My Father: A Man Like No Other Sample Essay

My male parent is a adult male like no other. He may non be a hero with supernatural powers. but he can be every bit mighty as Superman. Before. he works as a security guard at dark and a health professional at daylight in California and in order to direct me to De La Salle University-Dasmarinas. he happen a new occupation that could run into the demands of my class even if that would intend digesting the hurting and adversities in treating salmons and king pediculosis pubiss in the cold part of Alaska.

And during off-season. where salmon and male monarch pediculosis pubiss are non available for processing. he can be janitor as good. There are besides times when he even neglected to take his care for his diabetes. because alternatively of purchasing his medical specialties. he would direct us his allocation for our demands. And the last clip he went back place. he did the family chores that our amah should really make – he washed the dishes.

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cooked the nutrient and fixed our drainage that malfunctioned. Oh! And before I forgot. he besides love animate beings.

Every clip we chat through Yahoo. he ne’er fails to inquire. “How’s Ferdie and Julia? ” – our Canis familiariss.

when will Annie. a guinea hog. present her babes and how was Louie.I can still retrieve the times when he was still here in the Philippines.

he is a marine soldier. who is based in Palawan. Every clip he went place. he will ever hold either Parrots or squirrels.

and took good attention of them. Then whenever we go to mall. he would walk like a retarded 1. so many people will look and some laugh at him. But so. it doesn’t affair to him.

Because he do that to do us – his girls laugh. And sometimes. even he’s overseas.

he would even blow a Php15 burden merely to text me a gag. And the best thing I like about him is. he let us see what life truly has to offer. When my female parent is asleep at dark. we would mouse into the house and travel to bayan.

7-Eleven and Dongalo’s Tapsihan to eat pugo. balot. barbeque. hot dog sandwich and tapsilog. My male parent is the best eating comrade! And with that. I told myself.

I don’t need the grandest introduction. Just the image of my male parent and I eating fishballs on the pavement of Rosario. Cavite on my 18th birthday will be adequate and that will be the greatest twenty-four hours of my life as a adolescent.


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