More storage, light, space Essay

Opening up a dark, constricted kitchen to get more light and a view
of the back garden was the primary goal of this remodel. But in the
process, owners Edith and Dave Jenkins got a lot more–an office, a
larger dining area, a better circulation pattern, and lots of kitchen

Internal reorganization, not major external construction, made most
of the difference. In the remodel of this old San Francisco house,
architect Lucia Bogatay added a mere 12 square feet to the back of the
house, converting a laundry room into a home office. The laundry room
had blocked the view of the garden from the kitchen, but now a 5- by
6-foot interior window looks toward the new office and its tall windows
on the back wall.

As the drawing shows, the new back wall extends in the same angled
rhythm as the windows in the dining area.

A short new interior wall also repeats this angle. Set between the
kitchen and dining area, it has a generous ceiling-high opening that
makes both rooms seem bigger while providing another source of light and
garden view for the kitchen, partly through new French doors added for
back-yard access.

Below the single cabinet hung from this wall is a small
pass-through to the dining area. Facing it across the sink, a
mirrorimage cabinet reechoes the angle.


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