My date with Gareth Gates Essay

It was the boring summer holidays oh yes they were round again, the time to be bored the “long days” that’s what I called them.

I was bored with nothing to do. My Mum said “I think you should get all them silly magazines sorted out once and for all, put them in in them in the bin if you have read them, They look a real mess! ” she exclaimed. Well I must admit it they did look a bit of a state, but I liked to keep them just in case. You see what it was is that every since popidol started (a talent show on t. v) I have been totally in love with one of the contestants Gareth Gates.

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Gareth came runner up on popidol, but is much more famous and a lot better looking than the winner William young! (My best friend Ashleigh would kill me for saying that) Ever since the final 50 on popidol I have been totally besotted by him, I have collected every single picture/article out of every single newspaper and magazine. I suppose I was just hoping I would find another picture, In the destroyed magazines of my gorgeous Gareth to add to my collection. Anyway I decided to tidy them up and throw them away in the big dark bin. Oh no!As I was flicking frantically through the piles and piles of magazines. I came across a piece of paper. “Oh yes I can remember this” I cried. About a month ago I entered a competition in one of my magazines, (like always) To win a date with Gareth my dream boy, and for a friend of my own choice to come along too for a date with William young.

So as soon as I saw the competition as quickly as my short legs could carry me I dashed downstairs all 14 steps, and dashed for the telephone, to ring up my best friend Ashleigh. This is the most suitable competiton prize ever created the most perfect of all time.This was because Ashleigh loves will as much as I love Gaz, and we could be in with a chance of meeting our Popidols together. So we both decided to enter the competition time and time again. Anyway so as I was looking through my old magazines, I came across that piece of paper with a competition entry I did with some spelling mistakes. To win the competition you had to describe in no more than 100 words why you were the biggest Gareth/will fan – well that was easy for me because I am the biggest Gareth Gates fan.”Well” I said to myself “looks like I haven’t won the competition doesn’t it? What would it be like I started to think, a date with Mr.

Gareth gates (sexy Gareth) how fantastic would that be I started to get exited at just the thought of it. Then I heard my dad’s sharp voice echoing up the stairs “Lisa isn’t it about time you were in bed? ” “banging about like a great big elephant we want to get some sleep you selfish girl” “ok dad” I replied and climbed quickly into my bed. The next morning I woke up about 9:00, I went downstairs and made myself a nice strong cup of coffee. Without a coffee in a morning I just don’t find myself able to wake up.Then I wobbled helplessly into the living room the bright white walls stinging my eyes.

I instantly like clockwork put on smash hits t. v on sky. Then I decided to check the post. My eyes then slowly scanned a bright red envelope with big bright red luscious love hearts on it. I anxiously opened the envelope to reveal what was inside, I got really excited to what it could be. Probably just a boring dentist or doctors appointment like any other time I got any post addressed to myself. Although with such an unusual design on the envelope really did wonder what it could be.

It really did make me think, could it be a love letter from the hunky lad down the road, or what? I tore into it like a animal. To my absolute surprise in pink and purple bold writing was the word congratulations! And this is exactly what the letter read. Dear miss L Crook Congratulations! You are Gareth gate’s no. 1 fan I’m delighted to inform you that you and a friend of your own choice are to go on a date with Mr. G Gates and Mr.

W Young on the 1st of September 2002. Phone the number at the bottom of the page for more details Yours Simon fuller (@19 management) I just couldn’t believe my eyes I was totally and utterly astonished.Was it a wind up? Was it Ashleigh messing around? No it couldn’t be I was so happy the feeling was just unexplainable I was lost for words, the most I could do was just flood out in tears. My mum came dashing down the stairs screaming my name “Lisa, Lisa what on earth is wrong with you? are you hurt? What as happened? ” I still carried on in my uncontrollably way with tears continuing to roll down my face. I wet the piece of paper through. I managed to yelp out in between tears “I’ve won a date with Gareth Gates” We jumped up and down endlessly both screaming “Lisa Crook is going to be the future Mrs. Gates” I then decided to phone Ashleigh, I mean how exited will she be when I break the news, that she is going to be going on a date with her Popidol, William young? When I finally stopped shaking I managed to dial the numbers in the phone and call Ashleigh, She just couldn’t believe it “really? ” she said Then didn’t speak for a full 5 minutes, (She still wont admit she fainted. ) I mean why else would some one fall down I’m shock and lay flat out on the floor for 5 minutes and not answer to the question do u love will young? For the following few weeks, which seemed to drag like they were whole years, it was chaos for me and Ashleigh.

All we did was shop shop, shop and try different makeup tips, get rid of every single spot on our faces. I mean come on we needed to look our best didn’t we? It wasn’t really until the night before, we were flying out to Paris when it really did sink in, to our small dazzled things called heads that we were actually going to meet will and Gaz. The night before, Ashleigh slept at my house we didn’t get no sleep at all. We were up talking all night we were so excited When we got up in the morning about 5 o clock. We made a strong coffee and a slice of cheese on toast.We just couldn’t stomach the toast at all, I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Then we took all our time to get the most perfect look we could with all the latest fashion and makeup tips we got ready. At 6 o clock a limoscene picked us up outside my house.

