Motivation and Leadership Sample Essay

I. Introduction.

The peculiar instance assigned. trades with a concern that manufactures pacesetters which are medical devices that are implanted in people’s thorax. particularly to those who have bosom jobs like arrhythmia. The edifice has two Floors in which two different leading tactics are employed on behalf of two supervisors.

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Mr. Martin and Mr. Franklin. Each supervisor in Floor One and Floor Two follows two wholly beliing policies of direction on the employees that they supervise with the relative results in their productiveness.

II. Summary of facts.In Floor One. there is Mr. Martin who supervises his subdivision and his employees in a really bossy mode. His agenda is overloaded with many hours of work and excessively many duties since the building of pacesetters is a really delicate affair. This is because they have to be dependable when clients for two grounds use them ; the first and most of import ground is.

that the accurate public presentation of a pacesetter is «a life-or-death affair for the user» . Second. if the device operates suitably. the clients will be satisfied and as a consequence productiveness will hold an disposition. But apart from Mr.

Martin’s duty that he has in the company. his managerial policy is really rigorous and bossy.He ever observes the employees if everything up to the last item is made right without any defects. «he oversees the end-line review of the product» which he believes is the most of import portion of the procedure. and in combination with his high occupation morale. he is look intoing everything each worker is making.

Everybody respect him in such a great point. that some of them are afraid of him if something doesn’t go good. Respect though doesn’t imply fright. it’s merely the agencies of obtaining it on occasion. Talking or horseplay among the workers is purely prohibited and all the power refering surveillance is gathered in his custodies leting no sharing of authorization to his helper. Mr. Franklin.On the other manus.

if the same state of affairs existed in Floor Two. the employees would non work in a joyful manner like they are working now! In Floor Two with Mr. Franklin being in charge. every simple assignment is done in a pleasant manner. Or about like it.

something that we will analyze subsequently on. Mr. Franklin is passing most of his clip speaking with employees non merely approximately proficient and professional affairs. but about personal affairs every bit good. He is chew the fating with the workers. by confer withing them if needed.

and has absolute trust on them since he believes that they shouldn’t be surveyed all the clip because they would experience uncomfortably and they wouldn’t property in an optimum manner to the organisation.Additionally. he supports a group attack in job resolution and portions authorization with his helper. whenever he is non to the full in charge.

or whenever he is non in work. No affair if Mr. Franklin is in charge or his helper. the ambiance in Floor Two is the same.

Chat and chitchat is allowed in a high grade in relevancy to Mr. Martin’s Floor. Most of the employees.

particularly the new 1s. are really delighted since the on the job conditions and the environment is a friendly one. but some of them peculiarly those who have work-experience in that company. believe that task-assigning sometimes is complicated and confusion is finally created. The cost in that instance. is turnovers to look. Finally. Mr.

Franklin has to cover sometimes with keeping subject.III. Statement of the job.Harmonizing to my sentiment. the job lies in the different sort of managerial schemes each leader uses in his Floor.

Those schemes are utmost one from the other. aching the organisation as a whole. because different work manner is applied in each Floor. ensuing in variability of productiveness. An organisation can non run under utmost contradictory fortunes in each section. of any sort in general. Particularly in such an endeavor where quality and high fidelity are needed.

IV. Analysis.Having said the above briefly. we need in order to do a good analysis of the state of affairs that takes topographic point. to analyze more what the major features of the two Floors are. and what are the major differences in direction manners between Floor One and Floor Two.

Afterwards. we can get down associating them with the theories we have been taught so far. so as to grok the constructs through a existent incident.To get down with. in Floor One Mr. Martin is an overbearing individual in his occupation who does non digest any sort of error from his subsidiaries.

Otherwise. he wouldn’t have a mark out of his office that prevents workers in a smart but rigorous manner to avoid turnovers. He is the first individual who goes to work in the forenoon and spends most of his hours during the twenty-four hours at his office.

He has a glass-front office from which he supervises the whole floor. He is really rigorous and precise in his orders. supports adequate distance from his subsidiaries. his manner of speaking is formal all the clip. and has his ain manner of actuating the workers by stating them that they all put a small brick in the building of the «building» .

which is called economy of the human life. The many old ages that he has been working in the peculiar company. made him love the occupation and have a high occupation morale since he states that «every defect that leaves here is a possible killer» .He accepts that errors are human.

and he knows that his workers are seting great attempt. but every bit long as he is appraising them in what they produce. he wants to minimise. if possible extinct. turnovers. He has many proficient accomplishments and he allows no chatting or gossipmongering among the workers.

