Music Production Techniques Sample Essay

So we are in the studio raising to travel. our instrumentalists are good practiced and have a great path ready to put down. As an applied scientist or a manufacturer we need to make up one’s mind what is the best possible manner to capture the sound we want from the set. We are faced with a figure of challenges at this point.

such as where are we traveling to put the instruments up in the room? What order shall we enter the creative persons in? What is the best procedure to take to do the recording travel every bit swimmingly as possible? However with all this aside. the ‘big question’ is what microphones shall we utilize? There are eternal sums of mikes available at our finger tips these yearss. so how can we truly make up one’s mind what sort of mic is best for certain parts of the recording? First of all we need to see what types of mikes are available to us.

There are assorted types of mic’s. with specific polar forms and sensitiveness and frequence scopes. doing each mike unique for different functions. Today we will concentrate on Dynamic Microphones.

Dynamic mic is the standard all-purpose mic like the type you see people singing with at unrecorded gigs. The design of a dynamic mike is really simple and they have few traveling parts. This makes them rather rugged and able to defy high volumes and maltreatment. Dynamic microphones work utilizing the electromagnet principal.

The stop vibrates when sound moving ridges hit its surface and this in bend moves a spiral of wire dorsum and Forth past a magnet. This generates an electrical current that is sent down two wires and out of the mic. Now we know the basic design of a dynamic mike. we can make up one’s mind how we can take advantage of these characteristics. So why would we utilize a dynamic mic in a studio.

certainly we would desire a higher frequence scope and response and lucidity within our recordings? So why don’t we merely use a different sort of mike which is on paper better and less rugged?Well we must believe of what instruments sound best close mic’d at a higher dubnium. besides what instruments are traveling to pump out some volume which may necessitate a higher SPL Threshold ( Sound Pressure Level ) to capture the full sound. They are good for miking membranophones. where the mike is most likely to acquire hit with a stick. or miking really loud sound like the shouting lead vocalist of a difficult stone set. There are all kinds’ fast ones tips and techniques you can utilize with mikes but in a studio it is of import to acquire the right mic in the right place. So when you are following thought of what mic you can utilize for you band.

believe what instrument would necessitate either a more lasting mic to defy higher volumes or a more sensitive mic to pick up the more delicate parts of the recording.Miking up a membranophone kitThere isn’t much more of an art when it comes entering. than capturing the unique and diverse sounds of a drum kit. With different turns bends and techniques there are eternal ways of recordings membranophones. With a dynamic scope of membranophones.

different tones. forms and sizes all create their ain sound. So how can you near such a complexness? First we must believe of what sort of drum kit are we miking? As you can come across assorted different types and manners of membranophones. the most elusive of alterations can do the biggest differences.

so ever do certain you have listened to the drum kit before you go doing any large determinations on what mic’s. arrangement or techniques you are utilizing. Second make certain your kit is tuned! There is nil worse than seeking to counterbalance for out of melody instruments. like anyone will state you. you can’t smooth a crap. When we have a to the full functional membranophone kit to work with we can get down to put it up.

Always doing the drummer is happy and comfy. retrieving the drum kit can’t play itself ( you need to handle the drummer as portion of the kit ) we need to place the membranophone into the unrecorded room. ideally in the Ohio so of all time sweet topographic point in your beautiful acoustic treated room. besides ever maintaining in head the room is every bit large as portion of the recording as the trap membranophone is. Now one time everyone is happy it’s clip to acquire down to concern. Microphones! ! Now what sort of mic’s can we utilize for a drum kit? There are no regulations when it comes to entering but they are surely factors of a membranophone kit which can non be ignored. A good scope of dynamic and condenser mikes can be used. To assist you make up one’s mind I would urge listening to points where you want to mic the membranophones.

For illustration the trap or the boot. For the bright. harsh and loud hit the trap drum undertakings. it is of import to make up one’s mind how much of this sound we wish to capture. with an thought of how you want your membranophones to suit into the path you can hold a unsmooth thought of the sound you want.

So use your ears and happen the sound you want. and so get married the mic to the music. For the bright and sharp sound signifier that trap. I would urge a little stop dynamic mic. such as an SM57. You can try a similar modus operandi with your boot and Toms ECT.

ever bearing in head the sound you want and how you feel the different mikes and qualities they have can construe this. There are a scope of stereo miking techniques you can utilize to make the ‘image of the drums’ and acquire as big or every bit small two-channel spread as you like. which gives deepness and breadth to your mix.

