Money and Happiness Essay

In the present age, everyone wants to have a happy life, but different people have different reasons for happiness. According to a report, there are four main reasons to make people feel happy: health, family, friends and money. Some people think that money is the most important reason that makes them feel very happy. While many others hold the different opinions, they think that a good body, warm family and some bosom friends are the source of happiness. Therefore there has been much discussion revolving around the issue of whether money leads to happiness.In this essay, I will compare and contrast two typical opinions regarding this issue. It is evidently reasonable for some to argue the connection of money and happiness. Money plays an important role in our life, we cannot live without money.

To start with, money can buy a lot of goods that you want to have, such as beautiful clothes, delicious food and high-tech electronic equipment. In addition, if you have a lot of money, you can travel the world and settle in your favorite country.This is mainly due to the fact that money is a medium to exchange goods and services. Sometimes you gain great satisfaction and feel really happy because you can use money to exchange a lot of goods. Moreover, money can create a better life and realize the dream of life. If you have enough money, you can study in a noble school to receive a good education.

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Sometimes the high quality of life can indeed make us a bit happier. Secondly, some rich people do not have luxury lifestyles but they feel very happy through support some charities.They have a great sense of social responsibility and they are willing to help those who need help.

Although they will spend a lot of money on charity, their happiness have been increased. For instance, Warren Buffett decided to donate 85% of his property in 2006. He said he felt very happy he can help more people. At the same time, he became the most respected person in the America. Undoubtedly, the money and social responsibility brings happiness to him. On the other hand, many people assert that money cannot lead to happiness.

For a lot of people, the warm family, healthy body and bosom friends lead to happiness. They think that although money can buy a comfortable house, it cannot buy a warm family. According to a survey, the divorce rate of wealthy families is higher than the ordinary families because of property distribution; in addition, many rich people feel tired and unhappy because they always need to think about how to distribute their assets. Sometimes money can buy good medicine and bring perfect medical conditions but money cannot buy a healthy body.Some rich people always have medicine and stay in the hospital for a long time because they over expend their energy in order to make more money. These health problems have made them feel uncomfortable and lonely when they stay in the hospital alone. Although they have a lot of money, they feel unhappy. In contrast, the poor are satisfied with their life and enjoy the warmth of family.

They feel very happy because they have a warm family and a good body. Moreover, money bring happiness is very short.If someone received a lot of money accidentally, he will feel very happy; however, for a lot of people, this kind of happiness is short-lived. For example, when you received some bonus, soon enough, you are taking the extra money for granted and you are feeling dissatisfied again. Recently, a report showed that the jackpot lottery players will return to their original happiness level in five years; in addition, some rich people in Forbes list are not happier than the Maasai herders in southern Africa.Based on the above discussion, my conclusion is that there are many reasons leads to happiness, such as, good health, a warm family and some bosom friends, not just money. Sometimes money can bring happiness but it is very short.

However, money and happiness have some connection. Happy people are more likely to improve their wealth than unhappy people. That is to say money cannot bring happiness to people but keeps a happy mood everyday can bring a lot of wealth.


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