He has non given any authorization to his helper. Mr. Smith. and when the second is in charge. the atmosphere becomes more relaxed. Many workers feel that are ever inspected and can non execute good. and they feel like cubs since they can non take any actions without describing it to Mr. Martin.

Some of the other workers though. support that they are pleased with the manner Mr. Martin is running their floor because everything plants decently and they are in a manner inspired by him. since they want a responsible individual in caput to oversee them. Some others believe that. he is rigorous in his occupation because the work has to be done to the missive.

Therefore in a sense. the older workers are united and they attribute better than the others who are new in concern. Finally. Mr.

Martin as a leader creates to all the workers a feeling of hostility and compulsion for work.On the other manus. if we were to travel to Floor Two.

we would see a different ambiance. In this floor. Mr.

Franklin is passing most of his clip chew the fating with the workers about the jobs and their public presentation and seldom supervises them from his office. He has a complete trust on his subsidiaries and has removed the old military subject that existed before he became a supervisor. When he says that «if I was ever looking over their shoulder.

I’d go nuts. and they’d Rebel! » . indicates that he is non to the full responsible in his work and does non care that much if a error takes topographic point. unlike Mr. Martin.

He has formed a group attack to job resolution and shows much involvement in his worker’s sentiment. Mr. Franklin has given adequate authorization to his helper so as to do no difference if he is organizing or his helper. On behalf of the workers we can recognize that they are vocal and experience relaxed when they are working but do non hold a good cognition of their productiveness. or betterment of end product. Discipline is non ever maintained and the older staff although they respect him. become nervous when a error is made since they are used to work like in the old clip when Mr. Franklin was non in charge of the Floor.

At that clip. they had different on the job policies.Merely as before we start our analysis. we need to specify what leading is. Harmonizing to John W. Newstrom and Keith Davis as stated in their book Organizational Behavior. Human Behavior at Work in chapter 9.

«leadership is the procedure of act uponing and back uping others to work enthusiastically toward accomplishing objectives» ( 200 ) . In floor one where Mr. Martin is taking his workers. the word from the definition «enthusiastically» . does non suit to our instance. since Mr. Martin is an bossy leader.

and work for them is a everyday. Among the three different types of leaders that exist. the bossy.

the participative. and the free-rein leaders. the first 1 is the most suited for him. That is. because he «centralizes power and determination devising in himself. The bossy leaders take full authorization and presume full duty. » ( 206-207 ) . His leading manner is a directing 1 because as the book refers in the same chapter «the leader sets high outlooks for his employees.

communicates assurance in their ability to accomplish disputing ends and enthusiastically theoretical accounts the desired behavior» ( 214 ) .His leading attack tends to be Autocratic I. because as we can clearly see in the instance. he wants to work out any job that appears utilizing the information available. That is precisely what Mr. Martin is making. by giving no authorization to Mr. Smith and by demanding from his employees to extinguish turnovers every bit much as possible.

Full duty is required because of the nature of the merchandise. This implies that no horsetalk is allowed. When he keeps stating them that each one of them is lending to life salvaging. he can be characterized as a benevolant tyrant «who chooses to give some wagess to employees» ( 207 ) . There is a downward communicating between Mr.

Martin and the employees. since as it is defined in chapter 2. «downward communicating is the flow of information from higher degrees to lower degrees of authority» ( 62 ) .His office is located in a point from where he can see the whole Floor. holding around his desk covered with glass. Glass-front offices imply two things ; foremost.

that it is a particular topographic point for merely a few individuals. distinguished from common workers. giving them with this manner prestigiousness. authorization. and regard that gain from others.

The 2nd thing is. that he is able to hold a changeless communicating with his subsidiaries by oversing them all the clip in a distinct mode. Otherwise. he could hold had around his office drapes. but he would non be able to command and be controlled. In simple words. Mr.

