms confine thousands of pigs, dairy cattle, and poultry in small spaces, often under horrifying conditions, and generate enormous volumes of fecal and biological waste as well as other toxins.

If we don’t act fast enough the pollution will be expanded more and more and the air that we breath and the earth that we live on will so toxicated that we won’t be able to grow anything on it or raised anything on it. It will affect all human being and the next growing generations. Farmers will use more chemicals to raise their animals and people will consume more toxic food, which will bring more diseases for us, humans. Farmers think that they can control their steer’s living environment, that they put them in the closed farms without living space.

In 1900’s animals lived in open environment and still produce meat, eggs and milk. Since the human population got expended there is need for more and more produce. American farms are overwhelmed with steer, chickens and turkeys. They live in closed buildings with no place to move, no place to feed their babies and what is most horrible they live on top of each other and suffocate one another. I can’t agree with this environmental situation which we have in today’s farms. To me every animal has a right to move, live on the open filed and be able to raised they families as a free specie.

In my opinion closed, overstaffed barns provide unhealthy environment to the animals which makes them to be stressed out, sick and even suffocate. Also American government should adjust their rules and regulation on meat and poultry quality, which will bring more healthy foods to our tables and the earth, will be less polluted. If the rules will change from using chemicals in food to feed animals on natural sources like grass, the food quality will improve and will be free of bacteria; the animals will be healthier and will not suffer any diseases while raised on farms.

It all comes to one solution; raised animals on natural sources and in good environment, but this resolution will waste too much money and the ateer will not produce food quick enough to feed our expanded population. Another solution to slaughterhouses and animal cruelty is to simply become a vegetarian and to have your voice be heard by friends and family, even on the internet as a part of protest against slaughterhouses. Humans do not need to eat the corpses of animals. That is a fact that many refuse to accept.

Animal agriculture is destroying our environment and obscenely overusing resources. Eating animal products is one of the lead causes of the most serious diseases. Heart disease is the number ONE cause of death in the U. S. and the consumption of meat and animal products is DIRECTLY linked to heart disease. Even Bill Clinton is now vegan, because he now knows that meat and dairy can increase his chances of further heart problems. A vegan diet can actually REVERSE bad health conditions.

Also, slaughterhouse workers have one of the most dangerous jobs and are at a greater risk of serious injury, illness or death than probably any other job. According to the Department of Labor, a nearly one in three slaughterhouse worker suffers from illness or injury every year; in other manufacturing jobs, the rate is one in 10. Killing animals who do not want to die is inherently dangerous work. As chickens are hung by their legs to be killed, they fight back—beating their wings and scratching and pecking workers.

Cows and pigs those are still conscious when they are hung up by their hind legs kick and thrash. Time to end the barbaric, cruel inhumane atrocity of cramming animals in confinement, forcing them into living in excrement and then brutally slaughtered by exploited workers. Simple, logical, ethical, humane, healthy solution: GO VEGAN. Call to Action My point is that this isn’t just about animal cruelty, or poor working conditions; it’s about the unfathomable corporate greed that we the people have let our Politicians slip past us, where only a few come out ahead and millions of others will suffer.

From the mistreated workers and their families, to taxpayers whose hard earned dollars are now paying for a toothless agency (USDA), all the way down to the victims of the tainted food passed down to us by an industry no longer accountable for its own greed. And here we are, poor people, trying to protest against this unfair trend and become vegetarians or write comments online. This is just all about making money and having power; human is nothing to other human and even worse when comes to animals.

For massive farms when food is being produced to meat industries, animals’ rights don’t exist, the only thing that exists in those farms is massive profit and slaughtering. For us, simple humans, is a battle of surviving, we believe in those markets, in those food stores, because is a way of living, and we have to eat what we buy, otherwise we will not exist. We are basically owned by government who controls our daily living. They not only controlling our housing and work environment but most important they control our health; food industry. And does not matter if we like it or not, we have no choice but to follow that.

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