Motivation and Strong Value Culture Essay

Why is the approach not used very often? What are the challenges and the benefits? Zappos was acquired by Amazon in 2009. What organizational changes do you believe occurred due to the acquisition and would continue to occur over time? Discuss the concept of motivation and Zappos. Would Zappos be a motivating place to work? Why? Why not? Your analysis must include supporting evidence. I think Zappos had created a strong value culture. They create an environment that encourages motivation and builds inclusiveness (Bauer, Talya).

Every company needs to create their own culture that works for their own organization. Because Zappos approach works, don’t mean will work for every organization. When Zappos was acquired by Amazon, this acquisition lead to organizational changes, they may have new system and operation. “The Zappos brand will continue to be separate from the Amazon brand. Although we’ll have access to many of Amazons resources, we need to continue to build our brand and our culture just as we always have”. Zappos blog) They continued to run Zappos independently with their own unique culture. I think both organizations together; will continue to growth and success. Motivation is one of the forces that lead to performance. Motivation is defined as the desire to achieve a goal or a certain performance level, leading to goal-directed behavior. When we refer to someone as being motivated, we mean that the person is trying hard to accomplish a certain task. (Bauer, Talya).

In my opinion, Zappos has a great work environment, happy people, and it seems there is a lot of opportunity for growth. They offer good benefits to keep employees motivated. Free lunches, no-charge vending machines, a company library, a nap room, and free health care. I will love to work in this organization. Excerpt From: Bauer, Talya. “Organizational Behavior. ” Flat World Knowledge. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright. http://blogs. zappos. com/blogs/ceo-and-coo-blog http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Zappos. com#cite_note-fortune2011-45


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