Michael Jordan Essay

1. State the topic you have selected for your project.The topic that I have selected is MICHAEL JORDAN.2.

Explain the process you followed in determining your topic.> In order to chose my topic, I thought about all the things that interest me most. I knew that I wanted a subject that had a lot of information available and that also had a lot of statistical information. As a result, I chose MICHAEL JORDAN because I love basketball and, he is my favorite player.3. Identify at least three other published sources (other than the WWW) of information related to this topic.

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Give complete citations. Write at least three paragraphs detailing these other sources of necessary information.> David Falk, Michael’s long time agent, first coined the phrase “Air Jordan” while discussing a Nike shoe deal in 1984. The first Jordan’s were banned by the NBA and by the Bulls because they failed to match the uniforms.

Jordan’s picture perfect image became flawed after a series of events. The controversial book The Jordan Rules was published, he snubbed the president during a trip to the White House, and he failed to obey the league’s choice of golf partners at an outing.> MICHAEL JORDAN is the most visible athlete in the world. His “swooping, driving, leaping, and soaring style of play” has made him the games most “astounding” player. Michael and Wilt Chamberlain are the only players ever to score 3,000 points in a season and to lead the league in scoring for at least six years. His personal trademark is his protruding tongue, which flashes every time he drives to the basket. He is his team’s leader and insists that they work hard. His coach John Bach once said, “He is like hell turned loose on defense; when we want to shut down the opposition, we assign Michael.

“; From the time he was in junior high he wore his hair so short that that the older guys would give him noogies and call him “Bald Head.” At 5’9″ during his sophomore season, he was cut from the Laney High School’s varsity team. Michael travels the world checking into hotels with the alias, Leroy Smith, the player who beat him out for the last spot on the Laney team in ’78. He also wears a left arm brace in honor of his friend Peterson, who suffered a leg injury against Virginia in 1983 that ended his season. Michael takes his sense of humor from his dad, who used to do work around the house with his tongue hanging out. He learned his sense of business from his mom and his work ethic from both; however, his mother once said Michael was definitely her laziest child.

4. Explain how computers have touched (or not touched) this topic area.> Computers have touched this area immensely. The computer hasn’t changed how he plays basketball, but it has revolutionized the way people get information about him. The internet is filled with pictures, video clips, audio clips, and tons of information about his life and career. It also enables individuals to chat with Michael each month.

Before the computer, all this information would have had to be found in a library, and even then all the clips may not have been accessible. Another aspect of Michael’s life that is impacted by the computer, is that his internet site sells all his clothing apparel. This means of advertisement increases his sales tremendously.5. Find at least three web sites related to your topic.

Give proper citation for the web sites. Write at least one full paragraph for each site explaining what you learned from that site. (Do not copy and paste from the site!)> On September 27th MICHAEL JORDAN declared he would come back for his second season as a wizard. He feels that he is in great shape and is strong enough to compete. He said that he was “Excited about the upcoming season and that he felt the team was moving in the right direction.” He went on the say that “He didn’t know his roll in the upcoming season, however after training camp he will know more.

“> Michael’s father, James, was killed during a robbery in 1993. Shortly afterwards Michael retired form basketball for the first time and went on to play for the White Sox. His only downfall in baseball was his batting skills, which played a large part in his inability to succeed. During the summer of 1996, Michael starred in Space Jam, which was a movie that got its roots from a series of McDonalds commercials. The movie gave some insights as to what it was really like to grow up as MICHAEL JORDAN.

> MICHAEL JORDAN was a 5 time NBA Most Valuable Player and selected in 1996 as one of the “50 Greatest Players in NBA History.” He was a 6 time NBA Finals most valuable player and holds the finals record for highest single series scoring average of 41.0 points per game, along with the playoffs record for the highest career scoring average of 33.4 points per game. Michael also has the career record for the highest scoring average of 21.3 points per All Star game along with acquiring the first ever triple double in a All Star Game in 1997.

6. Identify at least three important people related to this topic. Give complete citations.

Explain their contribution to your topic.MICHAEL JORDAN had many competitors in the NBA; however, his brother Larry was his main competitor growing up which, developed him into the star he became.His father was his closest friend. He had been by his son’s side through all the triumphs and disappointments. Therefore, after his father’s death Michael tried to live up his father’s dream by retiring from basketball in order to play baseball in the major leagues.

Among the many stars Michael played with and against, Charles Barkley was one of his closest friends. They dueled on and off the basketball court. They spent a lot of time together while they were both on the dream team and became very close. Michael’s admiration for Barkley stemmed form his willingness to speak his mind. Charles said in 1998, “Michael should run that team. They were nothing before he got there, and they are going to be nothing when he leaves.”References:1 Beckett, Dr.

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