It was a stunning black shiny one like something Gareth and his future wife would travel in. We both said our goodbyes and we were off. We drunk champagne anything else you could think off we had it in that limo. I had the slightest urge to ask for some apple juice as it is Gareth favorite drink and I best get some practice in for hen we get married!When the limo pulled up outside the airport, I felt totally like a star. Everyone was watching waiting to see the two lucky winners of the most fantastic prize.

I tell ya now if it was me standing there waiting to see the lucky winners. If I was in their position I would be shouting at them at calling them all names under the sun. which I cant really mention in my English coursework! The winners of this most fantastic prize ever was me and my best mate Ashleigh Flash, Flash, Flash. Went the cameras one after another. This would defiantly make the front cover of smash hits I suddenly thought!I cant wait to buy it. At that very moment I felt on top of the world.

As we stepped onto the plane, one last photo and we were finally off to Paris. On the plane we had first class seats, I felt like royalty, we were treated like William and Gareth’s wives. (I wish) We had people coming up to our seats one by one giving us their address saying “tell Gareth/will to write to me I love him too” others saying, ” you to are so lucky you know hope you have a really good time” Everyone on the plane seemed to know who we were, and where we were going.As we stepped of the plane who was waiting for us to get off was Mr. Gareth gates and Mr.

William young. This as got to be the happiest day of my entire life I thought. Gareth and will then helped us carry a couple of bags and stuff and showed us the way to yet another limo. This time it was a bright white one. “Is this to match you’re white suit? ” I whispered to Gareth” he just dazed into my eyes with his gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes just melting me.

“yes Lisa he-he, this is all wicked ain’t it I still cant get used to it all myself” he answered.I was totally lost for words, I just kept nodding and blushing to the questions he was asking me. Bless him all he kept doing was trying to make conversations but I just well and truly couldn’t take it al in. As we pulled up outside the hotel I saw how glam it was. I was just about to leap out of the limo when Gareth opened the door open for me yes! I looked around for Ashleigh and I could see she was just pulling up in the limo behind us with William.

I could see how bright red her face was. from miles away. he looked so happy.

Then Gareth and will helped is carry our luggage up to the apartment they have been staying in. Me and Ashleigh were trailing behind discussing how good the ride had been and discussing how gorgeous our Popidols were. We got into the apartment and took off our matching shoes that we had bought on one of our many shopping trips.

As we headed towards the living room , It was decorated all clean in bright fresh light colours Gareth as a nice taste for decoration a thought he could decorate my room any day!Will and Gareth asked us ever so nicely to sit down and get comfortable. The leather settee was gorgeous all squashy. It was one of them settees u sit on it and sink deep down. Ashleigh kept touching everything will touched she was so obsessed. He handed her the t. v remote and as soon as he turned his back she started to kiss the remote. Gareth and will then returned to the living room with some Pepsi. We then all had a really good chat about different careers and reaching our aims.

I had to say how good I thought Ashleigh could sing.Will asked Ashleigh to sing with him the song “you are everything” But Ashleigh was too nervous she was trembling like a tree in a storm- bless her. He just kissed her on the cheek and said well done babe. He then gave her some advice about singing and that and told her to go for it. Gareth and will gave me and Ashleigh some very important advice that we will never forget “never say no” I felt extremely comfortable in Gareth and wills company as there was no camera crew or anything just me my best friend and our Popidols. After we had finished our drink of Pepsi Gareth and will disappeared again,.Which gave me and ash time to get giddy.

When they returned it wasn’t for long because they told us to follow them into the dining room, the room was massive it had millions and millions of gorgeous fitted draws and cupboards. It was perfect. Then to my left out of the corner of my eyes I say a gorgeous laid out posh meal. Four places set out one for me, one for ash and two places for Gareth and will. The meal was really nice although I didn’t have a clue what I was eating, Gareth said to me, “do you know what you are eating Lisa” “nar” I replied “do you”? Not really” He said, ” I have no idea, but I just eat whatever they give me.Ask will he knows, I’m only from a little terraced house in Bradford ya know! ” Then Gareth and will went upstairs to change out of their suits into something more casual. And suggested if we wanted to do the same. Me and Ashleigh shortly afterwards went upstairs too and changed into jeans and a top.