A few common techniques of stereo miking would be an X. Yttrium technique ( Image A. ) over the Centre of the drum kit. Or to acquire a representation to the human perceptual experience of hearing you can seek the ‘ORTF’ technique ( Image B. ) .

Or a quite common manner of working is a split brace with 2 overhead mic’s spread over the left and right of the membranophones.Click TrackDodgy drummers? Problems with maintaining in clip? Brainsick clip signatures? Well I have the thing for you! Not so trade name new and sole. and non truly heard off! Now in every individual DAW possible! ! You will be one of the lone people to really utilize it! . . Yes it’s a Click Path! ! ! Click paths are one of the most fresh and underestimated characteristics in digital workstations.

Peoples invariably conflict with redacting and developing their recordings because nil of all time stays in clip. Is at that place anything worse that sitting at your desktop for hours on terminal tweaking cringles and sliting and stretching sound into clip. it’s such a waste of clip.

So how is this concealed treasure so utile? You can state it ties the path together and maintain it in clip. but I feel this is why peopling overlook the characteristic so easy. There are all kinds of things you can make. such as create a tempo path. which you can automatize your tempo clip signatures with.

It can be besides used as an consequence within a piece. Another ground people can overlook utilizing a click path is that it can be rather a accomplishment to be able to play tightly to a chink. Some can happen it instead off seting to utilize. However of all time non everything has to be played at one time.A click path gives you the chance to construction your music and gives the advantage of being able to enter each subdivision at a clip to a chink. dropping the instrumentalist in ( numbering in ) the right portion. which is so much better than traveling from the top! It gives the right sum of beats and bars at the bmp ( beats per minute ) you set. This can turn out utile when you of course struggle with amusing clip signatures.

A chink can be ready to hand for a DJ when they are observing pacing or giving a mark for round matching. Other characteristics have developed over clip. traveling off from the bog criterion chink. such as flex clip and musical manners. and clip stretching.This allows the manufacturer to pull strings the sound to acquire it in clip. and to the chink path you want. It has ne’er been a set regulation that everyone must utilize a chink.

or everything should be in clip. music has gone beyond this. but there is no doubting the importance it has in certain recordings.

So following clip you’re in the studio. put your click path for your drummer. interrupt his parts up into subdivisions and seek patching things together. unless your one of those lucky people who have one return admiration instrumentalists ) Try dropping your instrumentalists in on certain bars of the vocal. and you will be able to see visually where you are up to on your DAW. doing your work so much more organized. structured and dare I say easier.

Drum Loops within dance musicToday’s dance scene is one that is turning invariably. forcing boundaries. remixing the old. flashing the new. There are many secrets within the art of dance music production. everything from e. Qs to filters and side chaining. engineering is developing aboard progressive beats.

and there have genuinely become no bounds to the lengths production can travel to. So what truly gets that of all time so consistent round traveling? Yes the elaborate processing being that thump of a boot. but what is a boot on its ain? How do all those bangs and chapeaus and percussion and traps blend so swimmingly and efficaciously into a large dance round? So where to get down? With the basic construction of your round. you now need to add some life into it. Snare bangs and chapeaus aside. you can truly make full out your round with drum cringles.

The cardinal regulation to retrieve you are non replacing your already steady boot. trap. bangs and chapeaus. You want to be adding excess cringles to make and consequence and to force your round into the mix without over making it.A common technique is to add a similar cringle to your round possibly with a different beat to it and layer the sounds over your basic round. utilizing filter effects and flanger ect. you seem to happen percussion cringles within dance music on a hi-pass filter in unison to make a broad stereo image of the higher frequences which can truly make full out all those spreads and bind the membranophones together to do a solid round. You can utilize a assortment of membranophone cringles in music production ; there are surely no boundaries and plentifulness of fast ones you can utilize.

You can happen loops that are used in dual clip and half clip. the joys of this is that they don’t ever have to be top quality to utilize. as a spot crushed or lower quality sound can be rather appealing with the right sum of processing applied.When it comes to taking your cringles. I feel a cardinal factor to look out for is the different beat membranophone cringles can over.