Martin has removed any physical barriers which are defined as «communication interventions that occur in the environment in which the communicating takes place» ( 56 ) .Furthermore. as all employees accept. Mr. Martin has many proficient accomplishments due to which any sort of jobs happening in a machine for illustration. a solution will instantly follow. A proficient accomplishment as referred in chapter 8 is «a person’s cognition of and ability in any type of procedure or technique» ( 203 ) . And it seems that Mr.

Martin measures up all the necessities.The most of import thing in communicating is what the receiving system understands. So by Mr.

Martin speaking in a formal and rigorous manner when he gives waies to orders. is meant by the receiving systems ( workers ) that they must be accurate and responsible in their occupation and that regard should be shown to him.Additionally.

Mr. Martin does non let at all any gossipmongering or chatting among the employees because first. they are distracted from their occupation and 2nd. unfavourable effects could hold been created and harm the organisation. The above.

refers to rumours about assorted issues which are defined in chapter 3 as. «grapevine information that are communicated without secure criterions of grounds being present» ( 78 ) .We shouldn’t bury in our analysis that another job that the workers have to face. is that they can non be involved in decision-taking procedure and every alteration in the production must hold Mr. Martin’s permission. So his leading attack tends to be Autocratic I because as we can see. he wants to work out any sort of job by himself. holding the last word in decision-taking.

As the book refers in chapter 8. Autocratic I is the attack where «the leader separately solves the job utilizing the information already available» ( 216 ) . In this manner. the worker’s self-efficacy is really low. something that deals with successful end scene and it is stated in the Appendix as.

«the internal belief that one has the necessary capablenesss and competences to execute a undertaking. fulfill function outlooks. or run into a disputing state of affairs successfully» ( 583 ) . Since the above is non met by the workers. they feel that their occupation is a everyday work. and they believe that they could hold learned more things if they were working in other topographic points.

Finally. the other portion of the workers who are for many old ages in the company have got used to Mr. Martin and they do non experience pressured in their work.

Actually. they feel inspired by him because he is able to work out with a tough state of affairs and that is what creates a sense of security to them. A good leader must animate people in order to maintain them united under a common intent.So if I was to buy a pacesetter and I knew what is traveling on in footings of the quality of the merchandise.

I would decidedly buy it from floor one because I would cognize that there would be no defect in what I was purchasing.The other side of the narrative takes topographic point in Floor Two. where as we have said in the job statement.

there is applied a different sort of managerial scheme that each leader uses in his floor.Mr. Franklin is really close to workers through chatting and deals a few times with out of work affairs. The leading manner he uses is participative leading.

because as the book provinces in chapter 8. «the leader invites employees to supply input to determinations and earnestly seeks to utilize their suggestions as concluding determinations are made» ( 214 ) . But when a supervisor is utilizing that sort of manner in organizing a group of people in an organisation. it is automatically assumed that he trusts non merely their propositions. but their quality of work every bit good. From his statements of the type «if I was ever looking over their shoulder. I’d go nuts. and they’d rebel» .

we can recognize that he is non to the full responsible for the place he holds. He can be characterized as a free-rein leader since Organizational Behavior provinces in chapter 8 that. « free-rein leaders avoid power and responsibility» ( 207 ) .

Besides. he has decentralized his authorization that much. so as to maintain the same working ambiance when his helper is in charge. Added to this.

he gives a great trade of importance in his sentiment when a determination has to be taken. His direction is considered in-between one. and his human accomplishments are ideal. because the book supports in chapter 8 that.

«he can work efficaciously with people and construct teamwork» ( 203 ) . This can be shown through the group attack to job work outing. an attack that fits largely to consultative II.

In that sort of attack in the same chapter with the above the definition states that. «the leader meets with group of subsidiaries to portion the job and obtain inputs. and so decides» ( 216 ) .Refering the workers. some of them are happy since they work in such an environment. whereas others are confused when a error occurs and they can non cover with it because they do non cognize where to mention. So another feature of free-rein leaders is raised which is pandemonium in the organisation. As the book refers.

«free-rein leading ignores the leader’s part in about the same manner that bossy leading ignores the group. It tends to allow different units of an organisation to continue at cross-purposes. and it can devolve into chaos» ( 207 ) . In this manner Mr. Franklin leaves the pick of deciding an unexpected job wholly to them.

