Motivational Letter Essay

Office London Metropolitan University 166-220, Holloway Road London N7 8DB Dear Sir/Madam, I am a nineteen-year-old Bachelor student of Journalism in the *********** University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

With this letter I would like to express my strong interest in your summer school programme and apply for the international students scholarship 2013.First of all, let me explain my motivation and enthusiasm for the scholarship from the point of view of a would-be professional in media and journalism: as a future graduate, I am planning to build an international career in the field of journalism, so this programme will really mean a lot for my professional aspirations. Since childhood, journalism has always been my dream. I always used to take part in different contests for beginner journalists. After entering the university, I studied the following courses: “New media”, “Journalism ethics”, “Broadcasting”, “Television journalism”, “Publicism”, etc.

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I shot and edited news videos, designed a website, and recorded radionews. In the 2nd year of studying, I learned a lot and started to use my theoretical skills in practice. This year I am freelancing for Forbes Life and Facelook, covering stories on art, fashion and business.

I am taking interviews, writing articles, making reports about outstanding people. However, I am aware that there is strill so much in store for me in this area of study, and this makes me keen in finding new opportunities for professional development.Your programme is one opf the best choices for me in this respect. From the international relations study point of view, my motivation is equally strong. England is one of the most important nation-states in the world, with centuries back history and stereotiped traditions, besides, it is well-known that currently it is a world recognised centre of quality higher education. I also would like to observe the diverse intercultural relations.

Along with my academic and career interest, I naturally have comparably strong personal motivation.I always wanted to visit England. Your scholarship offers more than that – I could live in England, get to know its culture. I know that London Metropolitan University has one of the highest international student populations in the United Kingdom so I am very keen on meeting them and the college society as a whole. This could bring me an invaluable experience. Thank you for reviewing my application.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, ***** **********


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