Which Gareth commented on how nice we looked dressed casual as well as in our best clothes, bless him, he really does know how to treat his girls. Then our boys suggested we watch a DVD, so me and Ashleigh asked them if they had pearl harbor!Well it may sound sad but I knew I would cry and it would a good excuse to cuddle and cry in Gareth’s warm arms mmmmm! Will then brought nibbles and four hot chocolates with some crunchie pieces in Gareth kept making me and Ashleigh laugh he kept dropping it down his gorgeous crisp white T. shirt. This I thought was the perfect setting me and Ashleigh cuddling up to our Popidols what more could we possibly ask for? Then as the DVD suddenly came to a end Gareth leapt of the settee with a great big leap including a quick kiss on the cheek for me (how weird did that feel? At that moment a took a quick glance at my watch gosh I thought its nearly time to go.Then the four of us had a conversation about Popidol and me and Ashleigh quickly added into the conversation how much we loved will and Gareth, and how we couldn’t believe we were actually sat talking to them. It just didn’t feel real at all. Gareth and Will were totally shocked to how we felt they just kept repeating “Lisa, Ashleigh, we are just normal people like you two” They really did think we were crazy.

” No you’re not”, I replied your Gareth and you’re will and me and Ashleigh are talking to you ARGGGGGHHHHHHH!Then we talked about their fantastic heart rendering singles and their next single a duet together. I mean how good is that? Two Popidols, for the price of one. I then decided to ask Gareth about his younger sister Niclola because when I saw her on Popidol I couldn’t get over how good she was and how pretty she was I really wished I looked like her. I just couldn’t believe it when she didn’t get through, she was really good miles better than some of the final 10. Then Gareth said to my suprise you two really are our biggest fans aren’t ya?Me and Ashleigh just sat there, and blushed the colour of a beetroot. We were so happy it couldn’t get any better the date was so better than I had expected.

Then Gareth went into a little corner room, which was a study. He had a goody bag for me full of Gareth things, and a goodie bag for Ashleigh with the same in but full of will. The bags had T-shirts, pillows bedding everything you would ever want I thought I had everything of Gareth but these I certainly didn’t have because they were off Gareth himself you couldn’t buy these in the shops or at a tour.Gareth then gave me a shirt he had slept in. He said “here Lisa you can have this if ya want, I’m not too keen on it my mum bought it me last week. I like Burberry but I’m not really into this.

” He said “wait 2 seconds I will put it into the wash for ya iv’e wore it a couple of times. “No! I screamed leave it, take it out I want it to smell of you I’m never ever going to wash it. I then ran up to him and gave him the tightest squeeze and biggest kiss ever. I love you Gareth I cried, I love you so much.

Gareth thought I was mad, he just replied as usual with “ha, ha Lisa you are so wicked darling I love you too” Then me and Ashleigh decided to make the most of our last half of hour with them. and get our cameras out I had 2×36 films. I used every single one of Gareth posing and me and Gareth together. This as been the best day of my life I told Gareth I love you so much. ” “mine too he whispered I really do like you” then he said ” here are two backstage passes for Sunday the 13th of October that’s the day you two are going aren’t ya” yeah I replied. That’s all I could say I was absolutely speechless.Then we got our bags and things together with some help from our boys and had a very slow sad walk to the limo.

This time all four of us went in one I was so upset the date had nearly ended. Ashleigh was crying her poor little heart out, and I mean sobbing. Will was cuddling her real tight. Then Gareth gave me and ash his and wills mobile numbers and email address and made us swear not to give them to any one else. We promised them and then they made us promise to keep in touch with them as they were interested to know how their number one fans were going. We cant wait to see you backstage” said will, Sunday will be our best night because you two are there.That sent me off crying, Gareth and William were been so nice, it was so horrible that it was going to be all over in a matter of minutes. Just as the limo was pulling up Gareth grabbed me, and said “next time we will after arrange for you to come to Bradford with me, to meet my sister you and her will really get on.

Infact I promise I will take you ok? ” Yes Gareth, yes I love you I replied again. “Well” said Gareth, “what” I said? That’s all only going to happen I you promise your still my biggest fan are you? ” “Of course I am”, I cried. Then the limo pulled up at the airport.

Gareth gave me lots and lots of hugs and kissers (on the lips) And told me to phone him as soon as I got home so he knew we got home safely. The was no word at all to describe how exited I was no word in the entire universe. There was the press outside the limousine, hope they got a picture of me and Gareth kissing I though Kirsty Shivonne Tina Hannah and Rachel will be so jealous.Then me and Ashleigh had a slow tearful walk up the stairs to the plane all I kept saying over and over again was “I just cant believe I have his number I can’t believe it. ” That was when I suddenly felt a cold shower of water all over my body, and my mums voice ringing in my ears Lisa, Lisa who’s number have you got answer me answer me. Then she sat down and explained to me how she had been sat watching me jump up and down, get in and out of bed, and constantly kiss my Gareth Gates posters what were you doing she said?It’s a long story I said I will explain to you later. So id never even woke up to find the letter I’d just gone to bed and never woke up.

It was all a dream but by what I fantastic dream it was. I can’t wait to tell Ashleigh. In fact I might even retell this dream for my original writing of my English coursework. Any ways at least I’m still going to see my gorgeous Gareth in October may be I will get backstage passes for them and get to meet him then? Well if I don’t I can always dream.


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