Missing Person Found Essay

“Friday the 13th Andy Cone was reported missing. His head was found in secluded woods near the ski cabins. His body was dismembered. His body parts were found buried around the head.

The cause of death was blunt force truma. Police has no leads yet, but they found a long brunette hair that they believe belongs to a woman. No arrests have been made. Please call the Colorado Springs Police Department if you have any information that may help.””I wonder who did it.

Why would the kill Andy?” said Janet”I don’t know….or I don’t care he deserved it” said Mary”Mary how could you say that Andy was our friend!””That’s what you think.

I gotta get to class.”Just then the bell rang”Wait don’t go…

.””Bye Janet.”Mary and I have been friends since diapers.

But lately she has been out of it like she hiding something I’m going to find out thought Janet. Later on after school I saw Mary.”Hey” said Janet”Hey…””What’s been up with you lately?'”WILL YOU JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!?””I’m your best friend I thought I would try to help but it seems as though you don’t want it!””Well you can’t I did something really terrible” Mary said walking away.

This is horrible! I wonder what she did that was so terrible. Why won’t she tell me? Just then I saw my dad pull up. I walked over to the car. He started the car and we made our way home. I sat my bag on the counter. Something didn’t seem right. I walked upstairs to my room. I was suddenly relieved.

I must have forgotten to close the window this morning. But still something wasn’t right in my room. I walked over to my closet and opened it.”Holy crap!”My physics book fell off the shelf.”That scared the mess out of me.””Honey are you okay””Yes my book fell off the shelf””Alright” the doorbell rang then.”Dad, who is that?””It’s Mary!””Um..

. I guess you can send her up.”I wonder why she was here. She didn’t even want to talk to me an hour ago.

Why did she want to talk to me now?”Hey!”said Mary cheerfully as though her mood had pass.”What’s got in to you? Just an hour ago you were yelling and screaming at me!””I’m sorry about that I was having a bad day.””Ya well that was all you had to say then.

“”I’m sorry…””It’s alright. But why did you say Andy deserved to die?””Cuz, I think he does…

“”But why? He didn’t do nothin-“It doesn’t matter now, it over with.” said Mary interrupting Janet.”I …

don’t know what to say…””Do you want to go to the mall with me?””I.

..I’ll ask my dad.”I wonder what happen to her. Why the sudden change? What is going on wither? Whatever happened to her made her a very scary person..

.I walked into my dad’s study.”Dad, Can I go to the mall with Mary?””You can go if you want. He turned back to his work.”What was I going to do? I’ll tell her my dad said no. Ya that way I’ll have time to think this all through. I walked back to my room.

“Sorry Mary my dad said no. he said I have too much work to do here.””It’s okay…

we will go another day.””Ya uh huh!””Bye Janet…”O my god this is so creepy it’s like she knows that I’m lying. I wonder why she didn’t like talking about Andy.

I know he dumped her out of the blue after dating for over a year, but that no reason for her to wish for his death. I gotta figure out what she is keeping from me. I walk over to my computer, opened the web page to the Colorado Springs newspaper.

I typed in Andy Cone in the search box. Several articles pop up about his death. “His body was dismembered. His body parts were found buried around the head..

.” It wasn’t what i was looking for I typed suspects in Andy Cone case. I wonder why I was doing this. Mary couldn’t have possible killed him. “long brunette hair that they believe belongs to a woman…”The article didn’t help any.

Police had ran the hair for DNA but didn’t have any luck with a match. Someone touch my shoulder.”What you doing? Did I frighten you?””Dad! Yes you did. I was looking up information about Andy’s case.””Why?””I was wondering if they had any leads yet.

“”O well a friend of mine works on the case I’ll talk to him and see what I can find out. Why you want to know this any way?””Um..

. Andy was my friend dad. I think I should be able to know who did it…” The lie just flew out.

I did kinda think I should be able to know if there were any leads but that wasn’t why I looked up the article.”I understand.” he held my should a little while longer and walk away.

I looked back at the screen…”We found very little evidence at the scene. But we did find female shoe prints, and a blue ribbon”.There was a picture of the ribbon.

It was the same ribbon I had giving Mary for her birthday. I hadn’t seen her wear it in a while. Matter of fact the last time I seen her wear it was the day Andy had went missing. I had to tell someone about this.”DAD!” there was no response.That’s weird, dad always answered. Maybe he was on the phone.

I checked the phone on my desk there wasn’t even a dial tone.”DAD!” I started to run to his study, but there he was laying on the fall in the hall. I reached over him.”Dad can you hear me?””Janet..

.””Dad I’m here are you alright?””Call the police… hurry before it’s too late.

..”I ran to his study I grab the phone. It wasn’t working. What did dad mean when he said “before it’s too late”I heard a creak coming from the stairs.”Dad is that you”There was no response. I hid behind the door.

The steps came towards my dad’s study… Suddenly the steps stop as though to listen. I held my breath. I didn’t hear anything else. I step out from behind the door. But I had moved to soon.

There she was waiting.”Mary you don’t have to do this I won’t tell anyone…I…

I promise.””Why take your sorry promise? When I can just kill you like I did Andy.” said MaryI had already known she killed Andy but hearing her say it made me shudder.”You can trust me.””But I don’t. I trusted Andy to love me like he said he would but he didn’t.

He didn’t love me. He dumped me because I didn’t want to do it yet. He was so impatient. I had told him when I was ready but no he couldn’t wait. I was so mad at him. I thought of ways to make him suffer. But I couldn’t think of anything that caused him enough pain.

So I decided to kill him. If I couldn’t have him no one could. It wasn’t that hard. I thought it would be harder.

“”How did you do it? He didn’t deserve it Mary.”He deserved everything he got. How can you sit here and take sides with him?””I’m not taking sides. Just because he broke your heart doesn’t mean that you kill him!””Maybe your right, but when I did it..

. it felt right. I followed him to his cabin. I knocked on his door and ask him if we could talk. He agreed I lead him into the woods.

We started making out the he took off his clothes… I paused he paused too then he realized I still wasn’t ready. I told him I was ready. I spotted a huge branch I picked up and hit him on the head. He fell to the ground.

I waited to see if he was going to wake up but he didn’t. I realized that I didn’t want him dead, but I had done it I needed to finish it. I went to the back of his cabin where I knew he kept an ax. I cut him up and buried him..

.””You don’t have to do this Mary.””Yes..

. I do you know my secret and I can’t let you live…”She stepped closer to me”I realized she was really going through with this.

I had to do something. I turned my head. It was too late I felt it .

it was in my stomach, the pain was unbearable. She stuck the knife deeper inside me, then step back. I watched her I felt my mouth open.”Andy.


.love you…but he broke…

up with you…..

.so it would be….

..easier to deal with…..

.the pain…of moving…

away from… Colorado….

..”I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was her shocked face.


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