Model Health Care System Essay

In The United States of America the need for medical care is increasing. One of the major issues regarding the increase is the desperate need of a new health care system. With a vast majority of Americans uninsured and the need of medical care on the rise, the United States is in need to find a better solution. This paper will describe my model health care system for America and what the system should do. For the new health care system I would require the amount the individual would pay to be determined by their age and income.

No longer would the poor or seniors have to sacrifice between their medical needs, (whether it being medications, doctor visits, hospitalizations,) and food. To be eligible for the free health care, the requirements would include: the annual income of the household to be less than $25,000, if over that amount there will be a low monthly premium based on the percentage on annual income. By showing the annual income of the household it separates the individuals who would greatly benefit from free health care in oppose to the individuals who are able to pay a low monthly premium.The second requirement: each Individual in the household over the age of 16 to be tested for drugs. By drug testing it would not only protect the health care system from individuals abusing the system and attaining free health care, it could also inform the department of human resources if a child could possibly be in a dangerous environment due to the caregiver or parent failing the drug test.

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By having a new health care system in The United States of America where the acceptance of the individual and their household is based on minimal requirements and age, would be very beneficial to the people.


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