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Background Pizza Hut is a well-known pizza restaurant located around the globe in terms of the umber of outlets and percentage of market share among the fast food restaurants.

In United States, there are about 6,200 restaurants and in other 100 countries, more than 4,000 restaurants. Dan and Frank Carney, the original founder of Pizza Hut, opened the first Pizza Hut restaurant in 1958 in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas. Today, the Pizza Hut is owned by Yum! Brand, Inc.

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Pizza Hut Is famous In Its various choices of toppings and its signature crusts.Nevertheless, recently we have received a lot of complaints from customers. Therefore, Issues and problems have detected ND solutions are provided to deal with the problems. Problems Although “Pizza Hut” has made a lot of Improvement but they still have not meet the customers’ high expectation. One of the concerns Is the poor quality of service In Pizza Hut.

Customers complained about the Pizza Hut’s slow and tardy services which are very time consuming. Besides, customers complained about the rude attitude of the employees. Customers are not bothered when they request for service.Food hygiene Is also one of the problems that has been neglected by our company. This causes dissatisfaction of customers and affects our company reputation. On top of that, poor delivery service Is one of the hottest Issues that are currently discussed in our customer feedback website. Customers are not able to enjoy their food due to the poor delivery service rendered.

To further look Into the problems, we gather all the feedback forms filled In by our customers and the all complaints received. Moreover, we also observe the working attitude of our employees.Conversations between customers and our employees are taken Into account as well. Besides, we collect Information through our competitors such as Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s and the like. By using all the data available, we carry out root cause analysis to Investigate the root problems. Findings Snail’s pace service of employees Majority of our customers complain about our slow service. According to the feedback from our customers, they claim that they are not satisfied with the slow service In Pizza Hut.

Serving of seats, menu, bill, orders and other services are slack and tardy.They spend a lot of time walling for the food. However, when the food Is served, customers have already lost their appetite to enjoy their meals. Poor Attitude Attitudes of serving customers among our employees are unprofessional. These problems happened because our employees are lack of enthusiasm of working. For instance, the waitress and waiters have no initiative to clean up the tables and send the menu to customers. Slack attitudes of employees cause the progress of our business to deteriorate and ultimately become ineffective.Food hygiene Through our findings and observation, we find that since the “Cockroach Legs in Spaghetti: Court Award Upheld” case happened in our Cubans Parade Pizza Hut branch in March 2012, our company’s reputation has been affected and the number of customers is gradually decreasing.

Some of the customers even complain that they have fallen ill after consuming the chicken in our restaurant. This is a very massive point at issue. This problem arises because food hygiene issue is not emphasizes by our company.As a result, our employees do not pay attention to this important matter that will eventually affect our company’s revenue and profits. Poor delivery service Based on the survey and feedback from our customers, there are many bad comments from outsiders regarding our poor delivery service.

For instance, pizzas are delivered to the wrong address, wrong orders are delivered to customers and extremely slow delivery service. Slow delivery service arose due to massive traffic Jam in town and far distance between our restaurants and customers’ locations. These problems happened have annoyed and dissatisfied our customers.As a result, the number of our delivery customers has become lesser and lesser. Conclusion Just as our Pizza Hut slogan “Gather ‘Round the Good Stuff’, we have the responsibility to let our customers feel that everything in Pizza Hut is the best. In order to achieve that, we need to improve our customer service to retrieve the good petition for Pizza Hut. Below are some recommendations to enhance our poor customer service, which are (1) developing corporate culture, (2) setting more outlets in city area, (3) providing intensive training course, (4) designing merit and demerit system, and (5) restructuring delivery system.Recommendations Provide Intensive Training Course We should provide our employees intensive wait staff training course to acquire professional skills of serving customers.

For instance, our employees can improve their interaction with the customers while serving them by learning some basic engages that are commonly used in Malaysia like English, Chinese, Malay and basics of other foreign language like Japanese. In addition, we also provide chef training course for the chefs to improve their cooking skills, effectiveness and efficiency.After that, employees will be given a 3 months probationary period in order to evaluate employees in terms of how much they learned, how well they are using new skills on Job and whether the training program achieved its desired results. Implement Merit and Demerit System I strongly suggest our company to design a merit and demerit system to improve the or attitudes of employees. Demerit or penalty will be given to those whose top managers will consider firing them. Of course, the complaints will be investigated beforehand.

For merit, it is given to those who have done well in the daily operation.These employees will be given a bonus or reward for the excellences in their Jobs. By using this system, it will stimulate the motivation of employees to work more enthusiastically. Develop Corporate Culture As a well-known restaurant organization, we should develop our corporate culture which encourages and stresses the importance of food and restaurant hygiene. The first step is to set rules and have a standardized uniform specially for chefs and standardized level of hygiene in every branch of our Pizza Hut Restaurant as well.

By that, employees will pay more attention on the issue of hygiene in Pizza Hut Restaurant and see their Job – serving customers as their responsibilities. Set More Outlets in City Areas In order to improve our delivery service and solve the problems which arose from massive traffic Jam and far distance from our restaurants to destination, I recommend our company to set more only-for-delivery outlets in busy areas in town. Thus, distance between the outlets and destination can be shortened and the chances of being stuck in massive traffic Jam can be avoided.Besides, our employees are able to focus more on delivery orders instead of serving both dining-in and delivery customers.

Limitations Undeniably, intensive and professional training course will be very expensive if it is provided to most of the employees in all the branches of Pizza Hut Restaurants. In order to cut down the training costs, we can provide the training course only for employees whose skills are lower than average. Corporate culture which stresses on hygiene issue can help to solve the food hygiene problem.However, it takes time to develop a good and firm corporate culture. A good and firm corporate culture is not that easy to be achieved and be developed. It needs a lot of time and efforts, and some of the time not all the employees will cooperate with the management.

Regarding the suggestion to increase only-for-delivery outlets in town areas, the costs are too high and too much to bear. To solve this issue, we can set the new outlets one by one when the time is right and when our budget allows.Recommendation of designing a merit and demerit system to solve the poor attitude of employees will be effective.

On the contrary, this might cause conflicts among the employees. For instance, Jealousy to those who get merits and those who get demerits might feel denominated. To conclude, limited time and budget, as well as cooperation of staff are the deterrents we need to consider in order for the recommendations to be executed successfully. Should you have any enquiry or further discussions, please feel free to contact us.

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