Finally. the jobs that he has in keeping subject is wholly his mistake. because he could hold earned his worker’s regard if he had kept some distance from them.

V. Alternative solutions.Having related the state of affairss that are referred in the instance with the appropriate managerial constructs every bit clearly as possible. we have to seek now which would be the possible alternate solutions in our job. We shouldn’t bury what our job is. and be on the Hunt for the optimal ways to decide it.

So the job is that the supervisors ( leaders ) in the Two Floors are utilizing different techniques act uponing non identically production. manner of work. and psychological disposal of workers.One solution that would suit in deciding the job could be Mr.

Franklin’s layoff. Since Mr. Martin has much more old ages in the company as a supervisor the most likely would be Mr. Franklin’s dismissal from his station. Immediately afterwards.

the company should happen another supervisor alike Mr. Martin’s demands from his workers and manner of surveillance. in order for the Two Floors to run in a homogenous manner. Additionally. it is referred in the instance that before Mr. Franklin took over his responsibilities.

Floor Two used to run in a military manner. like it happens in Floor One. But of class. we should see the other side of the coin every bit good. That is. Mr. Martin’s remotion from his place.

But now a inquiry is raised: in what sort of beat and manner the company is willing to run as a whole? In an disdainful manner where on turnovers take topographic point and the on the job conditions are more or less robotic. or in and unchained manner where work is fancy-free but when errors occur. pandemonium is created?Another good solution would be if there were made some recommendations to both supervisors refering their work manner.Attendance of seminars with interpersonal topics which would mention to determining and physique of dealingss between employers and employees is a considerable option. Both Mr.

Martin and Mr. Franklin could go to that sort of talks in order to better their attitudes towards their employees. In this manner. interpersonal struggles of any sort will be avoided and the on the job conditions will better. As the book provinces in chapter 12.

«they profoundly impact a person’s emotions and the self-image and self-pride is protected from harm by others» ( 313 ) .As a concluding option. Mr. Martin should give more authorization to his helper. Mr. Smith. in order for him to go more relaxed and for Mr.

Smith to experience that he is besides lending to the organisation.VI. Best solution.Harmonizing to my sentiment. the optimal solution which is the less dearly-won and creates the less differences and avoids new categorizations in the concern. is the 1 where Mr. Martin and Mr.

Franklin are being recommended about their work manners and the techniques they are utilizing. The board of managers should confer with Mr. Martin about his manner of handling the employees so as to be more accessible in any just demands that they might hold.

His surveillance of the production could go more distinct. in order for the employees to obtain some assurance and halt feeling like cubs. But whenever a error occurs. Mr. Martin should verbally penalize. in a manner.

the workers so as non a similar thing happens once more. I besides want to detect that a good leader has to be foremost a good follower and is obliged to follow waies from his chiefs every bit good.As for Mr. Franklin. he should alter his attitude towards to his employees by non being so near to them through changeless chatting. This gives them the freedom to be outspoken and cover with him as a friend.

There must be kept some lines in the work force of any sort. and both sides have to cognize which are their duties to one another and from which point and on. their demands begin. Additionally. he has to go more flexible in job resolution and cognize how to cover with a turnover. In other words. he should get down maintaining some distance from them in order to derive some regard and do them experience that.

there are some bounds that they shouldn’t be crossed. The above can get down go oning. merely if Mr. Franklin spends some more clip in his office and halt hanging about in the topographic point where the employees are. If both propositions are applied.

so a good balance between the taking manners in both floors would be created and the company will acquire a homogeneousness. Therefore. compensation that had to be given to Mr. Franklin if we had chosen to fire him is avoided. and differences are besides non created in instance the workers from Floor Two were angry because they had a great clip with him as a supervisor.

As a concluding statement. if I was able to plan a new Floor-Floor Three-I would unite Mr. Martin’s proficient accomplishments and Mr. Franklin’s human accomplishments in such a manner so as to hold my subsidiaries both working in a pleasant work environment that I would offer to them. every bit good as my cognition on issues that require instant solution. The mixture of those two would animate my employees and supply them psychological security in any difficult state of affairs.

VI. Bibliography.Newstrom W. John & A ; Davis Keith. «Organizational Behavior. Human Behavior at Work» 10th edition. McGraw-Hill Companies. 1997.

U. S. AVII. Appendix.


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