Mui Do, the Dog Essay

Hello everyone! First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a dog, not a normal dog but a rare one. I have a beautiful red nose and I can speak three languages: dog’s language, Vietnamese and English. However, I will ignore you if you translate my name into English and then call me “ Hey, Red Nose, com here ”. My name’s Mui D? and I love it. This is the name my little owner’s called me since she first saw me. Wait! I’ve just talked about my owner, right? Anyone knows her? My owner is a simple girl, lives a simple life, does simple things with a special dog.

She’s not beautiful but cute enough to mesmerize a dog like me at the first sight. She’s tall and very thin. However, you will be completely wrong if you think that she’s weak and fragile. She does a lot of work everyday including studying, hanging out, doing the housework, feeding her cute dog, playing with her friendly dog and bathing her handsome dog, ect. without any complaint. She is warm-hearted and hot-headed. She is kind, friendly and generous. She’s never angry with someone for a very long time.

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If there’s something wrong with her mood, she will go to the restroom immediately, look at the mirror, cut her hair by herself and then everything will be ok. Moreover, she never tells someone how much she loves her or him. But if you and she are close enough, you will see that you’ve been right to spend time for her. She is a true love believer. It’s the reason why she’s still alone. You know, she is waiting for her true love, maybe a real man like me =)) The most important thing about her is that she is a dog addict.

I mean that she really really loves me hahah. I’m such a lucky dog to have the owner that can understand all what I say and all what I want. But don’t worry, I do not think of her as “a dog on two feet”=)). She always comes to me as a living soul, strokes my fur and whispers into my ears all her daily stories. I know for sure I’m a special dog, at least with her. So now, can you get her name? That’s right! It’s Phuong Anh. Come to her with all your heart, make friend with her to see her true self. Love her and she will stay with you until the very end, I bet.


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