Mother of the Bride Speech

A mother of the bride speech is still a fairly new addition to the list of toasts, but it’s slowly becoming more popular. After all, there are a lot of single moms out there raising their daughters without a father present.The mother of the bride speech below was sent in by Adrianna! It has quite a few jokes, a touching story about a daughter and ends well with a loving toast to the bride and groom.

Thanks for sending it in Adrianna!

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Beginning of Mother Of The Bride Speech

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Helen, Lisa’s mother. Paul is my husband. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to attend the wonderful ceremony we had today.

Give yourself a round of applause. Thank you.And let me just join in the praise; I’ve never seen Lisa look so wonderful and beautiful. Please let’s give her another hand, and of course, Tom looks so dashing as the groom. I didn’t know whether to kiss him or ask him to get my car and bring it around front.

Very nice, Tom.And things won’t go well at home unless I acknowledge Paul and everything he has done for today’s wedding. He’s done almost..

. well… nothing actually.

He left it all up to me. I’ve done all the work. But he is covering much of the expense.

At least he is good for something.Paul and I have been happily married for 29 years now…

yes, you may applaud… which is not bad out of the 35 years we have been married.This is an embarrassing story. Paul and I were at a friend’s son’s wedding.

A lady came up to me and said, “Excuse me, don’t you have your wedding band on the wrong finger?” I said, “Yes, I married the wrong man.”I just want to tell Tom’s parents, Judy and Mark, how glad we all are to welcome you into our extended family. Now keep in mind that as new family members we expect to be able to stay at your house at least twice a year for at least one week at a shot. We’ll need turndown service as well. Thank you.Well, I haven’t cried so much as I have today. Lisa has grown so fast.

It wasn’t that long ago, I think she was six and I was pregnant again. Lisa was at the computer and we were talking. She told me she would never want to get pregnant. I said why? She said, “Babies take 9 months to download.”Let me just say that we are so happy Lisa found Tom. I mean, since she was 15 she’s always had a lot of boys coming around. And we hated every one of them. No, I’m kidding.

There was one kid we liked. His parents were rich. Filthy rich.But Tom came into her life just after college.

And I don’t think I’ve seen Lisa happier. Her eyes would light up when she talked about him and when he came over, well, it was like we didn’t exist. He was all she talked about. Tom did this and Tom did that. She was in love.But as a parent, you know kids can change on a dime, so you learn to go with the flow. But she and Tom stayed together. There were a few bumps but they worked it out.

And here we are today.Now not everyone was a fan. Before he passed, Grandpa told me he thought Tom was a “nincompoop”. Sorry, Tom. You know Grandpa was crazy.So join with me now – let’s have a toast- raise your glass and share in our joy.

To Lisa and Tom, we love you and wish you the very best in life together. Care for, and cherish each other, now and forever. End of Mother Of The Bride SpeechThis mother of the bride speech is a bit on the sarcastic/funny side so you might want to switch out some of the jokes for a few more heartfelt stories about your daughter. Maybe add a story of how you met your son-in-law for the first time and what you thought of him.More than likely the mother of the bride toast along with the father of the bride speech will be saved forever on video so you want to make sure that you leave your daughter with a beautiful memory of your speech. 


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