Monoculture Plantation Sample Essay

Where is the plantation located? What is its country? Describe. The plantation is located in Diamond Farm 22. Alejal Carmen. Davao del Norte. The country of banana plantation is really broad because bananas are used for exporting in different states. In every 1 hectare there are about 2. 000 populations of different assortments of banana. The distance of banana to each other is 2. 2 metres.

What works species is grown? What for ( nutrient or industry ) ? Explain. The works species grown in Diamond Farm 22 are bananas. They used different assortments of banana viz. ; a. ) Grandnaine has larger bole. shorter clump of banana and fruits. b. ) Ecuador has big bole. longer clump and longer fruits. c. ) Williams has mean size of bole. longer clump and longer fruits. The plantation is for providing and bring forthing banana for expoet and domestic intents. The plantation supply banana on different parts of the universe like Japan. Switzerland and Australia.

Describe the plant’s growing and phase. What chemicals are used in the plantation?
The growing and phases of the banana start from the plantlet. The original fruit bearing works is called the “mother” . After reaping. it is cut down and a works called a girl or ratoon ( follower ) grows from the same roots as the female parent. This follower or chumps are used to replace or to be transplanted to the other country of the plantation in order to replace the female parent works. The chumps that are used for extension normally have stem diameter of 2 to 6 inches and are about 3 months old. The foliages are normally cut off. The 2nd phase is the vegetive growing. In this phase false root or pseudostem is developed. that shoots off from the belowground corm and is formed by homocentric beds of leaf sheaths. The 3rd phase is the blossoming. The flowers appear in groups ( custodies ) along the root and are covered by purple bracts which roll back and shed as the fruit root develops.

The first custodies to look contain female flowers which will develop into bananas ( normally seedless in comestible types ) . The figure of custodies of female flowers varies from a few to more than 10. after which legion custodies of unfertile flowers appear and shed in sequence. followed by legion custodies of male flowers which besides shed. The last phase is the adulthood of the banana works. In this phase the banana are ready for crop. Bananas normally are harvested after they reached a certain size but are still green. They are allowed to mature while transported or being sold. Because if they weren’t picked green they would botch by the clip they reached the market. Bananas that are left ripen on the tree are “full of H2O and gustatory sensation bad” . After crop. the chaff is cut off at the base and chopped into little pieces which are left on the land and incorporated in as mulch.

In order to guarantee the growing of banana and doing it free from pest and destructive factors. husbandmans tend to present chemicals like ; a. Ammonium Sulfate – to assist smaller bananas to turn.
b. Urea – used as fertilisers that enable mature bananas bear some fruits. c. Potash – introduced to workss that started to bring forth fruits. d. Areal spray – used to liberate the banana leaves from plague and to avoid diseases that would impact the procedures of the banana. e. Formalin – act as germicide that would kill pest and micro-organisms. f. Bolt – chemicals that are used to shoot in the bud of the banana to hold a good quality. g. Fungicide – to avoid and extinguish Fungis on the banana and fungicide applied before covering the banana clump with polyethylene bag. This is besides used to forestall mealy bug. petmark. etc. h. Pesticide – to liberate the banana from mealy bug. graduated table insect. diamond black moth. fruit flies. etc. i. Herbicide – to kill the weeds around the banana tree that would vie with banana for foods. j. Lorsban – introduced to the banana to suppress insect from assailing the banana.

11. Have the plantation caused alterations in landform? What was it before? Describe.
The plantation truly affects the landform because originally. there are no banana trees planted in the country. Previous workss that are located in the country are melons. coconut trees and the land is originally apparent. But in the present. the signifier of the land becomes uneven. The first thing that was done in the land is that it was disturbed by utilizing tractors and other machineries to fix the land for the planting season. After that. husbandmans established drainage that would move as the passageway of the H2O. Primary drainage was done to function as the chief canal so secondary drainage was created wherein H2O from the third drainage will take its class in this channel. Last. little channels ( bukitis ) was done so that the H2O will non lodge when bananas are finished seting. These agricultural building and redevelopment resulted on the alterations of landform in Diamond Farm 22.

12. Is the community benefited by the presence of the plantation? What jobs. if any. are caused by the plantation? Explain.
The community so benefited on the plantation since the constitution provide occupations for the people and like what we observed. about all the inhabitants of the country work on the plantation. The usage of chemical sprays may hold a serious impact on the wellness of workers and people populating in the country. every bit good as the environing wildlife.

13. React or notice on the presence of the plantation in your community.
The presence of the plantation in the community is so like a approval that helped the people in the community to elate their economical position. The banana plantation provides chances and occupations for the people in order to alter or heighten their manner of life but there are certain facets doing it unfavorable.

The creative activity of drainage and presenting agricultural machineries greatly affect the land from its original signifier which is field and suited for back uping assorted lives tend to transformed to irregular signifiers of land and lessening profusion of the dirt. Another job is their use of the chemicals they used. These chemicals may lend on the growing of the banana and turning away from plague. fungus etc. But these chemicals may besides do diseases on the worlds and animate beings if non decently introduced to workss and dispose to disposal countries. These chemicals may besides impact the dirts profusion.

The plantation must besides minimise some deformation and agricultural building on the land so that we would non greatly change its signifiers and finally richness. The debut of chemicals on the land must be done in cautiousness so that it would non do diseases on people. do population and cause alterations on the land. These chemicals must be stored and dispose decently. And in conclusion. the community must ever take active function in taking good attention of the land so that they could still gain money while assisting and taking attention of the land.


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