Miss Representation Essay

In the documental movie. “Miss Representation. ” produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. 2011.

it shows that how the adult females who are populating in the United States are defined by mass media. Image of Women are exposing on a mass media as sex symbol or assistance function for the male although women’s life is acquiring better than earlier. Furthermore. advertizements such as decorative and manner have forced to adult females terrible diet indirectly. Therefore. the documental movie “Miss Representation” want to non merely achieve enhance of women’s function in society but besides retrieve women’s rights through the film.Actually. I was impressive to adult females who were reasoning in the movie because it is different from Asiatic adult females who demand their right act.

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I know that all adult females did non making but in Asia. many adult females demand the women’s right without their attempt.Unfortunately. most Asiatic work forces are working for assistance to women’s satisfaction. For illustration.

work forces must hold ain house for matrimony and they normally pay for an expensive gift for women’s ornament or anniversary. Many adult females do non investing for their hereafter ; they rely on male merely for their convenience. Therefore. many conservative female in Japan do non like this ambiance which accepted enforcing of women’s right. Furthermore.

desire of women’s beauty has caused inaccurately advertisement. Many adult females consume their popularity. In contrast. work forces do non purchase useless decorative for their masculine.

When the docudrama movie was finished. I agree that equity of sexes have to be. But I do non hold with overdone demand. If work forces have to pay all things for adult females. is that valuable to requirement of adult females? I think their demands should be acceptable when they have making for women’s rights. Of class Men should considerate for adult females.

but adult females besides should non move overly for their aim.


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