My aim in life Essay

My Aim In Life(Enngineer) Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a boat without rudder.It is a great virtue and everybody should have it.

A man can not succeed in life without it.A fixed aim helps a man to succeed in life. There live many men in our world .Different men have different aims in life .

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Some want to be high officials or scholars or poets etc.Someone wants to be a doctor or an engineer or a teacher. I am a student of class 6.I have a definite aim of my life.

The aim of my life is to be an engineer.Before that I want first to be a good human being.My cousin who is an engineer always inspires me to be an enngineer. The special thing about being an engineer is, having a wide knowledge and expertise on one specific thing .

Knowing the in and out of that thing is really amazing. If a have a computer , as an engineer I will know its components , the materials used , software available for the unit and even the appropriate price so that the public will buy the computer.Bottom of Form 2 Engineers abide by a simple law and the only thing that makes each of them distinct from one another is the nature of the results . For example , chemical engineers end products are chemical products , electrical engineering are for electricity-related machines or equipments which work hand-in-hand with the mechanical engineers . Today , the engineering sector has many branches and each of them have their own expertise . To be an engineer , I must study the prerequisites of entering college First , I should finish my high school and then enroll in a university or college and acquire an engineering course , a mechanical , industrial or civil engineering may do . After passing the course , I must take the licensure exam to be an engineer if it is needed . Otherwise , I will not be professionally called as engineer by my name or don ‘t have a title before my first name .

Success in life depends largly upon the right choice of profession .So at the time of making such a choice we should think About our liking and abilities.


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