Mirrored walls make 1.5 arches look like 3 Essay

Mirrored walls make 1 1/2 arches look like 3

An arch and a half and two intersecting mirrors combine to make
this remodeled bathroom seem much bigger than it is. The mirrors, at
right angles to one another, visually double the 8-foot-square room and
make it appear as if three complete arches run along one wall.

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The arches are more than decorative. One has built-in storage
shelves on each side of the sink. The 1/4-inch-thick glass shelves fit
in grooves spaced 6 inches apart. The half-arch has a blank inside
face. Tempered hardboard covers the curving surfaces.

Openings for the two arches differ: the one over the sink measures
46 inches wide, and the half-arch spans 30 inches. The full arch rises
63 inches from the top of the counter to the molding near the ceiling.
The front face of the arches stands 8 inches out from the mirrored

The mirrors aid in lighting. The side wall doubles the adjacent
skylight’s apparent size and increases the amount of light
reflected into the room. Three lights mount to the mirror above the
sink for another double-image light gain. Interior designer was
Patricia Whitt of Napa, California.

Photo: Dark molding along ceiling tells the tale: the mirrored
side wall intersects mirror behind half-arch in corner. Note the
storage compartments in arch pillars flanking sink


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