Moral Living Synoptic Question Essay

In this essay it is my purpose to analyze the subject of moral life within the Old Testament and the Celtic Church. Morality refers to ethical issues. It is the quality of being in agreement with criterions of right or good behavior. It is a system of thoughts of right and incorrect behavior. There are two interlinked subjects of spiritual morality and societal morality under moral life.

The foundation of moral life within the Old Testament is the Sinai Covenant. Whereas. the footing of morality in Celtic Church is Saint Patrick ; his moral base was ever routed in his biblical beliefs.Moses.

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for illustration. made a compact with Yahweh on Mount Sinai. the rules from which are the foundation for the Judah Christian religion today. where he received the Ethical Decalogue ( 10 Commandments ) . As Drane provinces. “the bids were basically moral demands. Honesty.

truth and justness were more of import to Yahweh than the public presentation of spiritual rites. ” Love of God and Love of Neighbour were the two commandments at the nucleus of the Ethical Decalogue. The first three commandments cardinal spiritual morality nevertheless. the last seven focal point on Love of Neighbour and Social Morality. Winward states. “no adult male could be in a right relationship with God who was non in a right relationship with his fellow work forces.

” The people of Israel had an duty as the chosen people to obey the Ethical Decalogue.Abraham was called by God to give up his polytheistic ways. God promised Abraham that he would ne’er give up on him. As Heinsch provinces. “he had to travel to a foreign land entirely swearing in God’s counsel.

” If Abraham fulfilled this petition God promised him three things. Great Nation. Land ( which was Canaan ) and Protection. At this clip. Abraham worshipped the popular Moon God. “sin” and was to interrupt with devotion and go monotheistic.

Epstein stated that. “Abraham turned to the service of the 1 and merely God whom he recognised as the Godhead of Eden and Earth. ” Abraham’s love of the one true God and his alteration from devotion reflects similarities with Saint Patrick. Patrick arrived in Ireland to a heathen state.The people of Ireland were idolizers in that they worshipped every bit many as 400 Gods. with the chief God being the Dagda ( the male parent ) . The Celts held such things as the Sun.

trees. Grovess. H2O and birds to be sacred. Joyce states that they had the inclination to “find the Godhead in all of created nature. ” Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland to transform the heathen people to monotheism.

He wanted them to idolize and love the one true God. Patrick adopted heathen pattern to Christian tradition. for illustration. he changed the worship of the “sun” to the “son.

” Patrick wanted the people to go monastics and virgins for Christ. He advocated that true worship of God required to be freshly baptised ( converted from pagan religion to Christianity. ) Patrick wanted the people to change over freely ; they were ne’er forced as the determination to go a Christian had to come from the bosom.When Patrick left a topographic point he made sure he left a edifice ( church ) to be used for communal worship. Like the Old Testament prophets. Patrick expected his ordained to be good function theoretical accounts to the people. Unfortunately in the Old Testament the spiritual leaders did non ever do this. Ezekiel.

for illustration. was to inform the people that God was traveling to keep the spiritual leaders responsible as they had led the people astray alternatively of promoting them to idolize merely Yahweh. God told Ezekiel to vaticinate to the leaders. “shepherds have been feeding themselves. should non. you the shepherds feed the sheep. ” In tandem with this.

the prophesier Elijah besides had to cover with the people of Israel’s devotion. He was cognizant that there was a deficiency of steadfast love due to the people idolizing both Yahweh and Baal ( God of fertility. ) Elijah challenged the people about this stating. “how long will you travel gimping with two different sentiments? ”The people needed to halt idolizing both Yahweh and Baal and were to merely idolize the one true God.

Yahweh. Elijah had small understanding for the people idolizing both Gods. He challenged King Ahab to a competition on Mount Carmel between Yahweh and Baal to find who the true God is. Elijah had a great triumph as Yahweh won. normally this would be celebrated but alternatively. Elijah went to Mount Horeb as he knew the people’s alteration of bosom of Yahweh as the one true God was impermanent and this was non good plenty. True love of God was required. In line with this.

Patrick besides challenged the heathen people’s ways through their worship of Dagda and Lugh. It took a long clip for the heathen people to change over to truly idolizing one God. Paganism continued to be aboard early Christianity 100 old ages after Patrick.Amos spoke out about societal unfairnesss. he stated. “let justness roll down like Waterss.

and righteousness like an ever-flowing watercourse. ” Amos spoke about regard for matrimony. something which King David lacked. He had an matter with Bathsheba and committed the wickednesss of lecherousness. criminal conversation and slaying. He was punished for this as Yahweh was to “raise up evil against you out of your ain house. ” David’s boy died as a consequence of his wickednesss.

Similarly. Patrick besides showed a regard for life. He spoke out about unfairnesss such as bondage and disapprobation of wealth in his missive to Coroticus. Patrick respected adult females and this was reflected in the Letter to Coroticus.In L19 Patrick expresses his concern for adult females.

The adult females were taken as prisoners. to be distributed “as awards. ” Patrick makes it clear that the destiny of Coroticus and his work forces is to be “lorded over” for all infinity by those whom they regarded to be “barbarian Irish. ” In L4.

Patrick besides speaks up against slaying and bondage – he grieves for those captured and killed and calls the culprits themselves “captives of Satan” the penalty met out to them will be “external life in snake pit. ”To reason. Christianity is now one of the prima universe faiths and therefore the mission of both the Prophetss and Patrick was successful. There will ever be a call for people to atone and change over to Christianity with a return to a moral life.


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