Micro Biology/Biological Warefare Essay

My topic that I found interesting that relates to microbiology is Biological Warfare. It is where organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins are used to kill or injure people. Organisms that are used in biological warfare are called agents. Biological agents have been around since ancient times. Archers would infect their arrows by dipping them in dead, decomposing bodies or blood that is mixed with feces. Now in modern times, biological warfare has become more sophisticated.

In WWW, the Germans were he first to develop anthrax, cholera, slanders and wheat fungus all used as agents. In WWW the Japanese had their own secret facility for research, which was called, (Unit 731) that carried out human experiments on prisoners to see what effects different organisms or agents had. In Vietnam, the Vetting used Punjabi sticks dipped in feces, which caused severe infections after an enemy solider has been stabbed. There are tons of organisms or agents that could be and can be used for biological warfare, but like nuclear and chemical warfare it’s all about how you deliver the substance.

Biological agents are pretty easy to get and use. They are invisible, odorless, and tasteless and can disperse fast. Delivering these mass destructor can be delivered many ways. Through the air by sprays having the germs being fine particles, for that to work a person must inhale enough of the particles into the lungs to cause illness. Organisms can be thrown into explosives, though not as effective since agents can be killed and destroyed by the explosives which go back to how delivery is so important. They can also go into food and water also absorbed or injected in the skin.

Some common biological agents that are heard in the news and also used in warfare include Anthrax, Cholera, Colostomies Perusing Toxin, Melodious dido’s, and Staphylococcal. Anthrax (Bacillus anthracic) develops when a bacterial organism from infected animal tissues becomes deposited under the skin. When a person contracts it, they develop a small elevated lesion on his skin which becomes a skin ulcer by swelling or edema. A biological attack with Anthrax would be using the spores in the air. If you have 10,000 spores say, you would kill 80 percent of a population by inhaling it.

Cholera is a diarrhea disease cause by Brio cholera a gram negative bacillus. Humans get the disease by consuming water or food contaminated with the organism. It multiplies in the small intestine and secretes an intention that causes a secretors diarrhea. When dispersed as an agent, most likely would be used to contaminate a water supply of the enemy. Colostomies perusing toxin is an anaerobic bacterium. It’s known for the disease Gas Gangrene. The bacteria make toxins that make intense wounds that are painful. Could be used in the air as a bio weapon.

Another is Melodious, which is an infectious on animals and humans. The cause is by Freeholder pseudopodium, which is a gram – bacillus. An attack could come from the air from this. Staphylococcal Intention B which is made by Staphylococcus auroras causes food poisoning. Can be a biological weapon through the air. Getting into the respiratory tract makes a syndrome that can cause death. There are many protective equipment and measures when biological warfare gets involved. Includes masks and clothing. Agents in the air don’t go through unbroken skin. Few can stick to clothing or skin.


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