Memo Review Essay

Knowing your audience is a major role when communicating in a business setting. This translates into employees saying that excellent communication skills are there number one priority. This skill is so highly ranked because communication is the most difficult task of all human interactions. Most speaker’s intent is to make points and does not do it clearly at times.

The receiver does not listen or read to understand the content of the message clearly at times, but rather stays internally focused on words it does not understand are tries to understand.This is why it is important on learning communication strategy, techniques, and tools for a sender and a reader. Always focus your message on the needs and goals of your audience. Potential repercussions of failing to know the audience can cause confusion in the assignments and the working environment can become unorganized.

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When explaining certain ideas, the letter needs to be clear and understandable to the person you are writing to. There are times when you may not know the person you are writing, so effective skill writing is important.You should keep in mind how much knowledge they already have and judge your information based upon their level of experience. The memo can give confusing details to the reader if they think they are reading information to give there ideas by them are the reader takes control of the situation without their opinion. In the second paragraph the memo states that we give an overview, but then later as you read the writer gives the idea, and it seems to be final; using LIFO was already final without hearing other ideas. A certain date, time was not identify in the memo due to the writer already making the decision to use LIFO.

As you read later, the writer seems to not be sure of the decision to stick with LIFO and leaves the options open. The memo should have a set time and date to meet up so that good research can be combine to make proper and effective decisions. Understanding that their is know room for error is involved, and that our job will be on the line.

If your mind is already made up before research is done, do not write anything in the memo that can help the other team member lean you way with news you read in the paper. Keep an open mind and be prepared to generate new ideas.Resource:Audience Strategy (2012), For All Professional Business Communication .Retrieved from


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