Megatrends are defined as the immense powers in human and innovation advancement which influences the future in every aspect of human action

Megatrends are defined as the immense powers in human and innovation advancement which influences the future in every aspect of human action, in a skyline of ten to fifteen years. Coming to electronic health record (EHR) , it is a computerised rendition of patient’s paper graph which provides data accessible right away and safely to approved clients.After queried various key knowledge experts in this field and compiled this list of technologies and trends that are likely to impact provider organizations over the coming years which are as followed.
The Five IT Megatrends for Healthcare Information Systems are:
• Megatrend one- Mobile
• Megatrends two- Social Media
• Megatrend three- Internet Of Things
• Megatrend four- Cloud Computing
• Megatrend five- Big Data
Positive and Negative implications of Megatrend – Mobile :
Mobile Healthcare systems focus majorly on two objectives like the accessibility of e-health applications which later turned as mobile health apps and medical data anywhere and the invisibility of registering.
Positive implications: Embracing mobile electronic medical record(MEMR) systems is the superior approach which enhances medical caretakers and purpose of care administrations. This device supports huge range of applications that includes portable telemedicine persistent checking, area based therapeutic administrations, customized observing and inescapable access to human services data which gives advantages to the two patients and other restorative staff.
Negative implications: It is difficult to access from mobile sometimes and get everything done via application. Once the application stops working, time will be delayed which gives further more problems.
Positive and Negative implications of Megatrend – Social Media : The things what we observe is an interest for straightforwardness in medicinal services, and consumerism in healthcare, and concentrating on end buyer, seeing all these we can say social media may well develop as a solid play there.
Positive implications: Via social media access for healthcare across long distances is major advantage adopting collaboration and social media tools which provides quality care to anyone across the world with low cost providers which we can say as cost effective.
Negative implications: Adopting collaborative technology is a positive fact but lack of training is one negative thing and lacking of direct interaction with doctor’s for medical diagnosis and major concern would be privacy issues.
Positive and Negative implications of Megatrend – Internet of Things: The two main applications which involves internet of things (IoT) for healthcare are remote monitoring and telemonitoring. This IoT has become key component for digital transformation for healthcare industry.
Positive implications: Communication from anywhere which could be easy to tackle in any critical situation though not physically present and availability of data in IoT in case of medical advice from doctor .
Negative implications: In case, data is disconnected in emergency situation there is no other way than to go to hospital directly and access of information from IoT has privacy and security issues in maintaining the patient’s information confidential where others may have unauthorised users may access.
Positive and Negative implications of Megatrend – Cloud Computing : Cloud computing is a computer model which allows users access to an application and its data via a third-part provider using internet. Programming as an administration, which is a technique for giving the electronic health record (EHR) is likely the most engaging.
Positive implications: Using this healthcare data security is progressed and data can be shared with other systems where it has its own IT support and no investment on any application and patients information is accessible anywhere.
Negative implications: Rapid response times and information accessibility, mistake impediments. Unapproved revelation of data brings about extreme outcomes to the organisation and noteworthy expenses in recuperating recovering and restoring data information.
Positive and Negative implications of Megatrend – Big Data: Big data is terms of healthcare is defined as set of data which is being generated from wearable devices, mobile apps, portable monitoring devices and advanced health consultants.
Positive implications: Big data is useful in finding fraud detection where it can access huge amount of data in finding inconsistencies and submitting claims. Using this algorithm it is easy to find out mistakes easily. It can also access DNA records to check if disease is passed through the family.
Example: When patient posts on social media about changes in their health, this algorithm can analyze the information and can prevent the patient from being at risk for a heart attack.
Negative implications: Strongest negative using big data is the lack of privacy and though big data allows doctor to monitor about patients health from anywhere, it doesn’t give patient’s freedom. Big data also encourages replacement of doctor which could lack personal doctor’s touch which in further this technology undermines the licensed doctor and leave thepatients.


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