Movie review about “Pay it forward” Sample Essay

One of the films I chose to compose about was called “Pay It Forward” .

The film was based on the construct of “The Simplest Idea Can Make the Biggest Difference” . This is achieved by making good things for other people with three stairss. The first is. it has to be something that truly helps people. The 2nd is it has to be something they can non make by themselves.

Third is if “I” do it for them. they do it for three other people. This is supposed aid others by paying a good title frontward. without anticipating anything in return.The piano music that played throughout this film seemed to work the construct of enduring in this film. It was a hard film to acquire involved in at first. The film appeared to be really uplifting until you started to recognize that the people were fighting with themselves.

hence the music played. The struggles that the histrions portrayed Lent a really straitening tone to this film.The histrions themselves performed unusually good in this film. Kevin Spacey’s moving in this film seemed so existent and emotional that for a piece I was naming him Eugene. Spacey has once more proven his illustriousness as a serious histrion. He made you feel like he truly was the school instructor whose face had been scarred by his male parent. Spacey had to have on heavy make-up and dig into this function with ability and self-respect. When he is rejected.

by his ain sense of award. your bosom goes out to the adult male. Spacey makes you want Eugene to be happy. Eugene was non merely fighting to do his pupils learn valuable lessons of life. he was besides fighting with himself and where his life was heading. Could he of all time lead a normal life and have a household of his ain to love him for who he was. I felt that Kevin Spacey’s moving in this movie was really existent and made you believe that he became the character he was portraying.

Helen Hunt does a all right occupation as the retrieving alcoholic ma who doesn’t see Eugene as the true Jesus that he is. She is non rather every bit convincing as Spacey in portraying her function as the female parent who is fighting with internal struggles. alcohol addiction and individual maternity. At clip she does let us to get away into her function and do us believe that she is Arlene the female parent. Unfortunately. Hunt developed her character as excessively sympathetic toward Eugene. so her sudden credence of the him truly doesn’t drama true. She’s a on the job category.

individual Mom. fighting with hardship ( sick pull the leg of versus intoxicant ) and run intoing Mr. Right.The production of this film is good rounded and realistic. There is really small brassy type stuff to be found in the film. The sets were in houses of what you would believe of as normal for the household that is being portrayed.

Many of the scenes were shot as if one were sitting in the livingroom of the places. The homelessness was portrayed really realistically. with the fires firing in the barrels to maintain them warm. The bonds that the homeless people shared in this film seemed existent and made you think jointly of them as a household. each looking out for the other.The thought of this film is non merely Christian rules ; it represents the fable of the Good Samaritan distributing like wild fire. This film represents paying frontward good things and non anticipating anything in return.

It took some clip to calculate out how the Christian symbols tantrum into this film. and so it dawned on me that the whole film is a symbol of what Christians are expected to be.My concluding observation on Pay it Forward is that non merely is it a more than a worthwhile movie. it besides promotes a genuinely inspiring and powerful message that truly reminds you about the good in the universe and the alterations merely one person can do. If one small male child can get down to alter the universe with three little good workss. why can non the remainder of us do our portion besides.


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