Mid-August 1939, my shelter arrives! Essay

It wasn’t exactly, what I was expecting, but it was fun and mucky to build, as much as hard work.

Although when I thought it in my head I was expecting to have a much bigger and nicer shelter outside. The Andersen shelter wasn’t that bad to live in after a while.In our shelter there was a lot of mud, as I would expect there would be in a lot of other peoples to, it used to make my clothes very dirty even if I just slightly touched it, like today I still can’t take the stain off. But anyway at least the whole family was together in the shelter unlike the way it used to be.When the shelter was first built I was happy about it, because I thought that maybe now we would be safer. But I did have a thought about, if everyone started to argue then it wouldn’t be easy in such a small room.

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I didn’t know much about the war but my brother was up to date about the war. I didn’t either know when we would need to go into the shelter or for how long we would need to stay there for.I had a family that would argue all day if they could, so if they started, it wouldn’t be nice to watch, most the time they would argue for no reason.

I couldn’t also get round my head, how so many of us would fit in that small room and I thought it would be cold there to. On top of the grass to stay in.After a while everything was fine, we got a hang of it, we did all the necessary things like cooking the food etc.Thursday 12th march 2009The battle of Britain!I was quiet scared as excited, when I had found out that we were going to have an air battle with Germany. It was scary because if we had lost then we would be under Germany. Which obviously would not be fun, but I was also excited because we had not really been attacked, and I was board! I wanted to know how it would be to get a bomb thrown in the area.So it was in the summer of 1940, when the Luftwaffe of Germany tried to win air, over the southern of Britain and the English Channel by destroying the Royal Air Force (RAF), and the air crafting industry. This is now known as the Battle of Britain, for the amount of pressure that was on the RAF.

The Germans had thought that if they had won the air then they would have a good advantage of taking over Britain, and then the British isles eventually. The Germans had already taken over the Netherlands, Belgium and northern France in May 1940, so they did have built quiet a big empire before trying it with us.


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