Music Concert Essay

I went to the MDC Jazz Band & Jubilation Dance Ensemble. The conductor was Matt Bonelli and the dance coordinator was Michelle Grant Murray. The concert was held in the McCarthy Auditorium Room 6120 on Tuesday, October 28 2008. The concert started at 7:30 pm and ended at 8:40 pm. There were five jazz performances, and four dance performances happening mostly simultaneously.The first piece “Wind Blues” had a very harsh sound and was hard to listen to, partly because it was very loud. The piece had a metered rhythm with the trumpet sounding the best, towards the end the piece became faster.

The second work, “Archa,” was very easy to hear. It had a slow tempo at the beginning, was metered, and reached crescendo at certain points. It mostly stayed at the same volume. The horn and trumpet had solos at the front, and it was longer than the first piece.The third work was mostly a dance, with the piano playing. The piece had crescendo in the beginning, a harsh sound, and an unmetered rhythm. The harmony was polyphonic. The piano player and trumpet player begin playing at the end.

The fourth work was called “Three More Foxes”. This piece was highly syncopated, with a fast tempo and very easy to hear. The harmony was polyphonic, and it had accents at different levels. The piece is not an easy tune to hum to, it will suddenly get louder.

The 5th work was called “Snakes”. The bassist was an anglo saxophone player. The piece was metered, loud and had an easy theme to recognize. It had a conjunct rhythm, and it become gradually louder. The last piece was called “Groovin Hard”. It begins with forte dynamics to crescendo.

It was polyphonic, metered with a conjunct background. Throughout the piece it changes dynamics, doesn’t stay at one rhythm.I really liked the trumpet and trombones solos the two performers played. I liked how they mixed in the dances with the jazz playing. Overall, the concert was more entertaining than I expected.


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