Mobile technologies is not only used for chats

Mobile technologies is not only used for chats ,news or shopping online , also its use is not limited for social media . It is a basic tool for education .
The number of people increasing daily who use Mobile learning technologies.
The reason of the increased number of the learners who using it for learning and education because of its positive impact especially in learning foreign language .
Since I was in middle school , I was interested in learning English, and I tried to learn it , but I depended only on the school’s courses . Thus , my language didn’t improve as much as my grammar . So , I would like to discover that could I improve my language by using mobile technologies .
The aim of studying this topic is to find out how effective is using mobile learning technologies for learning English language for Qassim University Students. The study also aimed at helping English language learners to know and use some useful mobile applications . Knowing these mobile technologies will affect the knowledge of the language learners in Qassim University, because it will help them to learn better and wider .


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