Mobile phones Essay

Over the years mobile phones have become more and more popular. Mobile phones play a tremendous part in people’s life. People can’t survive without mobile phones as they think that it is an essential tool. From texting your friends to saving a persons life. Recently the Daily Star had undergone a survey to discover which age group, who owns the most mobile phones, the results were phenomenal as it was shown that teenagers have the most mobile phones. One of these issues concerns the mobile phones policy for students.

Students should be able to carry cell phones during school, so why ban them? When they have only made out lives simpler and safer? This is unfair, unjust, and unreasonable; throughout this article I will explain various points for bringing mobile phone in schools. One of the many reasons why mobile phones are appropriate and beneficial for classrooms is that they are a fantastic resource in an emergency. As you are getting more independent as you get older, and often the only way that your parents can be immediately assured of your whereabouts and safety is by calling you.If cell phones were banned, no one could call for help right away. Emergencies big or small, a mobile phone could help in all those dangerous situations. Mobile phones could be used to contact police right as the emergency occurs.

In many situations, mobile phones have saved lives in emergencies because of their easy and fast use. Students can use a mobile phone on the run unlike staying in one place with a normal phone, that movement could save your life.The Columbine school massacre which happened in 1999 should show us that we are highly exposed to danger, even during the school day. For instance, Danielle Barns, a student from Handsworth Grange School, witnessed a horrific attack on a young girl in the schoolyard, immediately she dialed 999 on her mobile phone.

Speedily, the ambulance rushed to save the girls life. If it weren’t for her mobile phone which was in her pocket the young girl could have died. Secondly, mobile phones are not just for calling, which they use to be, they are very versatile and a huge asset to the school.There are five other uses for using a mobile phone: texting, take and send pictures, record videos, access the internet, play games and much more. The variety of functions has increased dramatically.

When you text, your grammar skills improve. Every time someone texts they are practicing writing. Texting would help students raise their English skills and grades. So without cell phones, your vocabulary skills would decrease.

Many cell phones are equipped with calculators; teachers encourage the use of a calculator when problem solving.A student should become accustomed to having a calculator handy for both homework and math’s lessons. Students also can listen to music with their ear phones if the mobile phone is equipped with a walkman during lessons, many students find this relaxing and comfortable and are more productive as a result.

Another valuable function is the alarm; this could prevent you from acquiring a late mark. Further more, mobile phones gives the student’s responsibility so it won’t become stolen or broken.Out of 10 pupils accidently let their phone go off in the middle of a lesson, which will result in confiscation, next time they will remember to turn off the phone next time and or even better, not bring the phone into class at all This will show that it is a rare occasion when a phone has been confiscated and the majority of students are very careful and put their phone on vibrate so that the teacher couldn’t hear it. So banning such phones due to the disruption of a few is unfair to the majority who use their phones correctly.In my experience, and yours too, I am sure, children should have the right for freedom to communicate with friends.

Could this be that the older generation is becoming jealous of our ability to communicate efficiently, speedily and easily? From the words of our pupils “All this nonsense over a so-called mobile phone, it’s outrageous. ” Many argue that mobile phones disrupt classes and affect your learning and can be used as a tool of destruction. The reporter claimed that mobile phones coming into classes are preposterous, ridiculous and ludicrous and plays a negative impact on the pupil’s education.It is very understandable to think this way. However, in my opinion this is absurd. How can anyone say such a thing, mobile phones are a blessing in schools, which a teacher told us that in one of her lessons children are allowed to listen to music whilst they are doing their work, this will help their concentration as it has been proven by The Guardian in January that 90% of pupils focus on their work instead of talking to their friends which will distract them and stop doing their best in lessonsOverall, I feel that I have made several explanations to defend mobile phones coming into school.

Mobile phones provide convenience, safety, and security and teach students self-discipline. Is an unchangeable and unquestionable ban really going to be for the better good?


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