Alternatively of happening a basic nice sounding cringle. possibly seek to be experimental? Because you ne’er cognize how easy a different round will sound over your standard heavy round and how easy it can acquire the path traveling. With the right pattern membranophone cringles can be used so expeditiously within dance music. nevertheless it is of import to retrieve non to acquire in a cringle with your cringles. don’t get into the wont of merely utilizing pre-made membranophone cringles in your music. the round is arguably the most of import thing in dance music. Stating this it is the most deceiving portion of production.

It’s really easily to believe it is really simple and basic. but I assure you with the right clip and attempt. the slightest of things can do the biggest of difference to your bringing of great dance music. Section CProduction analysisSuperstition
Queerly plenty. Superstition ‘was’ the manner. when it came to our group undertaking. Our purpose was to present a to the full produced screen path for commercial realise.

Rightly so we jumped directly into action throwing thoughts about. We organised our first meeting to make up one’s mind what vocal we would wish to enter. who we would enter. and would we necessitate session instrumentalists? We came to an overall understanding in that we would wholly enter session instrumentalists so that we could concentrate on our single functions and group undertakings.

By making this we each had single things we could be making which got the planning traveling really rapidly ; alternatively of three of us working on the same thing. with a speedy spot of maths it got us traveling three times faster. The Path we chose was Stevie Wonders celebrated superstitious notion. We decided to make this to dispute ourselves with the production ; we wanted to travel all out. We needed membranophones. guitars.

bass. vocals. huntsman’s horns. and saxophones.

When it came to taking which vocal we would bring forth. originally we decided to make Sealing waxs Snog From A Rose. as it is merely a few instruments to record.However with changeless timing issues and vocal jobs during dry runs we came together and agreed that this isn’t the right vocal for us. as we may hold ended up passing to much clip on acquiring the vocal right to enter.

Once initial thoughts were concluded. we had our vocal and our purpose we got together to be after our timings and engagements and how we would near the undertaking. The first thing we did was book our rehearsal infinite and studio clip. so decided how we would enter the path.

We chose to multi track each single portion. as apposed to how Stevie Wonder would enter live. allowing the instrumentalists vibration of one an other. This so gave us a get downing point off when we could book our session instrumentalists and in what order. Our session instrumentalists were booked briefed. We told them what vocal and portion they will be expected to execute. come the recording day of the month set.Due to tight engagements and handiness the efficiency and professionalism during entering had to be pristine.

We ever arrived at the studio an hr prior to hitting the record button. leting us to put and mic up instruments consequently. Once we were set up we checked our degrees and took samples. so that we could discourse the sound we had captured and made certain it was the sound what we were taking for. The session would be recorded and mixed in Logic Pro 9. as this was reciprocally the most known package. We besides felt we could profit from our cognition of the DAW a batch more than others that we weren’t excessively familiar with. We chose to utilize a assortment of industry criterion mics such as a Rode Nt2 and an AKG 414.

which where both involved in a assortment of techniques with entering vocals. membranophones. Sax.

cornet and guitars. Rode Nt5’s and Neuman KM 185 were used in several two-channel mic techniques whist entering membranophones.When micing the instruments we used several mics in different places. distances and techniques so we could compare consequences before decided which to enter the concluding parts with.

When it really came to entering. First we got in the membranophones. Like requested our session instrumentalist had practiced and was ready to travel. The determination was to capture the overall sound off the kit whilst separately micing the boot membranophone so that we had more control of that in the Mix. We used Rode Nt5’s in a ORTF place placed above the drummer confronting the impact of the hit. with the purpose to enter what the drummer was hearing.

Directly in forepart of the kit we used a Mid Side technique. with an AKG 414 in a Figure of 8 polar form with a individual Neuman KM185 above the 414 pointing at the membranophones. Once recorded we could so invert the stage of the positive side on the 414 which so created a broad stereo image. which so captured the sound of the room. making about a unrecorded feel to the recordings. as if he were playing unrecorded which is how Stevie Wonder would enter.When we recorded the guitar we felt that this was a pinnacle and turning point for the undertaking as the vocal is reasonably much celebrated for its Riff. The sound we aimed for wanted to be crisp with a jangly tone.

