Misunderstanding: “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles Sample Essay

In “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles we see many occasions where a reader or possibly even a bookman can get down to acquire confused. However. Misconstruing the Oedipus Rex takes clip to look at some of the most debated events throughout the full book.

E. R. Dodd’s transforms Oedipus Rex into a descriptive legible chef-d’oeuvre. Within we find the replies to many cardinal inquiries and elements which have plagued undergraduates and bookmans for old ages. and possibly even old ages to come.“In what sense.

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if in any. does Oedipus try to warrant the ways of God to adult male? ” ( Dodd’s 35 ) This inquiry is perplexing in itself yet. he seems to hold come up with an reply or possibly a system to get down to reply it. Within the system he begins to depict three cardinal elements that about ninety per centum of people would fall into. If you begin to look at Oedipus Rex in this manner it becomes clear what all the contention is approximately. The first of the class is “proving”- that in the terminal we get what we deserve.

This component is based on Oedipus himself. He was a bad adult male and of class bad people get what they deserve. Others say he was baronial and merely had fatal defects that led him to his ain death.

Than Dodd’s brings us into an challenging inquiry how Oedipus Rex is “a calamity of fate. ” This inquiry is held in high respects. even today we see it come into drama.

Can anyone really command their ain fate? Possibly. but. possibly a way is chosen every bit shortly as we leave the uterus. and one time that accelerator is struck there is no turning back.Dodd’s reading of Oedipus Rex is rather utile in understanding these cardinal elements.

his words have made it much easier for anyone to appreciate the construct Sophocles’ was seeking to acquire across. The lone thing to make now is merely to believe Dodd’s concluding nevertheless. this may be the hardest inquiry of all.“Was he a good adult male? ” ( Dodd’s 37 ) this quotation mark intrigued me because. he disproves this theory in the really following line. “Is to inquire a merely nonmeaningful inquiry: since Oedipus ne’er lived we can reply neither ‘Yes’ or ‘No. ’ the legitimate inquiry is ‘Did Sophocles intend us to believe Oedipus is a good adult male? ” ( Dodd’s 37 ) As I look back upon the drama.

I now assume yes. Everyone in the drama praises Oedipus ne’er one time ostracizing his name.It is a misconception that he is portrayed as immorality. due to countless times this narrative has been debated over. “What is non mentioned in the drama does non be. ” ( Dodd’s 37 ) Readers ( including myself ) lose themselves in what is written. and what they want to believe. This is a common mistake because ; we begin to inquire inquiries which are non necessary.

A work of an creative person has positions that the creative person wants to acquire across. short and simple. Human nature begins to take over and turns and churns the narrative into our ain phantasies. Oedipus is for the most portion a good adult male. and is non “proving” anything. His actions do hold reverberations but. non because he was angry with Creon.If we are non out to turn out anything.

and “bad things happen to bad people” has been throw out the window what is left? Well the fact that Oedipus is non in control of his fate. and no affair what he does. no affair how careful he is. the result will be similar. “Either we believe in free will or we are determinists” ( Dodd’s 41 ) Explaining the typical Homeric hero is simple. you have a set way. and you are to decease on that allotted twenty-four hours in a certain ( normally painful ) manner.

This completely deters any opportunity for salvation or for characters to take their ain destiny. However this is non Homer it is Sophocles’ and Sophocles’ did non mean us to believe in those footings when sing Oedipus Rex. Oedipus proves this when he encounters the courier. “Oedipus’s self-blinding as ‘voluntary’ and ‘self-chosen’…certain that Oedipus’s past actions were fate edge ; but everything that he does on the phase from first to last he does as a free agent. ” ( Dodd’s 41 )Although the Gods know what will go on and how does non intend that they ever enforce it. This leads me to my favourite analogy within Dodd’s composing.

“They know who will win the following Scotland and England football lucifer. but that does non change the fact that the triumph will depend on the accomplishment. the finding the fittingness of the participants and a small on fortune. ” ( Dodd’s 41 ) This describes in beast footings what is go oning in Oedipus Rex. The Gods knew he was traveling to kill the male monarch.

and get married his female parent but they did non move upon it. They let Oedipus do his determinations and accept the result. He fulfilled the anticipation. but he did so utilizing free pick. He chooses to be brave.

loyal. and strong. These proves Oedipus has pick. “And his ego mutilation and self-banishment are every bit free Acts of the Apostless of pick.

” ( Dodd’s41 )Oedipus Rex has many hidden significances that infinite people have tried to expose. However the two most confusing and possibly most outstanding are “proof” . does Oedipus acquire what he deserves in the terminal because of his actions throughout? Or is he merely a marionette the Gods are playing with and no affair what pick he makes the result will ever be the same? Dodd’s tries his best to explicate why these his theories hold true. and upon reading them you can truly get down to understand the narrative. There is merely one job presented ; are you possibly in the 10 per centum of people who can non do up their head.

Possibly after reading this you shall alter your head. because we all know that we have a freedom to choose…don’t we?


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