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Marketing project/ Program manager Subject: Progress of employees Date: September 9th, 2014 The purpose of this memo Is to present the progress of the employees and their results towards the surveys on social media usage at work. I believe with results of the employees’ surveys we can determine a social media policy. Summary Internet based media has become an enveloping part of our lives that continues to grow in our culture.

Unfortunately the usage towards social media has become a great issue as well as a constant distraction during work hours. Inning the results of the surveys, we will determine if keeping the social media usage to a bare minimum during work hours should be highly enforced with exceptions of breaks, lunch breaks, and emergencies. Discussion Employees here at sprint are hardworking and friendly. However, social media usage at work can be distracting. The surveys that have been handed out, if answered honestly, have assisted us in obtaining accurate results concerning social media usage.

We evaluated whether or not social media usage is a distraction, and possibly an expanding issue.It has been documented that employees have been caught costing on Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, and Youth during work hours. Employees raised a point that the use of social media is personal. We are only evaluating social media use on company equipment or during paid company time. Although there have been debates, the company must also reduce UN-filtered media exposure from personal postings of employees. Through research and observation, this committee has concluded that some employees do not know where they should commit their time and assets.

It seems with social media usage rising every year, It Is almost becoming a social necessity.Even If It Is seen as exercising freedom of speech by some team members (Like surveys have suggested) others feared that the media usage has a potential of exposing employer to confidential Information that could be considered In the decision to retain an employee. We do not want social media usage to Infringe on company policy.

Providing notable service to customers. When employees need assistance with work related situations it’s extremely distracting to notice some of their coworkers on their media device and not paying attention to the task at hand.At times it isn’t notable owe distracting the media usage is. Even though we have not received every survey a majority employees results have been clear to prohibit media usage during work hours. The closing poll of the surveys will end on September 12 and I will have results organized by Monday September 1 5th. Recommendation I am requesting to you that I highly recommend prohibiting social media usage as it seems to be a huge distraction for the employees in the workplace as majority has stated. As a result Employees who are still working may concentrate and enjoy a quiet work environment.


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