Modern technology Essay

Nowadays nobody can imagine life without modern technology. It develops very fast, with new features appearing every day that make our daily tasks much easier. Technology is a gift for human beings. Technology exciting from thousands of years. There is an explosive revolution in technology in last 50 years. Technology plays a wonderful role in people’s daily life. It is impossible to imagine the life without technology nowadays. In this essay, I will discuss how modern life changed human life.

People have so many possibilities. We can learn new things by simply writing the term we are interested in into Google Search. Want to get a degree in some course? Enrol into desired programme and learn online. Need to find an address from a country on the other side of the world? No problem. Not only that we can find where is the wanted address but we can see street view, how this house or whatever we are looking for, looks like. We can see what are our travel options to that place, by car, by bus, on foot. Amazing. You can get to know wonderful cities without actually visiting them. These are only a couple of options that are presented to us. There are many incredible possibilities. There are several points which are going to show the advantages of modern technology. Firstly, technology helps to save time, money and material. At present time, all the factories, houses and other businesses are equipped with high tech machines, electronic gadgets. These products able to finish the complex task in few seconds. Furthermore, information technology make the life simple or convenient. Person can get information about anything at anytime in few seconds with the help of internet. Globalisation of the whole world is occurring due to modern technology. It is very easy to travel any part of the world and even in space because of high technology.

On the other hand, old simple technology was better for people. In the previous times people were more interested to learn the things by their own. In old times people used to have more leisure time than today. Life was safe according to social and environment aspects.

Unfortunately, development of modern technology carries with it some downsides. People are getting more estranged. Families do not
communicate as much as they should. Lot of people spend too much time on Internet, playing games, watching television, sending messages. They are not spending time with each other. It is not common anymore to see children playing outside, in front of their houses or at playgrounds. They are spending their free time playing on their laptops. In conclusion, modern technology makes our life more convenient. It has advantages and disadvantages but there are much more advantages. It is up to us to know what are our expectations of life, what kind of people we want to be and what kind of lives we want to live.


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