MLK. Jr, Malcolm X VS. B.T. Washington, Du Bois Sample Essay

The period following the Reconstruction of the United States was a really hard clip for Blacks. After the North had fought for them to derive freedom from bondage. they were abandoned and were forced to contend for themselves. There was much ambivalency among inkinesss in respect to how they would travel about accomplishing civil rights. During the terminal of the nineteenth century there were two black leaders who had wholly different sentiments on how inkinesss should carry through these ends. Booker T Washington urged inkinesss to elate themselves through vocational preparation and economical autonomy. W. E. B Du Bois. on the other manus. was an advocator of complete racial equality. More late. a similar quandary occurred among inkinesss. Martin Luther King. Jr. Believed in acquiescence. while Malcolm X felt that inkinesss should achieve equal rights ‘by any agencies necessary’ . or. force. During the Civil Rights motion. non-violence was the best manner for inkinesss to achieve equal rights because it was of import that the white community respect them. which would hold been impossible had they continued to be violent.

Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Dubois had two really different thoughts on how to carry through their ends for equality. Washington urged inkinesss to accept at that place inferior societal places and strive to raise themselves economically. As stated in Document D. He believed that ‘ The chance to gain a dollar in a mill merely now is deserving boundlessly more than the chance to pass a dollar in an opera house. ’ Here he suggests that before inkinesss strive to achieve complete equality. they should be more concerned with holding the money and regard in order to make so. He believed that for the clip being. segregation was acceptable and suggested that inkinesss non concentrate on having a good instruction but to larn good to work with their custodies. This was an appropriate because it was really realistic and set inkinesss up for a hereafter of equality. even if it could non be attained at that clip.

The idealistic Du Bois. on the other manus. felt that the promotion of American inkinesss would best achieved through socialism. His chief ends were for there to be entire equality and for integrating. As Stated in ‘The Niagara Movement. ’ Voice of the Negro II. Du Bois said that. ‘Negroes must take a firm stand continually…that vote is necessary to modern manhood. that colour favoritism is brutality. and that black male childs need instruction every bit good as white male childs. ’ This was true but unrealistic because it was hard for the white people grasp. There was a enormous sum of racism in the state and lynching became an issue for inkinesss who fought for equal rights. Therefore. Booker T Washington’s schemes were far more effectual. because his ends were far more realistic and come-at-able.

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During the clip of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King. Jr. had positions as those of Washington on how to accomplish equality. which were the antonym of Malcolm X. His ends were to derive political and societal rights through non- violent opposition. In 1955. he organized The Montgomery coach boycott to protest enforced racial segregation in public transit after the apprehension of Rosa Parkss. He was successful when in 1956 when the Supreme Court outlawed all segregated public transit in the metropolis. He besides lead inkinesss in other protests such as sit-ins and a March on Washington to protest the states failure to work out the race job. In the terminal. inkinesss received Voting rights and civil rights. and finally affirmatory action was brought approximately. Finally whites feared a Revolution and of a cold war. and realized that it was clip to give inkinesss the rights they deserved. His ends were realistic and come-at-able which led to his regard from both white and black people. Malcolm X. on the other manus. had similar positions to those of Du Bois in the instance of civil rights. His ends focused on societal and economic facets. and he believed in ‘Black Power’ .

He felt that this should be attained through ‘any agencies necessary’ . and by this he encouraged force. He said. ‘You’ll get freedom by allowing your enemy know that you’ll do anything to acquire your freedom ; Then you’ll acquire it. It’s the lone manner you’ll get it. ’ He encouraged inkinesss to get down public violences in metropoliss which resulted in devastation and robbery of metropoliss and besides of the violent deaths of many people. Unlike MLK. Jr. . he wanted inkinesss to be segregated from Whites. He encouraged the black adult male to detest the alleged ‘white devil’ and to derive rights but to still stay separate. This was unrealistic because it is obvious that it would be impossible for inkinesss to populate in the same state as Whites. but remain separate. Malcolm X and the State of Islam’s full manner of managing the issue of Black Civil Rights was impractical because it lead to much pandemonium. and would hold merely lead to a deficiency of regard for inkinesss had it continued.

Although the black community has achieved many of the ends it has striven to accomplish in the yesteryear. there is still much betterment needed. There is still widespread racial tenseness and Racism today. Issues such as the O. J. Simpson tests and Rodney King have contributed to much of the racial tenseness. Such groups as the KKK still exist although the Numberss have decreased since the yesteryear. It seems as though the issue of race will go on to be an on-going conflict until people are willing to non judge ‘ on the colour of [ one’s ] tegument. but on the content of [ one’s ] character’ . as Martin Luther King. Jr. stressed in his extremely acclaimed ‘ I have a dream’ address.


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