Mike Rowe on Bill Maher

Mike Rowe on Bill Maher: Jobs Going Begging
Erin Lyons
Immaculata University

Mike Rowe on Bill Maher: Jobs Going Begging
Jobs going begging is an interview with Bill Maher about a book Mike Rowe wrote titled Profoundly Disconnected: A True Confession by Mike Rowe by Mike Rowe. This book and interview discuss the “profound disconnect” between the 3 million good U.S. jobs that can’t be filled due to lack of skilled applicants. Mike Rowe also started a non-profit organization called “profoundly disconnected”. This foundation helps reward people with a passion to get trained for skilled jobs that exist. “Mike Rowe spends a significant amount of time speaking about the countries dysfunctional relationship with work, highlighting the widening skills gap, and challenging the persistent belief that a four-year degree is automatically the best path for most people.” (Profoundly Disconnected.com) In this paper, I will discuss how I agree with Mike Rowe comments in this interview. I will address the trillion-dollar student debt we are in and how learning a skill trade would benefit the young adults of America.
I agree with Mike Rowe remarks on the trillion-dollar student loan crisis we are facing. These shocking student loans are troubling many Americans today. Today college students are attending four year private or state-owned institutions and not finding jobs after graduation leaving them in financial turmoil. I would like to add that student debt is also contributing to Americas inequality. Debt accrued while gaining a college degree is “good debt”. Those with college degrees tend to make enough money to recoup their debt over a lifetime, but this isn’t always true. I agree college is worth the cost and I do believe in continuing your education but if current borrowing patterns continue student debt levels will reach 3 trillion sometime around 2022 contributing to Americans wealth inequality.

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This is another example of class conflict or struggle. Class conflict has been going on since the middle ages. Inequality in wealth has always been a struggle amongst classes. We see class conflict in societies around the world with global economy in crisis. Many workers around the world are jobless and in crucial debt. I agree with Mike Rowe and helping aid people in finding jobs that close the gigantic skills gap we have. There are over twelve million unemployed people in the United States and we have three million jobs available that no one wants. This creates a gigantic skills gap meaning there is a huge gap between blue collar and white-collar workers. He states in the video that we almost teach our youth to avoid a category of perfectly legitimate occupations. We are taught early to work smart and not hard leaving many good paying labor jobs not filled. This also directly leads into the trillion-dollar student loan debt we have. We need to teach our young adults that it is ok to work hard and earn money. I do believe in education, but I also believe in choosing a career where you will find employment. Our society today places great emphasis on white collar jobs and this is working out for those looking to hire skilled laborers. To close the gap, we must educate and communicate clearly what these labor jobs are about, the benefits you will offer and the onsite job training you will provide. To close this gap, we must improve our blue-collar strategy.
In conclusion, Mike Rowe really does make important points about the job inequality in America. This is another form of class conflict we face today. Students in America are in a trillion-dollar student loan debt and we are at a record high unemployment. Mike Rowe does a good job at challenging the myth that a four-year college is the only path to success. I think Mike Rowe does a good job on talking about the state of our economy and colleges. These days to many college students are graduating and not able to find jobs. I think with the right blue-collar strategies and benefits we can begin to close this gap and lower unemployment rates.


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