We used a assortment of As from a big Marshall rack and cab to a wing A. We used a choice of mics near to the face of the cab such as an SM57 and 58. The consequences that we gained from this proved positive. but non rather that sound we were taking for. However we used the recordings and applied effects such as doubling the path and treating the recording through guitar rig. which allowed us to pull strings the sound with internal plugin’s whilst keeping the natural recording. From this we developed that rough sound we wanted. As mentioned there where a assortment of techniques used throughout the production such as micing techniques with different arrangements around the room at different angles on and off axis.

Using multiple techniques allowed us to straight compare consequences. this procedure was non merely used throughout the recording period. it was applied during commixture and redacting. With several takes of recordings we could try out parts with play list characteristics and advance the best spots to the concluding merchandise. During the blending procedure we waited until we had all the parts recorded before traveling in front with blending. as we did non desire to blend parts separately as we could so happen when conveying things back together they don’t intermix together. As mentioned the over all sound we were taking to present was a high quality studio produced version of the path with a unrecorded feel. like the original.

We wanted to animate the energy as if creative persons we playing together and truly maintain the path traveling. As a whole. we feel the merchandise to be a success. The efficiency and professionalism truly took topographic point from be aftering to entering to working with the session instrumentalists to derive the right consequences. to the commixture procedure.Health and Safety within a recording studio.Health and safety plays its portion everyplace within in industry. Laws and ordinances.

can and can’t do. merely right and wrongs are put in topographic point to guarantee that our wellness and safety in environments off hazard are at easiness. There is no uncertainty about it that there have been incidents where people and equipment have been harmed.

It happens mundane. nevertheless safeguards must be taken to presume the worst so that there is the least possibility that an incident can impeach. Health and safety should ever be put foremost when it comes to utilizing a recording studio. As mentioned non merely are yourself and others at hazard as is the equipment. Acerate leaf to state wellness and safety is merely every bit of import in Poundland. nevertheless a recording studio can hold a sufficient sum of expensive and valuable equipment. When you are seeking to run concern.

damaged equipment. package and people can hold a serious fiscal impact. Therefore it is indispensable that we are looking after figure one. yourself. and two. the studio.There are many hazards within a studio. and when it comes to booking and being used it is of import that the wellness and safety officer briefs you of the hazards and jeopardies.

if there is non one. so a competent individual must. Its clear to state that their can non be a regulation for every small job as a batch of the clip issues are created whilst in the procedure of work. so holding an “heads up” attitude. ever being cognizant.

and would you believe it common-sense. is critical. The Law provinces that we must supply relevant certification of appraisals of hazard in all countries of the concern. foregrounding all hazards and jeopardies that could originate. Then necessary method statements must be provided which will inform how to near and action the hazards should they go on.

So what are the hazards in a recording studio? You wouldn’t believe it could be much. but there are eternal jeopardies and hazards that invariably arise. The smallest of things can hold the biggest result. so when it comes to taping down wires.

look intoing the equipment is working decently. right stop uping in equipment and non overloading sockets and supplies provided. it is indispensable that you are making it right.Other physical things that can do harm could be anything from seeking to transport things falsely.

raising. traveling and transporting equipment. You need to be cognizant larger issues besides which can hold a long term consequence such as. insistent strain from tilting over a computing machine for hours redacting. claustrophobia can be an issue in little infinites.

like redacting suites and isolation booths. Electrical safety is really of import in the studio. power burden is ever a changeless factor in the studio. creative persons stop uping as many As as they want into a individual 13amp socket doing it unstable and doing switches to trip and fuses to start. You must ever be cognizant of what you are stop uping in and where.

A competent applied scientist must ever make installing and wiring and be at that place to oversee other activates when equipment is in usage. As mentioned common sense can acquire you a long manner. things like imbibing over a mixing console. we all know non to make it. yet we still do.

