Mockingjay Essay

MOCKINGJAY Ladies and gentleman of the jury I find the book mocking jay by Suzanne Collins in 2010 to be very good at keeping me in suspense and keeping me interested. However, there were areas in which the book was not quite as good such as giving all the details, being too violent, and isn’t good for little kids. The book is a good book and I liked it but I didn’t like it as much as I did the first 2 books and this last book disappointed me. I was expecting some amazing ending to the series of the hunger games but I was let down from the things that happened in the book.Mocking jay is just a sad book that doesn’t even seem humane for the capitol to be doing to all of these different districts. In the book the parts that I like in the book are the best parts with all the detail and the story plot of things throughout the book.

One thing I liked was on pages 346 and 347 because the suspense was crazy with everything that was going on with prims death. It made me not want to stop reading until I found out what was going on and it just kept me going and going to see what the whole story was.This was a very good thing in the book because I didn’t like most of the things in the book so this detail made it so that the book was kind of interesting. I love the parts that are in suspense because of the thrill it gives even though the thing that happened was very sad it still excites me for what is to come. There are many other suspenseful parts in the book this is just one example I wanted to give of the books many suspenseful parts.

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If the book didn’t have the suspense like it did I wouldn’t Another part in the book that I liked because of the twist in the story was on page 372 when Katniss is trying to kill president snow and so I don’t ruin it for you let’s just say it doesn’t end up like that. Someone else dies instead of president snow and now he knows that Katniss was trying to kill him and she can’t do anything about it. The twist is that she kills the other person and she never gets to president snow at least from how far the book goes in the story she doesn’t.I love the different twists that happen in the mocking jay because it keeps everyone interested in the story so that they don’t want to stop reading the story until they are done. There are parts in the book that I don’t like such as on pages 348 and 349 when Katniss seems to be dying but the story is not very easy to understand.

I don’t want to spoil it but when Katniss sees prim around everyone else and the capitol drops all the parachute bombs on everyone. Prim and Katniss are on fire but when they are explaining what is going on they really aren’t explaining anything that is really going on.It is hard to follow because the situation is being explained but the way that they are explaining it doesn’t make since. They are talking about prim coming down to grab Katniss or something like that it did not really make any since to me. The reason that this part makes me hate the book it made me not want to read the book anymore because that wasn’t the only thing that didn’t make any since. Another thing that I didn’t like was on page 356 Katniss says “Well, you really didn’t think I gave the order, did you?Forget the obvious fact that if I’d had a working hovercraft at my disposal, I’d have been using it to make an escape.

But that aside, what purpose could it have served? We both know I’m not above killing children, but I’m not wasteful. I take life for very specific reasons. And there was no reason for me to destroy a pen full of capitol children.

None at all. ” Katniss basically finds out that the parachutes that had killed her sister and almost killed Katniss were sent from the rebels that she had been fighting alongside with.All though I don’t like a lot of the things that happen in the book there are some things in the book that I did enjoy. On pages 389 and 390 the book comes to an end while I am reading it I am reading it fast because I want to know what is going to happen and when I come to an end I am expecting more.

I was kind of disappointed with the ending because I mean it made me want to keep reading but it just had to end and I wanted to read on. After everything that was explained at the end I wanted to read the rest of the story and I wished that there was another book to read.I loved the ending because it made me want to keep reading even though I was disappointed with it not going on but that is why I loved the book. In everything that I had read there were many things that were good and there were a lot of things that I hated but after the end and the way that they made me want to keep reading on. The other thing that I love in the book was on page 176 when Katniss reunites with Peeta and he wakes up it is crazy how he survived with everything that Katniss thought the capitol would do to him.Luckily the only thing that the capitol did to Peeta was pretty much brainwash him into believing that Katniss is the bad person in the situation and he remembers terrible things she did. This is another twist in the book and the way that they tell the story is very good and it helps me comprehend the story. I loved this part of the story it was my favorite part in the book because it was a cute story and it completed the whole story.

There are some other things that I did not like in the book the first one was on page 232 when Katniss says “Finally, he can see me for who I really am.Violent, disturbed, manipulative, deadly. And I hate him for it. ” The way that she feels that she is violent is kind of disturbing and I hate that I cannot read it to my little brothers but it is too violent for me to be able to read it to them. The quote is explaining that she is evil and Peeta is finally seeing that in her and I find it sad and disturbing that they are so violent. In the book she had to become evil and disturbing so that she could survive from the evil capitol and she had to become just as evil as the capitol is even if that meant that she had to kill other children.

This isn’t even a little glimpse of the things that they said and did to be so violent it was just a disturbing book that I would never be able to read to my younger brothers until they are teenagers. It is hard because my younger brother is 9 years old and he wants to read the hunger games series so bad but my parents will not let him with all the violence in the book. The last thing that I don’t like about the book is on page 3 when it says “A month ago, the capitols firebombs obliterated the poor coal miners.

Even though it is only on the first page of the book I did not like the way that it does not give you enough detail to give you a visual. I am the type of person that does not really like to read books and when I do I like books that give good detail so that I could get a visual in my mind of what is happening. The book doesn’t really give me a visual through everything that is going on and I don’t like it because that is something that I look for in a book in order to really like it.It ruined the book for me with the way that they didn’t give enough detail for me to put in image in my mind because the book doesn’t have pictures in the actual book.

It just disappointed me with not being able to put an image with the details and the other books were so good with everything but now the last book kind of just ruined the series for me. As you can see from the evidence presented above, this book is good at some things such as keeping the suspense and keeping people interested.The parts of the book that I did not like is that it is not quite as good at is it doesn’t give a lot of detail, it is too violent, and it is not appropriate for little kids. The book is hard to read and it is not kid friendly which I don’t like even though I am not a mom I am an older sister and I would never want my little brothers to read this book. It is hard because like I said earlier my little brother is 9 and he wants to read I know he is old enough to understand things but I mean I could barely read this book with it being so confusing.

It is also too violent for him to be able to read it but that is not the only reason that I don’t like the book the other thing is that it isn’t interesting enough. I love books that have good plots and explain all the details enough to give people a visual of what they are reading. The book is a good book for some people but for me I do not like this book but that is just my opinion and you will just have to read the book to get your own opinion of the book.


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