Music Appreciation Module Essay

Meter -a term that music has Inherited from the rhythmic element of poetry where It means the number of lines In a verse, the number of syllables In each line and the arrangement of those syllables as long or short, accented or unaccented. X. Accent – tone played louder than those near It. Z. Largo – very slow, broad AAA. Grave – very slow and solemn b. Adagio – slow c. Andante – moderate (walking) pace ad. Moderate – moderate e. Allegretto – fairly lively and fast if. Allegro – fast egg. Vice – very lively h. Presto – very fast it. Proprieties – as fast as possible j]. Melody – a series of single notes that add up too recognizable whole. K. Legato – smooth/connected II. Staccato – short/detached mm. Harmony – the way chords are constructed and how they follow each other an. Consonance – stable, restful chords 00. Dissonance – unstable, tense chords up. Chord – 3 or more notes sounded at once sq.

Key – central note, chord, scale within a piece or. Tonic – the first scale degree of a diatonic scale and the tonal center or final resolution tone. The most significant chord. ss. Half step- smallest interval tradition used in western music TTT. Whole step – twice as large as half step u. Modulation – change of key w. Monophonic texture – single, unaccompanied melody. Unison creates fuller, richer-sounding monophonic texture. Www. Polyphonic texture – two or more equally important melodies sounding simultaneously. Xx. Homophobic texture – one melody with choral accompaniment.


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