My goal for the PDE is to learn new skills and knowledge

My goal for the PDE is to learn new skills and knowledge, to grasp new concepts and innovations.To work in a U.S. organization would satisfy my greater need for skill development, being one of the developed countries of the worldwith the best schools, teachers, scientists, computer programmers and engineers etc.If selected for the Professional Development Experience, I shall be availed the opportunity to learn about the latest developments inmy field and keep my skills and knowledge up to date. It shall also give me room to meet and exchange ideas with other professionalsin other discipline. It will help me develop my new skills and perform my duties more effectively.Working in a U.S. organization would be an excellent way to master skills I haven’t been able to practice in my routine work. It shallopen networking opportunities to me because success is not only dependent on what one knows, but also who one knows. Theexperience will widen my professional network that will strengthen my work back here in Nigeria.I shall help my colleagues to develop new insight, sharpen and update their skills because some professional practices we have beenpracticing may become obsolete or outdated.It pays to keep up with what’s happening in one’s discipline.I shall motivate my colleagues to new possibilities and give them something new to work toward.I shall work more efficiently and prioritize appropriately, making better use of technology and networking to plan, communicate andcollaborate effectively.


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