My Classmate’s Visit to New York Sample Essay

My schoolmate Janette is coming to New York on a one hebdomad holiday from Jamaica. She is coming along with her fellow.

She will be sing many interesting topographic points such as Empire State edifice. Time Square. World Trade Center ‘Ground Zero. Statue of Liberty. Museum of Naturally History and many more topographic points. She is looking frontward to holding a batch of merriment on this holiday.

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Janette is geting on Friday. We will run into up on Saturday to tour the metropolis. We will run into up on Saturday to tour the metropolis.

We are traveling to the universe celebrated Sylvia’s eating house in Harlem for breakfast. While in Harlem she can see the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. This is a subdivision of the New York Public Library. She can see the World Trade Center where the Twin Towers one time stood. This is the site of the September 11 terrorist onslaught on New York. There is a museum on site with the names that was killed.She walked to the Empire State edifice where they can see the metropolis from this 102 narrative skyscraper.

They can besides take images from the observation deck. She can go on the metro to other parts of the metropolis. Central Park is another great topographic point to see. There are different attractive forces in the park such as the Zoo. Skating ring and Tourss. They besides have Pedicab and Horse-Drawn Carriage to take people around the park Another exciting topographic point that was reference in your guidebook is Time Square. Time square is besides called “Crossroad of the World” and “The Great White Way” because of the bright visible radiations on Broadway manner.

Janette will hold a great clip in New York. She will bask the nutrient and the beautiful scenery that the metropolis has to offer. She will hold a great holiday.


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