METHODOLOGY The primary objective of this study is to explore


The primary objective of this study is to explore, from a quantitative perspective, the significance of the school-based speech-language pathologist as a member of staff in the lower primary school in Antigua and Barbuda, a manual paper-based questionnaire with twenty items will be chosen to collect data for a Survey.
The survey will consist of a five items background information section and fifteen items Likert-type questionnaire. The demographic section will collect information such as the participants’ professional level, most, length of time teaching,
The study will be limited to a sample of parents, primary school teachers’ and principals in the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

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Presently, the aim of the Antiguan and Barbudan government is to improve the quality of Special Needs Education and the teaching career along with the growing need to specialize. The suggestion is to give teachers another incentive to better themselves and profession in Antigua and Barbuda. This career path serves as another way in which we can rightfully diagnose and treat the speech-language problem faced daily. The work of the school-based Speech-Language Pathologist is a demanding job but worth it.

A further suggestion is that of the Ministry of Education create job positions offering such career paths. The teacher should be encouraged to study and return to serve the country. The aim of education is to the student. In Special Education, the task is more awesome and challenging. Students with speech-language disorders have been overlooked and class differently.

The government should include in its drive in improving Special Education provisions for careers paths such as that of the school-based SLP. This is now law to provide auxiliary aids and services to assist persons with disability, administrators should me to comply.
This position would serve zoned school until personnel could be had for each school.

In conclusion, the school based Speech Language Pathologist should be added to a short long term list to encourage personnel in this career because the profession in this field would better treat the speech langue problem than that of just the teacher solely.


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