So being cognizant of jeopardies and hazards and ever being cautious dramas the biggest portion of Health and Safety.Section BQuestion 1One of the cardinal skills a music manufacturer has is the ability to work with musical thoughts. During my work over the twelvemonth I am ever lament taking the active function of the manufacturer. With a musical apprehension and a proficient ability I feel that the blend truly helps breakdown cardinal barriers in the studio between the creative person and the applied scientist and the path. Then turning what can be a good thought to a great hit. Assurance.

communicating and ability. I believe are three cardinal factors into being a great manufacturer. When working on our Christmas figure one undertaking we invariably reached barriers and issues with the production and vocal public presentations. When at the production phase with my spouse. I managed to pass on his thoughts into the package acquiring the sound that we where taking for. He played the Riff out of a guitar and said he wanted a really processed synth that slid between notes. Musical cognition told me that this was a glissando.

skiding between notes. and my production caput lead me right where I needed to travel on the synth routing.On the trigger of the note I would route the oscillators to a pitch glissando and by tweaking scenes I could do it about climb up to the note. This is communicating and ability working together.

When it came to entering the vocals we were invariably faced with tuning and timing issues. However we had to work in a manner with an creative person that gets the full potency out of that public presentation. due to the timescale and handiness of vocalists we had to be crisp on our toes. When the vocalists arrived they had ne’er heard the vocal or seen the wordss before.

I found that the best was to learn them was to interrupting the vocal down and speaking them through it. We produced a usher path for vocals in which a piano played the tune over the vocal. As we were non the greatest vocalists.

we were non the best illustration for showing the tuning of the vocal. As the vocalists where merely friends and non really experienced in a studio environment we had a batch of nervus issues. so the assurance and professionalism we expressed. I feel put the vocalist at easiness.Whilst reassuring them we had to maintain them quiet before entering. doing certain they are happy and looked after every bit good as doing certain they are making their possible and singing what we need them to make right. This was assurance needed at it’s most. The undertaking is invariably developing as we move on.

as the manufacturer. holding an input of all countries of the production is critical. I ever learn more between different undertakings and the function is ne’er the same. I will ever do certain I can acquire the best out of others and myself to present a professional merchandise.

When working with applied scientists and creative persons it is of import to ne’er hold your manner. I can non sing. hence when working with the vocalists on this undertaking there input was merely if non more of import than mine. Working together musically we developed and tweaked the tune so it built up better towards the chorus.Question 2A music manufacturer has to work with others to understand and construe their musical demands. When it came to the undertaking of Remixing ‘Trust me’ I had to work in different manner that I would in the studio with an creative person. The brief given required ; guaranting that the whole vocal is retained.

remix ‘trust me’ utilizing Logic Pro in an immediately recognizable dance genre of your choosing. My instant reaction was that I ne’er had used Logic Pro before. So within the 20hours set. I had to larn the package and bring forth the path. This is where as a manufacturer I had to keep a professional attitude and work expeditiously. With sufficient experience within dance music production within other DAW’s I found that accommodating package was non an issue. Working to the guidelines gave me a get downing point. I knew I was asked to retain the undermentioned instruments: Vocal musics ( must still sound as though they are from the original record ) Bass ( parts of this can be used consequently ) Feedback Guitar ( parts of this can be used consequently ) .

My purpose for the path was to systematically develop the path musically in a enchantment like signifier. I used the vocals to construction the path. whilst chopping parts up to let me to utilize them creatively in a simple 4/4 formant. The bass was chopped up and I looped a specific subdivision in dual clip at bead.

whilst clearly placing it topographic point within the vocal. I managed to experiment creatively and utilize it in a dance signifier as a bass would make. Similar procedures were taken with the feedback guitar.

It originally seemed a challenge to utilize in the path. with merely being feedback.However I sampled a subdivision and by automatizing a filter and volume I used it as an rebellion crestless wave towards beads. Having the ability to work to a brief whilst being originative is a necessity of the manufacturer. holding the accomplishment to travel a path forward and give it the possible it has. I feel manufacturers have a personal cast on a vocal ; their manner of work is expressed and becomes “Their Sound” . Within the Trust me remix I feel I of course met the demands of affecting necessary parts and bring forthing a dance path.

nevertheless with the manner of commixture and redaction of certain parts like the vocals. and with the sound of the synths used I feel that how the usage off effects within surely made my grade on the path. The concluding merchandise was a success in the client’s eyes. the degree of production and manner and genre pick showed experience. and for the first clip utilizing Logic Pro.

I believe my accomplishments as a manufacturer surely excelled.Section CProduction analysis
All for a ground was the vocal I wrote. produced and assorted for our single non-studio undertaking. For the assignment I was briefed to present a path in a non-studio environment. which of course created issues. as I had to believe how I would travel about doing the vocal. I feel for myself as a manufacturer that the easiest path to making this was to sit at my computing machine and make what would hold been a figure one summer anthem! However what would take away from this undertaking if all submit is what I do in my trim clip? I have ever had a musical background and was raised playing the piano and I felt that I could compose a vocal. which could demo my diverseness as a songster and manufacturer.

