Mock Case Study Essay

After a zombie apocalypse, a dentist named Rob leads a group of scientist to safety at a former summer camp called Blue Mountain where they are joined later by Carol, a U.

S. Soldier, leading a group of 20 other soldiers. Together Rob and Carol decide to train the scientist and lead them along with the soldiers to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) where a cure might be found. Rob set a plan in motion to have the scientist undergo quarantine for 10 days, to ensure they had not been infected with the zombie virus, teach wilderness survival such as building a fire, finding food, and hunting.Rob further required each scientist supply a rifle for the training. The deadline for the requirements was June 15th, however, Rob decided to check on his scientist on June 10th only to find that only 8 of the 10 had undergone the quarantine, many had not yet learned the wilderness survival, and only 2 had rifles and the ones that had rifles had no ammunition. To further complicate matters, one of the soldiers reserved sniper training on Rob’s deadline date, June 15th and therefore reserving the few rifles available.

At this point, Rob was five days away from his deadline and the team was not even close to being prepared to on this life-or-death mission. Background Post zombie apocalypse cause for a former dentist with no military training although does have some physical training because he was formerly a mountain-climber, to train and lead a group of scientist to the CDC. Scientists are needed to help find a cure for the zombie virus because the CDC scientists have been infected by the zombie virus.Although Rob has been joined by a trained U. S. Army soldier who is leading a troop of 20 soldiers, it does not appear that she has not coordinated her efforts with Rob because one of her soldiers planned a sniper training on the same day Rob was to begin training for his scientist causing a conflict with the use of the weapons.

Finally, Rob discovers his training cannot go as scheduled only 5 days before not giving himself enough time to troubleshoot the problems that have now come into existence.Key Problems There are several problems in this scenario; however, the key problems seem to be that Rob is the leader by default. He rescued 50 survivors and led them to safety; however, Rob was a dentist before the zombie apocalypse and not trained as a soldier or survival expert. Although, Rob is later joined by a Green Beret, leading a group of soldiers, these two leaders do not seem to coordinate efforts to get the scientist trained and ready for the agreed upon task.

Finally, Rob is faced with a fast approaching deadline and unprepared, untrained scientist, making it impossible to meet deadline. Alternatives The fact that Rob has no military training can be offset by the fact that he does have some survival skills because he was a mountain climber before the apocalypse. Further Rob was joined by a trained set of soldiers; therefore, he could collaborate with these soldiers and not only have the scientist trained but also get some training for himself.

Rob could have avoided missing the deadline for training by checking on the scientists earlier.For example if the deadline for training was June 15th, Rob should not have waited until June 10th to check on the scientist progress. If 10 day quarantine was required, Rob should have made sure that each and every scientist required to participate were quarantined in a timely manner.

Consulting with the leader of the soldiers often and checking on the scientist often would have prevented the problems. Proposed Solutions Although Rob was now facing some pretty big problems, there are some solutions that will allow him to continue with the plan to find a cure for the zombie outbreak.One solution is Rob could extend the deadline to being the training, therefore giving the scientist time to enter the 10 day quarantine and allowing them to learn some survival skills. Also, Rob could consult with the already trained Green Beret and her soldiers to understand what kind of training is priority such as sniper-training over hunting or building a fire.

Finally, Rob can revise his bring your own rifle and ammunition and replace it with checking with the soldiers to get a count of what is already available.Finally, once Rob extends the deadline, be sure to consult with the soldiers and check on the scientist often to make sure that all requirements are being met and make adjustments as need to ensure all are prepared to go on the mission well-trained. Recommendations In Conclusion, although this mission started off hopeful with Rob rescuing 50 scientist and leading them to safety, things got shaky once Rob was joined by a Green Beret leading other soldiers needing to enlist a few of the scientist to go on a mission to find a cure.Deadlines were set and training was needed. Problems ensued that caused the goals not to be met.

The recommendation was for Rob to coordinate with the leader of the soldier, the Green Beret. This joining of the minds would provide for proper training and would also ensure that equipment such as rifles and ammunition was available, rather than depending on the scientists to provide rifles.Further, when Rob set the deadline for June 15th, he should have checked on the scientist much earlier than June 10th to ensure that the requirement of the 10 day quarantine had been met. The recommendation for the missed deadline is to just simply reset the deadline further out so that the 10 day quarantine could be met. With the aforementioned recommendations, this mission can be back on track in no time and on their way to a cure to save the world.


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