Methods of Teaching Essay

If the answer has been found in “Best Practices”, then we need to ump aboard and strive to put it into practice in order to accomplish success in our schools. The curriculum consists of being a student centered method.

In learning, experiential and being hands on are the main concepts. Another center for students is when materials are broken down into parts starting as a whole. The students also need to learn authentic ideas and materials.Throughout my years of experience as a teacher, I have come into contact with other teachers that are proud and excited that they have the next three months ready to go and that they have their homework done or the whole year. When I first heard that as a new teacher I felt a failure because I did not have that.

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I was not “ready’. As I continued throughout the years as a teacher, I never accomplished it. I soon learned that having the same work prepared every year, same worksheets and same homework, were in deed a very sad curriculum that did not help our students, but it surely accommodates our teachers.I realized that I could not do the same as they did every year.

I couldn’t do that to my students. I needed to meet them, learn about them and give them the new and improved teaching that I had learned throughout out the years. I strongly believe that homework is an essential part to their learning, not Just busy work, and it needs to be assigned according to their learning level and challenging. I provided them rigorous work as I felt they needed it to be successful.Challenging students helps them develop responsibilities in their own learning. There are many ways of showing what needs to be taught; in which it will give students empowerment over their own learning. Using these simple methods and incorporating student centered teaching s the key to a successful curriculum.

Another main principle is cognitive learning; this is where students receive instruction according to their developmental level. Having developmental growth in definable stages will help students understand better.Next step is “Constructivist, where students do not Just receive content; they recreate and reinvent every cognitive system they encounter including language, literacy, and mathematics. ” (Page ) Students should be able to be dully expressive.

Having them engaged in ideas and explore the range of communicative studies. Being able to fleet and debrief in their experiences, dealing with “what they have felt and thought and learned. ” (Page 1 1) Over the years I have realized that my students accomplish this through activities like geometric shapes, Unix cubes, and rhyming.As for language, once they get the concept of rhyming, students begin to manipulate sounds in order to form their own words and reinforce their cognitive skills in language and literacy. As teachers, we not only have to focus on the cognitive skills but also on their social skills. When students are interacting with others in a classroom, it helps them lid a base for their social skills.

One way to accomplish this is by implementing group activities, where they are able to see how others work.


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