‘Of Mice And Men’ by John Stienbeck Essay

Another Saturday night, and I was struck here alone in my room, feeling lonely, in pain from my back and for nothing for company except my books. It was still sunlight when I heard the other men leaving. I always hope one day they would come to ask me if I would like to accompany them when they go out to town. I also have some money to spend for enjoyment I haven’t only spent it on hopeless books. I need some pleasure as well.

As I was poring some of my lotion for my paining back on my wrinkled dry hands to put on my crooked back. I heard the horses moving around in the barn and thought it might be someone but I remembered that Slim was out and as his the only one that ever comes in to my room it couldn’t of been any one.The smells that came from the animals were for second class, which I am. The smell was worse then the smell that came out of the outside toilet.

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I have to spend all my time in this room, which I have to take in the smell but the other men, no they don’t have to go threw this. Only I do.My books sat there in my apple box with the dust mites surrounding it like it was protecting them from something. I have got so many books, which I’ve bought for company but never got anything from them. Just lousy stories never a friend.I heard some think again and the sound got nearer I thought that slim might be back but as I turned towards the door to my amazement it was Lennie.

He was extremely tall and very well built. I felt panicky and nervous to whom is he to just walk in like that to a ‘black mans room’ I didn’t no what To expect but the way which he approached me in he said that he had seen my light open and he thought of coming and talking to me I was shocked but soon figured out that he had some sort of illness and he wasn’t able to think like the other men. Lennie’s illness was to my privilege because this meant that I was in control of what would happen in the room.

I had some power now and over a white man.When I was alone with Lennie I made him quite angry. The way I had managed this was by telling him that his friend whom he always travelled with (George) was not coming back from the whorehouse. He got extremely angry with me and the man Lennie obviously didn’t no how to control this anger so I got to a point when he was about to do something to me so I slowly backed down. When Lennie felt upset, heart and angry I was happy extremely happy to make someone else upset and heart other then me.As time went pass I found my self slowly opening up to him and I found my self-telling him about my childhood.

I don’t know why I was opening up to him but it made me feel delighted that I was opening up to someone. It felt like my shoulders getting lighter.Suddenly Candy came knocking on my door and asking Lennie what he was doing here.

He felt embarrassed I could fell that. But I thought what the hell so I let him in. we got talking and I’d


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