Much Ado About Nothing Relationship Bw Essay

In the play Much Ado About Nothing how does Shakespeare present the relationships between men and women? The play Much Ado About Nothing is a famous play written by William Shakespeare. The play is a Romantic Comedy with a few problems along the way. Shakespeare includes many different examples of relationships between men and women. There are three main relationships and although they are all between men and women, they are all very different from one another.

Two of the relationships are between two lovers, and although the basic outline of the relationship is the same, the problems Shakespeare puts each couple are completely different and are conveyed in a different matter altogether. The other relationship being a father, daughter relationship, which in concept is quiet different however it does have its similarities. Shakespeare is very clever in how he creates and resolves the couple problems, but also how the men and women relationship, react to the problem. Do they work together? Or Do they fall against one another?

The first relationship is between a young maid by the name, Hero and a older Count of Florence, under the Prince Don Pedro. Hero as never formally spoken to Claudio however she does have a bit of a thing for Claudio and it makes that very clear in the play. “She is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on” this conveys that Claudio has something for Hero and he is determined to make her notice so he can have her, at the start of the play Shakespeare make them out to be a perfect coupling, two people falling madly in love with one another.

However as we read on in the play we see this is not the case. On their wedding day Claudio turns around on the altar and accuses Hero of being no virgin as he has seen her with another man. He doesn’t know that it is not Hero but Margret. “Give not this rotten orange” this implies Claudio thought of Hero as a piece of rubbish he was outraged, and disgusted by Hero’s actions.

Claudio treats Hero very unfairly on their wedding day, he humiliated her in front of the whole town and makes her faint, however when Claudio initially accuses Hero she still treats him with the utmost respect, “I talked with no man at the hour, my lord” this portrays even though he’s accusing her of something she hasn’t done, she still think she has to respect him as he is a man and is a Count and has a slightly higher status than she does.

In the end they do get married and after all their problems they work things out. “Why then she’s mine, sweet, let me see your face” this conveys Claudio wants to see her face immediately he doesn’t want to wait he loves her too much.


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