More Young Pinoys Engaging in Premarital Sex Essay

A turning figure of immature Filipinos are prosecuting in prenuptial sex ( PMS ) . with most misss holding their “sexual debut” in their boyfriends’ places. a study of the United Nations Population Fund and the Commission on Population shows. The study. entitled “State of the Population Report. 2nd Issue. ” reveals that the “popular locale for sexual debut” of immature Filipino females ( 32 per centum ) in urban countries are their partners’ places.

and for males ( 30 per centum ) . hotels or motels.And for those in the rural countries. the popular locales are beaches. Parkss or farms. Data suggest that male childs are more adventuresome than misss as the former identified the schoolroom as one of the locales for their first ( sexual ) experience.

The workplace can besides be the location of these experiences. somewhat more so for misss than for male childs. ” the study says. The study was based on the Young Adult Fertility Survey-3 where approximately 20.

000 young persons aged 15 to 24 were interviewed. The study shows an addition in PMS prevalence from 18 per centum in 1994 to 23 per centum in 2002 or two out of 10 immature Filipino grownups.Ninety-four per centum of those who had experienced PMS admitted that they were “unwilling and unprepared to go parents. ” “Sex becomes hazardous when done by those who are physiologically and psychologically ill-prepared for its effects. And early sex among ( the ) young person is much riskier.

” the survey says. Prevalence| The survey reveals that while PMS prevalence is much higher among immature Filipino males. their female opposite numbers are easy catching up.

It notes that in 1994. the PMS prevalence rates for immature Filipino males and females were 26 and 10 per centum. severally.But in 2002. the prevalence rates went up to 31 per centum for males.

and 16 per centum for females. As a general observation. the study says.

“Once one gets initiated to it. a repetition either with the same spouse or with another is most likely. ” “For many. the first sexual encounter… was a self-generated event. ” the survey says. For about 50 per centum of the immature grownups interviewed.

prenuptial sex was “something they did non be after to go on at that clip but they went along with it anyhow.“For many people. adolescence is a healthy passage period from childhood to maturity during which clip they get cognition.

values and accomplishments that will profit them now and in the hereafter. Highlighted in this life style is sexual development which is a normal portion of adolescence. ” the survey says. It adds: “Fortunately.

most immature people go through these alterations without meeting important jobs. Nevertheless. big Numberss of immature work forces and adult females engage in behaviours that can potentially ache their passage to maturity and the effects of which may prevail through the remainder of their lives.


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