I started by sitting down at the piano and playing around with some chords and doing the determinations of what genre the vocal would be and what it so would be approximately.Without desiring to over complicate my production due to the clip I had. I decided upon a piano acoustic. After a short clip I had a solid construction of the vocal which I recorded a demo on a digital piano. Whilst playing back the piano I could sit back and compose the wordss. which are about acquiring a opportunity and things go oning for a ground. My following measure was to make up one’s mind whom I could acquire to sing the vocal. As the vocal is about a adult male position and ideas I gathered it would merely be right for a male vocal.

I so had to run down a session instrumentalist on short notice and managed to acquire him to run into the undermentioned twenty-four hours. I so had to acquire a basic recording for vocals to execute to. As I was non aloud in a studio I chose to take a laptop and some mics to a big unfastened infinite and record my coveted piano.As shown in the image. I used a stereo micing technique of two Rode NT5’s in the x. y place taking at organic structure of the piano. which gave me a broad stereo image as if the keys were in forepart you. I besides near mic’d an AKG 414 in a cardioid form confronting the cocks in the piano which gave me a warm tone and besides collected natural item.

such as the sound of my fingers and the pedal. This gave the path a warm acoustic feel. I practiced the path systematically and do several takes with fluctuations. so when it came to patch the path together I had options in different subdivisions. Once I had sufficient sum of takes of which I was happy with. I could so take it back to my room and edit. The undermentioned twenty-four hours I had my male vocal to enter. I chose non to provide the wordss before hearing the path as I did non desire him to believe how it should sound to him.

which in a short sum of clip would turn out hard to acquire the right melody when recording. When he arrived I briefed him on the path and in similar manner talked him through the vocal.Once once more I created a tune over my recording so he could understand timing and tuning.

At the terminal of the chorus the notes truly force the chest belt in a vocal. so warming up was of import. as I wanted to remain off from the vocalists head voice. When entering I used Logic Pro as required in my brief.

Once once more old experience in alternate DAW played its portion in unfamiliar fortunes within Logic. The mic I used for the vocals was a Rode NT2 with a dad shield. My purpose was to get married up the heat of the piano recording and vocal overall with the vocals. Therefore as we were entering in a sleeping room. the room itself wasn’t ideally acoustically treated.

My determination was to borrow an isolation shield. which stopped any contemplations back into the mic. so leting me to hold a natural natural vocal. which I could utilize a reverb home base on in the station production phase.When entering I was maintain to derive feedback from the vocalist as we could work by experimentation on the musical content. such elusive harmoniousnesss and certain words in the wordss. During the postproduction I had balanced out the piano and the vocals.

I so applied a warming e. Q by hiking the mids and adding air. I used soft articulatio genuss compaction with a higher threshold.

taking to maintain a natural sound without sounding to over processed when he reaches the higher registry of the vocal. With the piano I used a broad stereo imager to force the NT5’s right to the borders giving the spread whilst leting the item to come through of the 414. After I had completed the commixture phase I came off form the vocal and listened to it for a twenty-four hours. I feel that this is an of import phase.

I did non desire to be acquiring in to wonts and losing certain things. necessarily reviewing my ears.After this procedure I re read my brief to do certain I was clicking all the boxes. The assignment read ; must be suited for commercial release. I felt that I must add a certain component of production value if I was to hear this on the wireless.

I went back to the computing machine and played around and so I made the production determination to add a elusive round. After the first chorus. taking into the 2nd poetry. I implemented a cringle with a low-pass filter on. I decided to add the filter because the vocals were still in a lower octave and the vocal had non risen to the dramatic portion that is the extremum of the vocal public presentation. I had to maintain the emotional architecture of the vocal in head.

Therefore once the vocals opened up in the higher octave I released the filter on the round opening the whole vocal up alternatively of merely the vocals. Overall I feel it was a success. I believe I took my experience of working with creative persons creatively and musical experience. applied that to a certain commercial value and produced ; All For A Reason – Matthew Ainsworth.


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