Memorization is known as important process in gaining knowledge

Memorization is known as important process in gaining knowledge. Memorize become essential in order to attain important event or point and prevent us from the loss of important information. Memorizing is one of the important methods used in exploring and understanding the knowledge of Qur’an. Memorizing Quran is a challenging task. It requires a neat preparation before they keep on memorizing. Memorizing requires discipline and motivation. Criteria and personality of memorizer could determine the level of person’s ability to go through memorizing process.
In fact, certain characteristic is needed to facilitate the learning process for those who are involved in memorizing the Quran. In learning process, effective education is not only depending on the teachers and teaching methods alone. Instead, the students’ readiness and personality itself is the key element to the success and effectiveness of this education programme (Blank ; Alas, 2009) Thus, to ensure the effectiveness of learning process in Tahfiz education, the students characteristic and school entry requirement should be standardized in selecting students. These approaches will help the institution to select qualified students.
Research on Tahfiz student characteristic by Norlizah Che Hassan (2015) stated four characteristics of Tahfiz students. The characteristics of student are the ability to recite Quran, the ability to memorize Quran, excel in academic and religious subject and have passion in Thafiz education include parents support. The ability of reciting and memorizing Quran closely related. Those who are able to recite the Quran will also able to memorize very well including the correct pronunciations along with tajweed. In the memorization of Quran, academic subject such as Mathematics, Science and Language should not be denied. This case has significant value in the birth of the Muslim community who have a creative thinking ability, critical and innovation in science but plus the power of appreciation and teaching of the Qur’an (Mohd Shahril, 2013). Without interest and passion in memorizing Quran, students will lack in motivation to complete the memorizing of 30 Chapters of the Quran within specified time. Some students who enrol in Tahfiz get a motivation and support from their parents. With the support dan encouragement provided by parents can help in raising the interest of student. (Mawardi, 2010) stated that there is relation between parents’ support and student interest with the children enrolment in Tahfiz schools.


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